Savoy Records Catalog: 16000 series

Savoy Religious 16000 series (12 inch LP)

MG 16000   Various Artists - Livin' With The Blues

unknown (tenor sax) Sunnyland Slim (piano, vocals) unknown (guitar) unknown (bass) unknown (drums)
Chicago, IL, April 19, 1949? or 1951
R1513Orphan Boy Blues
Pee Wee Hughes (harmonica, vocals) unknown (guitar) unknown (drums)
New Orleans, LA, 1949
1012(I'm A Country) Boy
Dennis McMillon (guitar, vocals)
Linden, NJ, 1950
AM1056Poor Little Angel
Sunnyland Slim (piano) Memphis Minnie (guitar, vocals) unknown (bass) unknown (drums)
Chicago, IL, 1950
1217Kidman Blues
Frank Edwards (harmonica, vocals) 2 unknown (guitar)
Atlanta, GA, 1950
1265Gotta Get Together
Blind Willie McTell (guitar, vocals)
1267A To Z Blues
Sunnyland Slim (piano) unknown (bass) unknown (drums) St. Louis Jimmy (vocals)
Chicago, IL, 1950
Tryin' To Change My Ways
David Wylie (guitar, vocals)
circa 1950???
1263You're Gonna Weep And Moan
Curley Weaver (guitar, vocals) and others
She Don't Treat Me Good No More
Eddie Kirkland (guitar) John Lee Hooker (guitar, vocals) unknown (bass) unknown (drums)
New Jersey, 1954
When My Wife Quits Me
Ernie Hayes (piano) Roy Gaines, Carl Lynch, Brownie McGhee (guitar) Al Lucas (bass) Bobby Donaldson (drums)
NYC, December 22, 1958
SBM70332Livin' With The Blues

MG 16001   no information

MG 16002   Esther Rolle - The Garden Of My Mind

no details

MG 16003   Jimmy Scott - Can't We Begin Again

no details