Victor Lewis Discography

1992 (age 42)

Victor Lewis Quintet

Eddie Henderson, trumpet, flugelhorn; Edward Simon, piano; Christian McBride, bass; Victor Lewis, drums; introducing Seamus Blake, tenor sax.

Sear Sound, NYC, April 3, 1992

Know It Today, Know It TomorrowRed Record (It) RR 123255.2
Hey, It's Me You're Talkin To-
The Loss Of The Moment-
Swamp Dog-
For Those Who Didn't Know-
The Truce-
Gotta Start Somewhere-
Between Two Worlds-
If You Only Knew Me-

* Red Record (It) RR 123255.2   Victor Lewis - Know It Today, Know It Tomorrow   1993

Victor Lewis Sextet

John Stubblefield, tenor, soprano sax; Eduardo Simon, piano; Cecil McBee, bass; Victor Lewis, drums; Don Alias, Jumma Santos, percussion; on Victor Lewis, vocal #1,4, piano #8.

East Hill Studios, NYC, April 11 and 12, 1992

1.Family PortraitAudioQuest Music AQ-CD1010
2.Lil' Sis-
3.Relentless Desire-
4.A Mis Padres-
5.Tuda Muda-
6.BellaY Cosima-
7.At A Suggestion From Mr. Peter-
8.And So On...Forever-

* AudioQuest Music AQ-CD1010   Victor Lewis - Family Portrait   1992


Victor Lewis Quintet

Terell Stafford, trumpet, flugelhorn; Steve Wilson, alto, soprano sax; Seamus Blake, tenor sax; Ed Howard, bass; Victor Lewis, drums.

Systems Two, Brooklyn, NY, June 3, 1996

Complex DialogRed Record (It) RR 123276.2
He's More Good Than Bad-
The Cloisters-
Truth In Lies-
The Roamer-
Another Angel-
Tempo In Time-
The Shaw Of Newark-
With Dignity-

* Red Record (It) RR 123276.2   Victor Lewis - Three Way Conversations   1997

Victor Lewis Sextet

Terell Stafford, trumpet, flugelhorn; Seamus Blake, tenor, soprano sax; Stephen Scott, piano; Ed Howard, bass; Victor Lewis, drums, voice; Don Alias, percussion.

Systems Two, Brooklyn, NY, July 21 and 22, 1996

Eeeyyess!Enja (G) ENJ-9311 2
Alter Ego-
No More Misunderstandings-
Here's To...You Babe-

* Enja (G) ENJ-9311 2   Victor Lewis - Eeeyyess!   1997