Steve Swallow Discography

1979 (age 39)

Steve Swallow -- Robert Creeley

David Liebman, sax; Steve Kuhn, piano; Lyle Mays, synthesizer; Steve Swallow, bass; Bob Moses, drums; Sheila Jordan, voice; Robert Creeley, poems.

Columbia Studios, NYC, September, 1979

Some EchoesECM (G) ECM 1160
"She Was Young..." (From "The Finger")-
"Nowhere One..."-
In The Fall-
"You Didn't Think..."-
Ice Cream-

* ECM (G) ECM 1160   Steve Swallow - Home   1980
= ECM (G) ECM 1160 (CD)   -

1986 (age 46)

Steve Swallow Sextet With Strings

Larry Willis, piano; Carla Bley, organ, additional keyboards; Hiram Bullock, guitar; Steve Swallow, bass, additional keyboards; Victor Lewis, drums; Don Alias, percussion; + Ida Kavafian, violin; Ikwhan Bae, viola; Fred Sherry, cello.

Grog Kill Studio, Willow, NY, winter 1986-1987

Deep TroubleXtraWATT (G) XtraWATT/2
Crab Alley-
Fred And Ethel-
Read My Lips-
Hold It Against Me-
Count The Ways-
Last Night-

* XtraWATT (G) XtraWATT/2   Steve Swallow - Carla   1987
= XtraWATT (G) XtraWATT/2 (CD)   -

1991 (age 51)

Steve Swallow Septet +

Steve Kuhn, piano; Carla Bley, organ; Karen Mantler, synthesizer, harmonica; Hiram Bullock, guitar; Steve Swallow, bass; Robby Ameen, drums; Don Alias, percussion; with Gary Burton, vibes; John Scofield, guitar.

Grog Kill Studio, Willow, NY, September-November, 1991

BellesXtraWATT (G) XtraWATT/6
Soca Symphony-
Slender Thread-
Thrills And Spills-
William And Mary-
Doin' It SlowXtraWATT (G) XtraWATT/6 (CD)
Thirty FiveXtraWATT (G) XtraWATT/6
Playing With Water-

* XtraWATT (G) XtraWATT/6, XtraWATT/6 (CD)   Steve Swallow - Swallow   1992


Steve Swallow Quintet

Tom Harrell, trumpet, flugelhorn; Joe Lovano, tenor sax; Mulgrew Miller, piano; Steve Swallow, bass; Jack DeJohnette, drums.

Grog Kill Studio, Willow, NY, December, 1993

Bite Your GrandmotherXtraWATT (G) XtraWATT/7
Second Handy Motion-
Wrong Together-
Thinking Out Loud-
Let's Eat-
Better Times-
Muddy In The Bank-

* XtraWATT (G) XtraWATT/7   Steve Swallow - Real Book   1994


Steve Swallow - John Taylor Duo

John Taylor, piano; Steve Swallow, bass guitar.

Studio De La Grande Armee, Paris, France, March, 1995

Up Too LateInstant Present (F) I.P ST1019
Hullo Bolinas-
Full Circule-
Evans Above-
Anxiety / The Color Of Mortal Life-
Hermana Guappa-

* Instant Present (F) I.P ST1019   Steve Swallow, John Taylor - Parlance   1995


Steve Swallow Quintet

Ryan Kisor, trumpet; Chris Potter, tenor sax; Mick Goodrick, guitar; Steve Swallow, bass; Adam Nussbaum, drums.

Grog Kill Studio, Willow, NY, December, 1996

Running In The FamilyXtraWATT (G) XtraWATT/9
Babble On-
Another Fine Mess-
I Think My Wife Is A Hat-
Bird World War-
Bug In A Rug-
Lost In Boston-
Name That Tune-
Viscous Consistency-

* XtraWATT (G) XtraWATT/9   Steve Swallow - Deconstructed   1997


Steve Swallow Quintet

Barry Ries, trumpet; Chris Potter, tenor sax; Mick Goodrick, guitar; Steve Swallow, bass; Adam Nussbaum, drums.

Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club, London, England, April, 1999

Bend Over BackwardXtraWATT (G) XtraWATT/10
Dog With A Bone-
Misery Loves Company-
Reinventing The Wheel-
Feet First-
La Nostalgie De La Boue-

* XtraWATT (G) XtraWATT/10   Steve Swallow - Always Pack Your Uniform On Top   2000

2001 (age 61)

Steve Swallow With Robert Creeley

Steve Kuhn, piano; Steve Swallow, bass; Robert Creeley, voice; + The Cikada Quartet: Henrik Hannisdal, Odd Hannisdal, violin; Marek Konstantynowicz, viola; Morten Hannisdal, cello.

The Make Believe Ballroom, West Shokan, NY & Kunsthogsk, August, 2001, and August, 2005

Oh NoXtraWATT (G) XtraWATT/12
Here Again-
Histoire De Florida-
Sufi Sam Christian-
Wellington, New Zealand / Eight-
Just In Time-
Sad Advice-
Blue Moon-
I Know A Man-
A Valentine For Pen-

* XtraWATT (G) XtraWATT/12   Steve Swallow With Robert Creeley - So There   2006

Steve Swallow Trio

Chris Potter, tenor sax; Steve Swallow, bass; Adam Nussbaum, drums.

live on tour in France, December, 2001

Item 1, D.I.T.XtraWATT (G) XtraWATT/11
Item 2, D.I.T.-
Item 3, D.I.T.-
Item 4, D.I.T.-
Item 5, D.I.T.-
Item 6, D.I.T.-
Item 7, D.I.T.-
Item 8, D.I.T.-
Item 9, D.I.T.-

* XtraWATT (G) XtraWATT/11   Steve Swallow - Damaged In Transit   2003


Steve Swallow - Ohad Talmor Sextet

Russ Johnson, trumpet; Jacob Garchik, trombone; Greg Tardy, clarinet; Ohad Talmor, tenor sax; Meg Okura, violin; Steve Swallow, bass.

Maggie's Farm Recording, Pipersville PA, August 23, 2002

Making Ends MeetPalmetto Records PM 2103
Sweeping Up-
Chelsea Bells-
Some Echoes-
Ladies In Mercedes-
Hullo Bolinas-
I'm Your Pal-

* Palmetto Records PM 2103   Steve Swallow/Ohad Talmor Sextet - L'Histoire Du Clochard (The Bum's Tale)   2004


Steve Swallow And Bohuslan Big Band

Steve Swallow, electric bass, arranger; and Bohuslan Big Band: Jan Eliasson, Samuel Olsson, Staffan Svensson, trumpet, flugelhorn; Lennart Grahn, lead trumpet, lead flugelhorn; Karin Hammar, Christer Olofsson, trombone; Niclas Rydh, trombone, arranger; Bjorn Samuelsson, lead trombone; Ove Ingemarsson, Mikael Karlsson, Alberto Pinton, Joakim Rolandsson, sax, woodwinds; Johan Borgstrom, lead sax, lead woodwinds; Tommy Kotter, piano; Yasuhito Mori, acoustic bass; Anders Kjellberg, drums.

Nilento Studios, Goteborg, Sweden, September 10-12, 2007

AwayBohuslan Big Band (Swd) BBB 2008-1
Learn To Fall-
Do Go On-
Seventeen Chords-
Playing In Traffic-

* Bohuslan Big Band (Swd) BBB 2008-1   Steve Swallow And Bohuslan Big Band - Swallow Songs   2008


Steve Swallow Trio

Ohad Talmor, tenor sax; Steve Swallow, electric bass; Adam Nussbaum, drums.

Xopana Jazz Funchal, Funchal, Madeira Island, September 5, 2008

Playing In TrafficAuand (It) AU9019
Days Of Old Intro-
Days Of Old-
Here Comes Everybody-
Undress Under Duress-
Warmer In Heaven-
Up Too Late-

* Auand (It) AU9019   Swallow, Talmor, Nussbaum - Playing In Traffic   2009


Steve Swallow Trio

Ohad Talmor, tenor sax; Steve Swallow, electric bass; Adam Nussbaum, drums.

New Paltz, NY, April 9, 2009

Three Two YouAuand (It) AU9019
Adam And Steve-
Quiet Inside-
More Nuts-

* Auand (It) AU9019   Swallow, Talmor, Nussbaum - Playing In Traffic   2009

2011 (age 71)

The Swallow Quintet

Chris Cheek, tenor sax; Carla Bley, organ; Steve Cardenas, guitar; Steve Swallow, bass; Jorge Rossy, drums.

Studios La Buissonne, Pernes-les-Fontaines, France, November 15 and 16, 2011

Sad Old CandleXtraWATT (G) XtraWATT/13
Into The Woodwork-
From Whom It May Concern-
Back In Action-
Grisly Business-
Unnatural Causes-
The Butler Did It-
Suitable For Framing-
Small Comfort-
Still There-
Never Know-
Exit Stage Left-

* XtraWATT (G) XtraWATT/13   The Swallow Quintet - Into The Woodwork   2013