Ted Dunbar Catalog

1978 (age 41)

Ted Dunbar - Opening Remarks  (Xanadu 155)

Tommy Flanagan, piano; Ted Dunbar, guitar; Sam Jones, bass; Leroy Williams, drums.

RCA Studios, NYC, January 24, 1978

Entrance; Two Areas
Hang In There
Lazy Lane
Never Again
Tonal Search
Grand Mal-Petit Mal; Exit


Ted Dunbar - Secundum Artem  (Xanadu 181)

Steve Nelson, vibes; Kenny Barron, piano; Ted Dunbar, guitar; Rufus Reid, bass; Al Foster, drums.

RCA Studios, NYC, June 12, 1980

Steps Etude
It's About Everything
You Say You Saw What
Blues Convergence
Rare Moment
Rhythmic Convergence


Ted Dunbar - Jazz Guitarist  (Xanadu 196)

Ted Dunbar, guitar.

RCA Studios, NYC, July 29, 1982

Winding Blues
Total Conversion
Trees And Grass And Things
Nica's Dream

1991 (age 54)

Ted Dunbar Quartet - Gentle Time Alone  (SteepleChase (D) SCCD 31298)

Mickey Tucker, piano; Ted Dunbar, guitar; Ray Drummond, bass; David Jones, drums; + Dotti Anita Taylor, flute #2,5.

SteepleChase Digital Studio, December, 1991

1.On The Bright Side
3.Land Of The Rising Sun
4.On Return
5.Gentle Time Alone
6.D Flat Rhythm Song
7.Convergent Blues II
9.In Reverence