Savoy Records Catalog: Sharp 2000 series

Sharp 2000 series (12 inch LP)

MG-2000   The Famous Caravans - Old Time Religion

unknown, piano, organ; Albertina Walker, Ora Lee Hopkins, Elyse Yancey, Nellie Grace Daniels, vocal group.

Chicago, IL, April 18, 1952

GCA70342 | S1115Think Of His Goodness To You
GCA70343 | S1116Tell The Angels

unknown, piano, organ; Albertina Walker, Ora Lee Hopkins, Elyse Yancey, Nellie Grace Daniels, Bessie Griffin, vocal group.

Chicago, IL, 1954

GCA70344 | S1419Crucifixion

unknown, piano; Albertina Walker, Cassietta George and 2 others, James Cleveland, vocal group.

Chicago, IL, 1955

GCA70345 | S1531The Sold Rock
GCA70346 | S1532Old Time Religion

unknown, piano, organ; Albertina Walker, Imogene Greene, Dorothy Norwood, Inez Andrews, James Cleveland, vocal group.

Chicago, IL, 1956

GCA70347 | S1600Steal Away
GCA70348 | S1601Standing In The Need Of Prayer
GCA70349 | S1603Onward Christian Soldier
GCA70350 | S1604Jesus
GCA70351 | S1602None But The Righteous

MG-2001   not used

MG-2002   Carolina Slim - Blues From The Cotton Fields

Ed Harris, guitar, vocals.

NYC, March 22, 1951

CS497NII'll Get By Somehow
CS498NIBlues Knocking At My Door
CS499NIWorry You Off My Mind

Ed Harris, guitar, vocals; unknown, drums.

NYC, June 14, 1951

AS23001Blues Go Away From Me
AS23002Shake Boogie
AS23003Worrying Blues
AS23004Slow Freight Blues
AS23005Rag Mama

Eddie Harris, guitar, vocals; unknown, drums.

NYC, June 5, 1952

ALJ3656Wine Head Baby
ALJ3657One More Drink
Carolina Boogie

** also released on Savoy SJL 1153 entitled "Blues Go Away From Me".

MG-2003   Brownie McGhee And Sonny Terry - Down Home Blues

Sonny Terry, harmonica; Brownie McGhee, vocals, guitar.

originally released 1961

My Other Home
You Gotta Love Me Baby
Weeping Willow
Feed Me Baby
Bad Nerves
Don't Mistreat Me
Four O'Clock Blues
Sweet Baby Blues
True Blues
My Consolation
New Sportin' Life
You Started It Baby

** also released on Savoy MG 12218.

MG-2004   Johnny Otis (not released)

no details.

MG-2005   not used

MG-2006   not used

MG-2007   not used

MG-2008   not used

MG-2009   The Harmonizing Five - Keep On Praying

The Harmonizing Five, vocal group.

August, 1961

SHF141Let's Keep On Praying
SHF142Why I Enter The Gates
SHF143Cry No More, Jesus Will Comfort You
SHF144I Don't Need Nobody But The Lord
SHF145Don't Stop Till You Find Him
SHF146My Jesus Is All To Me
SHF147Let's Get Together
SHF148Hands Of The Lord
SHF150The Glorious Voice Of God

MG-2010   Rev. H.B. Crum And The Golden Keys - God I Serve

Rev. H.B. Crum, vocals; The Golden Keys, vocal group.

April 30, 1960

SGK9972I Have Problems
SGK9973If It Wasn't For The Lord
SGK9974Duty Of A Christian
SGK9975In The End
SGK9976The God I Serve

same personnel.

November 13, 1961

SGK6107I Can Feel Him
SGK6108The Bible's Right
SGK6109Fighting For Jesus
SGK6110Jesus Can Forgive So Can I
SGK6111The God I Serve
SGK6112I Am The Way

MG-2011   The Corinthian Gospel Singers - A City Called Heaven

The Corinthian Gospel Singers, vocal group.

December 30, 1958

GCG70461Lord You Know
GCG70463T'is So Sweet
GCG70466A Thousand Tongues

same personnel.

November 22, 1961

SCS6142One More Day
SCS6143Working On The Building
SCS6144So Glad
SCS6145A City Called Heaven
SCS6146A Man Called Jesus

MG-2012   The Murrie Singers - Jewels

unknown, piano, organ, drums, tambourine; Roscoe Myers, Roy Rogers, Russell Henry, Andrew Roach, Donald Johnson, Rufus Brown, vocal group.

January 31, 1962

SMS6234Troublin' Mind
SMS6235John The Revelator
SMS6236I'll Go
SMS6237Said He Would Move
SMS6239When You Pray

unknown, piano, organ, drums, tambourine; Roscoe Myers, Roy Myers, Russell Henry, Andrew Roach, Donald Johnson, Rufus Brown, vocal group.

March 8, 1962

SMS6305He Cares
SMS6307I'm Saved
SMS6308When He Calls My Name
SMS6309Would You Live For Jesus

MG-2013   The North Philadelphia Juniors - In The Building

The North Philadelphia Juniors, mixed vocal group.

November 17, 1961

SPJ6130Want A Friend
SPJ6131Battle Axe
SPJ6132Blessed Blessed
SPJ6135Trying To Hinder Me

same personnel.

April 23, 1962

SNP6366Stay With Me
SNP6367In The Building
SNP6368Running Won't Be In Vain
SNP6369A Grave Can't Hod My Body Down
SNP6370Doing All The Good We Can
SNP6371Got To Go To The Judgement

MG-2014   The Ellison Singers - This Is The Day

The Ellison Singers, vocal group.

March 12, 1962

SES6311He's Holding Me
SES6312Open Up Your Heart
SES6313Can You Hide
SES6314This Is The Day
SES6316Who Is This Man

same personnel.

July 2, 1962

SES6412Jesus Knows
SES6413Have You Been Baptized
SES6414Christ Shall Watch
SES6415Talk It Over

MG-2015   The Sally Jenkins Singers - Run This Race

The Sally Jenkins Singers, vocal group.

February 7, 1962

SJS6264Help Me To Run This Race
SJS6265Some Day
SJS6266I've Done What You Told Me To Do
SJS6267Looking For A Home
SJS6268Fight On
SJS6269How I Love Jesus

same personnel.

July 18, 1962

SJS6436Get My Mansion Ready
SJS6437I Love You Jesus
SJS6439On Life's Stormy Sea

MG-2016   The Greater Harvest Baptist Church Choir

The Greater Harvest Baptist Church Choir.

November 23, 1962

SGH6550The Lord's Prayer
SGH6551Couldn't Keep It To Myself
SGH6552Without God
SGH6554What A Difference In My Life
SGH6556Come On The Lord's Side
SGH6557Lord Done Something For Me
SGH6558Pass Me Not Oh Gentle Saviour
SGH6559I'm Glad I'm His Child
SGH6560Beep Down In My Heart

MG-2017   The Gospel Messengers - His Love

The Gospel Messengers.

February 28, 1962

SGM6296Lord Let Me Walk
SGM6298Walking With Jesus
SGM6299How Blessed You Are

same personnel.

August 21, 1962

SGM6471Great Is Thy Name
SGM6472Take The Lord Along With You
SGM6473Joy Like A River
SGM6474What World You Do
SGM6475He'll Do For You
SGM6476His Love

MG-2018   The Gospel Emeralds - Daniel

The Gospel Emeralds.

December 11, 1961

SGE6161I've Been Running
SGE6162So Hard To Get Along

same personnel.

November 13, 1962

SGE6544Let Jesus Come Into Your Heart
SGE6545Lamb Of God
SGE6546Run To Jesus In Secret Prayer
SGE6547Blest Is He That Cometh
SGE6548When The Ship Comes In
SGE6549I Think The Lord

MG-2019   The Gospel Cavaliers - Live With Thee

The Cavaliers, vocal group.

November 6, 1961

STC427Oh Look At Jesus
STC431Life With Thee
STC432God Is On My Side

The Gospel Cavaliers, vocal group.

February 27, 1963

SGC63-035Wonderful Jesus
SGC63-036I Found A Friend
SGC63-037I Know Him
SGC63-038This Is The Moment
SGC63-039He Will Never Leave Me
SGC63-040After Awhile