Savoy Records Catalog: 78/45 rpm Acorn 300 series

Acorn 300 series (10 inch 78 rpm/7 inch 45 rpm)

300   Hal Singer - Jiblets / Disc Jockey Boogie

Hal Singer (tenor sax) Sir Charles Thompson (piano) unknown (guitar) unknown (bass) unknown (drums)
NYC, September 21, 1948
B907Disc Jockey Boogie

301   Kansas City Jimmy - Jimmie's Idea / Rock That Boogie

Kansas City Jimmy (vocals) and others
Los Angeles, CA, March 8, 1949
SLA517Jimmie's Idea
same personnel
Los Angeles, CA, August 22, 1949
SLA4429Rock That Boogie

302   The Patterson Singers - Going To Canaan / Christ Is Coming

unknown (organ, piano) The Patterson Singers (mixed vocal group) Robert Patterson (leader) Doretha Everett
NYC, August 14, 1950
SA6825Going To Canaan
SA6827Christ Is Coming

303   The National Independant Singers - I Got A Right / On Mount Olive

The National Independant Singers (vocal group)
Atlanta, GA, May 30, 1950
SGA11078I Got A Right
SGA11081On Mount Olive

304   Big John And His Orchestra - Shindig / Too Late Blues

Jimmy Harris (trumpet) Clyde Dunn (baritone sax) Henry McDode (piano) Johnny Parker (bass) Charles Johnson, A.J. Maryland, William Streets (unknown instruments) Johnny Crawford (vocals)
Los Angeles, CA, September 27, 1949
SLA4433Too Late Blues

305   Erroll Garner - This Can't Be Love / I Want A Little Girl

Erroll Garner (piano) John Simmons (bass) Alvin Stoller (drums)
Los Angeles, CA, circa summer 1949
B4522This Can't Be Love
B4525I Want A Little Girl

306   no information

307   no information

308   The Boogie Man - Morning Blues / Do The Boogie

John Lee Hooker (guitar, vocals)
JB1403Morning Blues
JB1404Do The Boogie

309   Danny Cobb - Please Don't Leave Me / Sorry Woman Blues

Ray Copeland (trumpet) Ted Kelly (trombone) Sahib Shihab (alto sax) Lucky Thompson (tenor sax) Pritchard Cheesman (baritone sax) Clifton Smalls (piano) Peck Morrison (bass) Panama Francis (drums) Danny Cobb (vocals)
NYC, June 16, 1950
S36-151Please Don't Leave Me
S36-153Sorry Woman Blues

310   Billye Williams - Disgusted Blues / Hard Hearted Man

unknown (alto sax) unknown (tenor sax) unknown (piano) unknown (bass) unknown (drums) Billye Williams (vocals)
Chicago, IL, October 15, 1948
CP100Disgusted Blues
CP102Hard Hearted Man

311   Marilyn Scott - Beer Bottle Boogie / Uneasy Blues

Lorenzo Holden (tenor sax) Devonia Williams (piano) Pete Lewis (guitar) Mario Delagarde (bass) Johnny Otis (drums) Marilyn Scott (vocals)
NYC, September 19, 1950
SS6836Beer Bottle Boogie
SS6837Uneasy Blues

312   Mary DeLoatch - I Want To Die Easy / I Really Believe

Devonia Williams (piano) Mary DeLoatch (guitar, vocals) Johnny Otis (drums)
NYC, September 19, 1950
SS6838I Want To Die Easy
SS6839I Really Believe

313   Martha Davis - Bread And Gravy / Sarah! Sarah!

Martha Davis (piano, vocals) Ralph Williams (guitar) Calvin Ponder (bass) Lee Young (drums)
circa January, 1947???
JRC262-3Bread And Gravy
JRC265-3Sarah! Sarah!

314   Martha Davis - Little White Lies / When I Said Goodbye

Martha Davis (piano, vocals) Ralph Williams (guitar) Calvin Ponder (bass) Lee Young (drums): same session
circa January, 1947???
JRC263Little White Lies
JRC264When I Said Goodbye

315   North Carolina Slim - Mama's Boogie / Black Chariot Blues

unknown (guitar) Ed Harris (guitar, vocals)
July 24, 1950
US11640Mama's Boogie
US11643Black Chariot Blues

316   Moses Gospel Singers - Jesus, Is Friend Of Mine / It's All Right With Jesus

Moses Gospel Singers (vocal group)
circa 1950
SCO18001Jesus, Is Friend Of Mine
SCO18002It's All Right With Jesus

317   Billy Hicks - Between Wo Trees / Willy Moore - A Dream Lives On

Billy Hicks And His Gal Crackers
circa 1949???
Between Wo Trees
Willy Moore And His Tennesseeans
A Dream Lives On

318   Tommy Brown - The House Near The Railroad Track / Atlanta Boogie

Tommy Brown (vocals) possibly The Griffin Brothers
Atlanta, GA, January 24, 1951
SGA21672The House Near The Railroad Track
SGA21673Atlanta Boogie

319   Carolina Slim - Come Back Baby / Pleading Blues

unknown (guitar) Ed Harris (guitar, vocals)
July 24, 1950
US11641Come Back Baby
US11644Pleading Blues

320   Ben Smith - Dream / I Don't Want You In My Arms

Ben Smith (alto sax, clarinet) Tony Jenkins, The Starlings (vocals) unidentified band
NYC, May 28, 1951
6645I Don't Want You In My Arms

321   Elmer Warner - Bring Back My Love / I Must Be Out Of My Mind

Elmer Warner (guitar, vocals) and others
NYC, April 3, 1951
S6849Bring Back My Love
S6852I Must Be Out Of My Mind

322   The Silverstone Singers - Step By Step / Good Religion

The Silverstone Singers (vocal group)
Step By Step
Good Religion

323   Carolina Slim - Blues Knocking At My Door / Worry You Off My Mind

Ed Harris (guitar, vocals)
NYC, March 22, 1951
CS498NIBlues Knocking At My Door
CS499NIWorry You Off My Mind

324   Carolina Slim - Rag Mama / I'll Get By Somehow

Ed Harris (guitar, vocals): same session
NYC, March 22, 1951
CS497NII'll Get By Somehow
Ed Harris (guitar, vocals) unknown (drums)
NYC, June 14, 1951
AS23005Rag Mama