Bobby Pierce Catalog

1972 (age 30)

Introducing Bobby Pierce With Bobby Jones   (Cobblestone CST 9016)   1972

Bobby Jones, tenor sax; Bobby Pierce, organ, vocal #2,5; Pat Martino, guitar; Bob Cranshaw, Fender bass #2,5; Roy Brooks, drums.

RCA Studios, NYC, April 6, 1972

2.Here, There And Everywhere
3.I Remember Ray
4.Mister P.C.
5.Wichita Lineman
6.To Newport With Love

** also released on Piercing, Muse MR 5304 in 1984.


Bobby Pierce - New York   (Muse MR 5030)   1974

Bobby Alston, trumpet; Frank Strozier, alto sax, flute; Billy Mitchell, tenor, soprano sax; Bobby Pierce, organ, vocal, electric piano, celeste; Ted Dunbar, guitar; Bob Cranshaw, Fender bass; Freddie Waits, drums.

November 13, 1973

New York
Children Are The Creator's Messengers
Hooray For The Children
Too High
Sleep Baby

2008 (age 66)

Bobby Pierce - The Long Road Back   (Doodlin' Records DR-008)   2008

Ricky Woodard, tenor sax; Bobby Pierce, organ; Frank Potenza, guitar; Clarence Johnston, drums.

Pasadena, CA, April 17, 2008

Bobby's Back
One For Duff And Dink
The Good Life
The Long Road Back
Seems So Long
John Brown's Body