Antonio Hart Discography

1991 (age 23)

Antonio Hart Quartet

Antonio Hart, alto sax; Mulgrew Miller, piano; Christian McBride, bass; Lewis Nash, drums; with Roy Hargrove, trumpet #2; Thomas Williams, trumpet #4,5,9; Bill Pierce, tenor sax #1,6.

Clinton Recording Studios, NYC, February and April, 1991

1.MajorityNovus 3120-2-N
2.Big H.M.-
3.Embraceable You-
4.Del Sasser-
5.Self Evaluation-
8.Where Or When-
9.For The First Time-
10.I've Never Been In Love Before-
11.Straight Ahead-

* Novus 3120-2-N   Antonio Hart - For The First Time   1991


Antonio Hart Quintet

Darren Barrett, trumpet; Antonio Hart, alto sax; Aaron Graves, piano; Rodney Whitaker, bass; Greg Hutchinson, drums; with Jamal Haynes, trombone #6,7; Gary Bartz, alto sax #3; Kimati Dinizulu, percussion #5,9.

BMG Studios, NYC, released 1992

1.Zero Grade RelianceNovus 01241 63142-2
2.Black Children-
3.At The Closet Inn-
4.Don't You Know I Care-
5.Mandela Freed-
6.Do What You Want-
7.Jessica's Day-
8.Black & Gold-
9.From Across The Ocean-

* Novus 01241 63142-2   Antonio Hart - Don't You Know I Care   1992

Antonio Hart

Nat Adderley, cornet; Darren Barrett, trumpet; Robin Eubanks, Slide Hampton, Steve Turre, trombone; Mark Gross, Antonio Hart, alto sax; Craig Handy, tenor sax; Carlos McKinney, Mulgrew Miller, piano; Omer Avital, Ray Drummond, bass; Jimmy Cobb, Victor Lewis, Nasheet Waits, drums.

Systems Two, Brooklyn, NY, released 1992

SticksNovus 01241 63162-2
Sacks O' Woe-
Organ Grinder-
Theme From Ernie-
Big "P"-
Nine Weeks-
Reflections Of Woody-

* Novus 01241 63162-2   Antonio Hart - For Cannonball And Woody   1992


Antonio Hart

Darren Barrett, trumpet, synthesizer; Antonio Hart, alto, soprano, tenor sax, synthesizer; Carlos McKinney, piano; Tassili Bond, bass; Nasheet Waits, drums.

Sound On Sound, NYC, released 1995

91st MiracleNovus 01241 63183-2
Great Grandmother's Song-
Puerto Rico-
Through The Clouds-
Sounds In The Street-
Lunch Time Again-
Uptown Traveler-
Forever In Love-
Missin' Miles-

* Novus 01241 63183-2   Antonio Hart - It's All Good   1995


The Antonio Hart Quartet

Antonio Hart, alto, soprano sax, arranger; James Hurt, piano, organ; John Benitez, acoustic, electric bass; Nasheet Waits, drums; featuring Robin Eubanks, trombone; Shirley Scott, organ; Patrick Rickman, trumpet; Mark Gross, alto sax, flute; Amadou Diallo, tenor sax; Jay Brandford, baritone sax; John Ormond, bass; Pernell Saturino, percussion; Jessica Care Moore, vocal.

Systems Two, Brooklyn, NY, released 1997

The CommunityImpulse! IMPD-208
True Friends-
Brother Nasheet-
Ven Devorame Otra Vez-
"Riots... The Voice Of The Unheard"-
Like My Own-
The World Don't Fit In My Mouth-

* Impulse! IMPD-208   Antonio Hart - Here I Stand   1997

2000 (age 32)

Antonio Hart

Antonio Hart, alto, soprano sax, flute; Yosvany Terry, tenor sax; Steve Nelson, vibes; Kevin Hays, piano; Richie Goods, bass; Camille Gainer, Nasheet Waits, drums; Khalil Kwame-Bell, Rolando Morales, Renato Thoms, percussion; Claudia Acuna, Lenora Helm, vocal.

Systems Two, Brooklyn, NY, April-July, 2000

For AmadouEnja (G) ENJ-9404 2
Ama Tu Sonrisa-
Distant Cousins-
Wayne's Lament-
Forward Motion-
Have You Met Miss Jones-
Peace, Love And Light-
Grover Washington Jr.-
El Professor-

* Enja (G) ENJ-9404 2   Antonio Hart - Ama Tu Sonrisa   2001


Antonio Hart

Michael Philip Mossman, trumpet; Antonio Hart, alto, soprano sax, flute, synthesizer; Jimmy Heath, tenor sax; Shedrick Mitchell, piano, Hammond B-3 organ, Fender Rhodes; Lonnie Plaxico, acoustic, electric bass; Billy Kilson, Nasheet Waits, drums; Renato Thoms, percussion; Maya Azucena, vocal.

Bennett Studios, Englewood, NJ, September 11 and 12, 2003

Love Is All We NeedDowntown Sound DS 1003
Still My Friend (When I Didn't Deserve You)-
Auditory Illusion-
Bruh' Slim-
A Harmonic Future-
Alone On 911-
God Is All We Need-

* Downtown Sound DS 1003   Antonio Hart - All We Need   2004

2013 (age 45)

Antonio Hart Quartet

Antonio Hart, alto, soprano sax; Bobby Floyd, organ; Yotam Silberstein, guitar; Steve Williams, drums.

Tedesco Studios, Paramus, NJ, June, 2013

Rock CandyJazz Legacy Productions JLP 1501023
Down And Up-
Mo Dak-
A Hole In The Flute-
Speak Low-
The End Of A Love Affair-
I Can't Help It-
Shiny Stockings-
Last Train To Overbrook-
Like My Own-

* Jazz Legacy Productions JLP 1501023   Antonio Hart - Blessings   2015