Steve Swallow Catalog

1979 (age 39)

Steve Swallow - Home   ECM (G) ECM 1160   1980

David Liebman, sax; Steve Kuhn, piano; Lyle Mays, synthesizer; Steve Swallow, bass; Bob Moses, drums; Sheila Jordan, voice; Robert Creeley, poems.

Columbia Studios, NYC, September, 1979

Some Echoes
"She Was Young..." (From "The Finger")
"Nowhere One..."
In The Fall
"You Didn't Think..."
Ice Cream

** also released on ECM (G) ECM 1160 (CD).

1986 (age 46)

Steve Swallow - Carla   XtraWATT (G) XtraWATT/2   1987

Larry Willis, piano; Carla Bley, organ, additional keyboards; Hiram Bullock, guitar; Steve Swallow, bass, additional keyboards; Victor Lewis, drums; Don Alias, percussion; + Ida Kavafian, violin; Ikwhan Bae, viola; Fred Sherry, cello.

Grog Kill Studio, Willow, NY, winter 1986-1987

Deep Trouble
Crab Alley
Fred And Ethel
Read My Lips
Hold It Against Me
Count The Ways
Last Night

** also released on XtraWATT (G) XtraWATT/2 (CD).

1991 (age 51)

Steve Swallow - Swallow   XtraWATT (G) XtraWATT/6   1992

Steve Kuhn, piano; Carla Bley, organ; Karen Mantler, synthesizer, harmonica; Hiram Bullock, guitar; Steve Swallow, bass; Robby Ameen, drums; Don Alias, percussion; with Gary Burton, vibes; John Scofield, guitar.

Grog Kill Studio, Willow, NY, September-November, 1991

Soca Symphony
Slender Thread
Thrills And Spills
William And Mary
Thirty Five
Playing With Water

** also released on XtraWATT (G) XtraWATT/6 (CD) in 1992.

Steve Swallow - Swallow   XtraWATT (G) XtraWATT/6 (CD)   1992

same session.

Grog Kill Studio, Willow, NY, September-November, 1991

Doin' It Slow

** originally released on XtraWATT (G) XtraWATT/6 in 1992 + 1 bonus track.


Steve Swallow - Real Book   XtraWATT (G) XtraWATT/7   1994

Tom Harrell, trumpet, flugelhorn; Joe Lovano, tenor sax; Mulgrew Miller, piano; Steve Swallow, bass; Jack DeJohnette, drums.

Grog Kill Studio, Willow, NY, December, 1993

Bite Your Grandmother
Second Handy Motion
Wrong Together
Thinking Out Loud
Let's Eat
Better Times
Muddy In The Bank


Steve Swallow, John Taylor - Parlance   Instant Present (F) I.P ST1019   1995

John Taylor, piano; Steve Swallow, bass guitar.

Studio De La Grande Armee, Paris, France, March, 1995

Up Too Late
Hullo Bolinas
Full Circule
Evans Above
Anxiety / The Color Of Mortal Life
Hermana Guappa


Steve Swallow - Deconstructed   XtraWATT (G) XtraWATT/9   1997

Ryan Kisor, trumpet; Chris Potter, tenor sax; Mick Goodrick, guitar; Steve Swallow, bass; Adam Nussbaum, drums.

Grog Kill Studio, Willow, NY, December, 1996

Running In The Family
Babble On
Another Fine Mess
I Think My Wife Is A Hat
Bird World War
Bug In A Rug
Lost In Boston
Name That Tune
Viscous Consistency


Steve Swallow - Always Pack Your Uniform On Top   XtraWATT (G) XtraWATT/10   2000

Barry Ries, trumpet; Chris Potter, tenor sax; Mick Goodrick, guitar; Steve Swallow, bass; Adam Nussbaum, drums.

Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club, London, England, April, 1999

Bend Over Backward
Dog With A Bone
Misery Loves Company
Reinventing The Wheel
Feet First
La Nostalgie De La Boue

2001 (age 61)

Steve Swallow With Robert Creeley - So There   XtraWATT (G) XtraWATT/12   2006

Steve Kuhn, piano; Steve Swallow, bass; Robert Creeley, voice; + The Cikada Quartet: Henrik Hannisdal, Odd Hannisdal, violin; Marek Konstantynowicz, viola; Morten Hannisdal, cello.

The Make Believe Ballroom, West Shokan, NY & Kunsthogsk, August, 2001, and August, 2005

Oh No
Here Again
Histoire De Florida
Sufi Sam Christian
Wellington, New Zealand / Eight
Just In Time
Sad Advice
Blue Moon
I Know A Man
A Valentine For Pen

Steve Swallow - Damaged In Transit   XtraWATT (G) XtraWATT/11   2003

Chris Potter, tenor sax; Steve Swallow, bass; Adam Nussbaum, drums.

live on tour in France, December, 2001

Item 1, D.I.T.
Item 2, D.I.T.
Item 3, D.I.T.
Item 4, D.I.T.
Item 5, D.I.T.
Item 6, D.I.T.
Item 7, D.I.T.
Item 8, D.I.T.
Item 9, D.I.T.


Steve Swallow/Ohad Talmor Sextet - L'Histoire Du Clochard (The Bum's Tale)   Palmetto Records PM 2103   2004

Russ Johnson, trumpet; Jacob Garchik, trombone; Greg Tardy, clarinet; Ohad Talmor, tenor sax; Meg Okura, violin; Steve Swallow, bass.

Maggie's Farm Recording, Pipersville PA, August 23, 2002

Making Ends Meet
Sweeping Up
Chelsea Bells
Some Echoes
Ladies In Mercedes
Hullo Bolinas
I'm Your Pal


Steve Swallow And Bohuslan Big Band - Swallow Songs   Bohuslan Big Band (Swd) BBB 2008-1   2008

Steve Swallow, electric bass, arranger; and Bohuslan Big Band: Jan Eliasson, Samuel Olsson, Staffan Svensson, trumpet, flugelhorn; Lennart Grahn, lead trumpet, lead flugelhorn; Karin Hammar, Christer Olofsson, trombone; Niclas Rydh, trombone, arranger; Bjorn Samuelsson, lead trombone; Ove Ingemarsson, Mikael Karlsson, Alberto Pinton, Joakim Rolandsson, sax, woodwinds; Johan Borgstrom, lead sax, lead woodwinds; Tommy Kotter, piano; Yasuhito Mori, acoustic bass; Anders Kjellberg, drums.

Nilento Studios, Goteborg, Sweden, September 10-12, 2007

Learn To Fall
Do Go On
Seventeen Chords
Playing In Traffic


Swallow, Talmor, Nussbaum - Playing In Traffic   Auand (It) AU9019   2009

Ohad Talmor, tenor sax; Steve Swallow, electric bass; Adam Nussbaum, drums.

Xopana Jazz Funchal, Funchal, Madeira Island, September 5, 2008

Playing In Traffic
Days Of Old Intro
Days Of Old
Here Comes Everybody
Undress Under Duress
Warmer In Heaven
Up Too Late

same personnel.

New Paltz, NY, April 9, 2009

Three Two You
Adam And Steve
Quiet Inside
More Nuts

2011 (age 71)

The Swallow Quintet - Into The Woodwork   XtraWATT (G) XtraWATT/13   2013

Chris Cheek, tenor sax; Carla Bley, organ; Steve Cardenas, guitar; Steve Swallow, bass; Jorge Rossy, drums.

Studios La Buissonne, Pernes-les-Fontaines, France, November 15 and 16, 2011

Sad Old Candle
Into The Woodwork
From Whom It May Concern
Back In Action
Grisly Business
Unnatural Causes
The Butler Did It
Suitable For Framing
Small Comfort
Still There
Never Know
Exit Stage Left