Savoy Records Catalog: 78/45 rpm Acorn 300 series

Acorn 300 series (10 inch 78 rpm/7 inch 45 rpm)

300   Hal Singer - Jiblets / Disc Jockey Boogie

Hal Singer, tenor sax; Sir Charles Thompson, piano; unknown, guitar; unknown, bass; unknown, drums.
NYC, September 21, 1948
B907Disc Jockey Boogie

301   Kansas City Jimmy - Jimmie's Idea / Rock That Boogie

Kansas City Jimmy, vocals; and others.
Los Angeles, CA, March 8, 1949
SLA517Jimmie's Idea
same personnel.
Los Angeles, CA, August 22, 1949
SLA4429Rock That Boogie

302   The Patterson Singers - Going To Canaan / Christ Is Coming

unknown, piano, organ; The Patterson Singers, mixed vocal group; Robert Patterson, leader; Doretha Everett.
NYC, August 14, 1950
SA6825Going To Canaan
SA6827Christ Is Coming

303   The National Independant Singers - I Got A Right / On Mount Olive

The National Independant Singers, vocal group.
Atlanta, GA, May 30, 1950
SGA11078I Got A Right
SGA11081On Mount Olive

304   Big John And His Orchestra - Shindig / Too Late Blues

Jimmy Harris, trumpet; Clyde Dunn, baritone sax; Henry McDode, piano; Johnny Parker, bass; Charles Johnson, A.J. Maryland, William Streets, unknown instruments; Johnny Crawford, vocals.
Los Angeles, CA, September 27, 1949
SLA4433Too Late Blues

305   Erroll Garner - This Can't Be Love / I Want A Little Girl

Erroll Garner, piano; John Simmons, bass; Alvin Stoller, drums.
Los Angeles, CA, circa summer 1949
B4522This Can't Be Love
B4525I Want A Little Girl

306   no information

307   no information

308   The Boogie Man - Morning Blues / Do The Boogie

John Lee Hooker, guitar, vocals.
JB1403Morning Blues
JB1404Do The Boogie

309   Danny Cobb - Please Don't Leave Me / Sorry Woman Blues

Ray Copeland, trumpet; Ted Kelly, trombone; Sahib Shihab, alto sax; Lucky Thompson, tenor sax; Pritchard Cheesman, baritone sax; Clifton Smalls, piano; Peck Morrison, bass; Panama Francis, drums; Danny Cobb, vocals.
NYC, June 16, 1950
S36-151Please Don't Leave Me
S36-153Sorry Woman Blues

310   Billye Williams - Disgusted Blues / Hard Hearted Man

unknown, alto sax; unknown, tenor sax; unknown, piano; unknown, bass; unknown, drums; Billye Williams, vocals.
Chicago, IL, October 15, 1948
CP100Disgusted Blues
CP102Hard Hearted Man

311   Marilyn Scott - Beer Bottle Boogie / Uneasy Blues

Lorenzo Holden, tenor sax; Devonia Williams, piano; Pete Lewis, guitar; Mario Delagarde, bass; Johnny Otis, drums; Marilyn Scott, vocals.
NYC, September 19, 1950
SS6836Beer Bottle Boogie
SS6837Uneasy Blues

312   Mary DeLoatch - I Want To Die Easy / I Really Believe

Devonia Williams, piano; Mary DeLoatch, guitar, vocals; Johnny Otis, drums.
NYC, September 19, 1950
SS6838I Want To Die Easy
SS6839I Really Believe

313   Martha Davis - Bread And Gravy / Sarah! Sarah!

Martha Davis, piano, vocals; Ralph Williams, guitar; Calvin Ponder, bass; Lee Young, drums.
circa January, 1947???
JRC262-3Bread And Gravy
JRC265-3Sarah! Sarah!

314   Martha Davis - Little White Lies / When I Said Goodbye

Martha Davis, piano, vocals; Ralph Williams, guitar; Calvin Ponder, bass; Lee Young, drums.: same session.
circa January, 1947???
JRC263Little White Lies
JRC264When I Said Goodbye

315   North Carolina Slim - Mama's Boogie / Black Chariot Blues

unknown, guitar; Ed Harris, guitar, vocals.
July 24, 1950
US11640Mama's Boogie
US11643Black Chariot Blues

316   Moses Gospel Singers - Jesus, Is Friend Of Mine / It's All Right With Jesus

Moses Gospel Singers, vocal group.
circa 1950
SCO18001Jesus, Is Friend Of Mine
SCO18002It's All Right With Jesus

317   Billy Hicks - Between Wo Trees / Willy Moore - A Dream Lives On

Billy Hicks And His Gal Crackers.
circa 1949???
Between Wo Trees
Willy Moore And His Tennesseeans.
A Dream Lives On

318   Tommy Brown - The House Near The Railroad Track / Atlanta Boogie

Tommy Brown, vocals; possibly The Griffin Brothers.
Atlanta, GA, January 24, 1951
SGA21672The House Near The Railroad Track
SGA21673Atlanta Boogie

319   Carolina Slim - Come Back Baby / Pleading Blues

unknown, guitar; Ed Harris, guitar, vocals.
July 24, 1950
US11641Come Back Baby
US11644Pleading Blues

320   Ben Smith - Dream / I Don't Want You In My Arms

Ben Smith, alto sax, clarinet; Tony Jenkins, The Starlings, vocals; unidentified band.
NYC, May 28, 1951
6645I Don't Want You In My Arms

321   Elmer Warner - Bring Back My Love / I Must Be Out Of My Mind

Elmer Warner, guitar, vocals; and others.
NYC, April 3, 1951
S6849Bring Back My Love
S6852I Must Be Out Of My Mind

322   The Silverstone Singers - Step By Step / Good Religion

The Silverstone Singers, vocal group.
Step By Step
Good Religion

323   Carolina Slim - Blues Knocking At My Door / Worry You Off My Mind

Ed Harris, guitar, vocals.
NYC, March 22, 1951
CS498NIBlues Knocking At My Door
CS499NIWorry You Off My Mind

324   Carolina Slim - Rag Mama / I'll Get By Somehow

Ed Harris, guitar, vocals.: same session.
NYC, March 22, 1951
CS497NII'll Get By Somehow
Ed Harris, guitar, vocals; unknown, drums.
NYC, June 14, 1951
AS23005Rag Mama