Savoy Records Catalog: 45 rpm Regent 200, 500, 7000, 7500 series

Regent Gospel 200 series (7 inch 45 rpm)

200   Leo Diamond - Poor Butterfly / I'll Always Be In Love With You

no details.

201   Al Trace - You Call Everybody Darling / Linger Awhile

no details.

202   no information

203   no information

204   no information

205   Tommy And The Twisters - Hucklebuck Twist / Mr. Twist   1962

no details.

206   The Gospel Redeemers - My Soul's Salvation / The Lord Is The Master   1962

The Gospel Redeemers, led by Clara Walker.

November 17, 1961

SGR6137The Lord Is The Master
SGR6140My Soul's Salvation

207   Rev. H.B. Crum And The Golden Keys - The Bible's Right / I Can Feel Him   1962

Rev. H.B. Crum, vocal; The Golden Keys, vocal group.

November 13, 1961

SGK6107I Can Feel Him
SGK6108The Bible's Right

208   no information

209   The Smith Sisters - I've Never Seen The Righteous Forsaken / Lord, Send The Rain   1962

The Smith Sisters, female vocal group.

January 26, 1962

SSS6218I've Never Seen The Righteous Forsaken
SSS6221Lord, Send The Rain

210   The Sons Of Thunder - I'll Get My Crown / Going To The City   1962

The Sons Of Thunder.

February 8, 1962

SST6283Going To The City
SST6285I'll Get My Crown

211   Prof. Alex Bradford - I'm Going To Work / My Lord's Going To Move This Wicked Race   1962

Alex Bradford, vocal; The Bradford Singers, including Bernie Durand Jr., vocal.

December 8, 1960

SAB516I'm Going To Work Until The Day Is Done
SAB518My Lord's Going To Move This Wicked Race

212   Marion Williams - Calling For Me / I'm Glad To Know   1962

William Neal, piano; probably Robert Banks, organ; unknown, drums; Marion Williams, Frances Steadman, Kitty Parham, Esther Ford, Mattie Williams, vocal group.

June 21, 1960

SMW69406I'm Glad To Know
SMW69410Calling For Me

213   Raymond Rasberry Singers - Sinner Man If I Were You / Waiting On You   1962

The Rasberry Singers, including Carl Hall, Raymond Rasberry, vocal; with Robert Banks, organ; Bobby Donaldson, drums.

Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack, NJ, April 28, 1959

SRS70563Waiting On You

The Rasberry Singers, led by Raymond Rasberry.

Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, February 2, 1960

SRS70719Sinner Man If I Were You

214   The Gospel Redeemers - I've Been Changed / I'll Be So Glad   1962

The Gospel Redeemers, led by Clara Walker.

April 9, 1962

SGR6352I've Been Changed
SGR6353I'll Be So Glad

215   The Smith Sisters - V-I-C-T-O-R-Y / Let's Get In The Race   1962

The Smith Sisters, female vocal group.

October 24, 1962

SSS6513Let's Get In The Race

216   The Royal Silvertones - The Patience Of Job / Jesus I Love Your Name   1962

The Royal Silvertones, vocal group.

February 5, 1962

SRS6258The Patience Of Job
SRS6262Jesus I Love Your Name

217   The Bullock Brothers - May The Lord Be With You / Jesus Loves Me

The Bullock Brothers.

November 6, 1962

SBB6538May The Lord Be With You
SBB6539Jesus Loves Me

218   The Mighty Sons Of Thunder - I Don't Want To Be Alone / Close Of The Day

The Sons Of Thunder.

February 8, 1962

SST6284I Don't Want To Be Alone
SST6288Close Of The Day

219   The Wandering Souls - Father, Forgive Them / Nobody's Fault But Mine

The Wandering Souls.

January 24, 1963

SWC63-024Father, Forgive Them
SWC63-026Nobody's Fault But Mine

220   The Christian Temple Choir - Sermon On The Mount / Just Like Fire

Rev. Robert Lucas And The Christian Temple Choir.

March 7, 1963

SRL63-069Sermon On The Mount
SRL63-073Just Like Fire

221   Prof. Alex Bradford - Because He Loves Me So / He's All Right

unknown, piano, organ, drums; Alex Bradford, vocal; probably Calvin White, Jonathan Jackson, Kenneth Washington, Willie James McPhatter, vocal group.

October 21, 1959

GAB70640Because He Loves Me So
GAB70641He's All Right

222   Marion Williams - I'm Beggin' You Please / The Lord Only Knows

William Neal, piano; Robert Banks, organ; Marion Williams, Frances Steadman, Kitty Parham, Esther Ford, vocal group.

November 20, 1958

GMW70422I'm Beggin' You Please
GMW70427The Lord Only Knows

223   The Gospel Redeemers - Calvary / I've Been Saved

The Gospel Redeemers, led by Clara Walker.

March 13, 1963

SGR63-085I've Been Saved

224   Prof. Alex Bradford And The Bradford Singers - Everything Is All Right / Sweet Hour Of Prayer

Alex Bradford, piano; Willie James McPhatter, piano, organ; Dickie Mitchell, organ; Gus Johnson, drums; Alex Bradford, Kenneth Washington, Calvin White, Bernie Durand Jr., Madeline Bell, vocal group.

NYC, July, 1961

SAB63-394Everything Is All Right
SAB63-395Sweet Hour Of Prayer

225   The Wandering Souls - Sister Mary / Wasn't It Sad

The Wandering Souls.

January 24, 1963

SWC63-025Sister Mary
SWC63-027Wasn't It Sad

226   The Royal Silvertones - He Won't Forsake His Own / I'm Thinking Of A City

The Royal Silvertones, vocal group.

March 9, 1964

SRS64-098He Won't Forsake His Own
SRS64-103I'm Thinking Of A City

Regent 45-500 series (7 inch 45 rpm)

45-500   no information

45-501   no information

45-502   no information

45-503   no information

45-504   no information

45-505   no information

45-506   no information

45-507   no information

45-508   no information

45-509   no information

45-510   no information

45-511   no information

45-512   no information

45-513   no information

45-514   no information

45-515   no information

45-516   no information

45-517   no information

45-518   no information

45-519   no information

45-520   no information

45-521   no information

45-522   no information

45-523   no information

45-524   no information

45-525   no information

45-526   no information

45-527   no information

45-528   no information

45-529   no information

45-530   no information

45-531   no information

Regent 7500 series (7 inch 45 rpm)

45-7500   Al Caiola - From The Heart / Flamenco   1956

no details.

45-7501   no information

45-7502   Bob Oakes - Church Bells May Ring / You Gotta Rock 'N 'Roll   1956

unknown, sax, piano, guitar, bass, drums; Bob Oakes, vocal.

NYC, April 13, 1956

SBO6834Church Bells May Ring
SBO6835You Gotta Rock 'N 'Roll

45-7503   no information

45-7504   Fingers Finnegan And His Barroom Boys - Show Me The Way To Go Home / Let Me Call You Sweetheart   1956

no details.

45-7505   no information

45-7506   Marlene Paula - I Want To Spend Christmas With Elvis / Once More It's Xmas   1957

Marlene Paula, vocal; and others.

NYC, November 18, 1956

RMP-2039I Want To Spend Christmas With Elvis
RMP-2040Once More It's Xmas