Mickey Tucker Catalog

1964 (age 23)

Mickey Tucker - Hi-Heel Sneakers / I (Who Have Nothing)  (Atlantic 45-2264)

Mickey Tucker, and others.

Memphis, TN, November 10, 1964

8319Hi-Heel Sneakers
8320I (Who Have Nothing)

1975 (age 34)

Mickey Tucker - Triplicity  (Xanadu 128)

Mickey Tucker, piano, organ #5,6; Jimmy Ponder, guitar #5,6; Gene Perla, bass; Eddie Gladden, drums.

NYC, December 22, 1975

2.Blues For Khalid Yasin
4.Strange Blues
5.Giant Steps
6.Suite For Eddie: A. The Man From Gladden; B. Something For A Quiet Man; C. Boyd Street Bop

Dolo Coker, Kenny Drew, Barry Harris, Duke Jordan, Lou Levy, Jimmy Rowles, Mickey Tucker, Cedar Walton - The Piano Players  (Xanadu 171)

Mickey Tucker, piano.

NYC, December 22, 1975

Prelude To A Kiss


Mickey Tucker - Doublet  (Dan (J) VC-8501)

Mickey Tucker, piano; Cameron Brown, bass; Toshio Ohsumi, drums.

Tokyo, Japan, November 15, 1976

Rah-Dah Delise
Come Sunday
If I Should Lose You
Dusseldorf Dance
My Favorite Things
Norwegian Nights, Norwegian Days


Mickey Tucker - SoJourn  (Xanadu 143)

Bill Hardman, trumpet; Junior Cook, tenor sax; Ronnie Cuber, baritone sax; Mickey Tucker, piano; Cecil McBee, bass; Eddie Gladden, drums.

RCA Studios, NYC, March 28, 1977

Fast Train To Zurich
Norwegian Nights-Norwegian Days
Tunisian Festival
The Silent Mind Of Fraulein Stein
French Fables
Dusseldorf Dance


Mickey Tucker - Sweet Lotus Lips  (Denon (J) YX-7535-ND)

Mickey Tucker, piano; Reggie Workman, bass; Horacee Arnold, drums.

Nippon Columbia's 1st Studio, Tokyo, Japan, June 3, 1978

Gettin' There
Return Ticket
All Of You
Sweet Lotus Lips
An Axe To Grind - A Tree To Chop
Portrait Of A Peaceful Scene

** also released on Nippon Columbia (J) CORR-10933.

Mickey Tucker - Mister Mysterious  (Muse MR 5174)

Cecil Bridgewater, trumpet; Frank Foster, flute, tenor, soprano sax; Pepper Adams, baritone sax; Mickey Tucker, piano; Cecil McBee, bass; Eddie Gladden, drums; Azzedin Weston, congas #4; Ray Mantilla, percussion #1,4; Mickey Tucker, arranger.

Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, June 23, 1978

2.A Prayer
3.Mister Mysterious
4.Taurus Lullaby
6.Basic Elements

Mickey Tucker - Theme For A Woogie-Boogie  (Denon (J) YX-7804-ND)

Louis Smith, trumpet; Curtis Fuller, trombone; Jimmy Buffington, French horn; George Coleman, alto, tenor sax; Mickey Tucker, piano; Takashi "Gon" Mizuhashi, bass; Eddie Gladden, drums; Nobu Urushiyama, percussion #4.

Sound Ideas Studios, NYC, November 15 and 16, 1978

1.Theme For A Woogie-Boogie
2.Kap'n Kryptonite
3.A Tribute To Bean
4.Japanese Soundscape
5.Bogue Ballad Bossa

** also released on Nippon Columbia (J) CORR-10934.


Mickey Tucker - The Crawl  (Muse MR 5223)

Marcus Belgrave, trumpet, flugelhorn; Slide Hampton, trombone; Junior Cook, tenor sax; Mickey Tucker, piano; Ted Dunbar, guitar #1; Earl May, bass; Billy Hart, drums.

CI Recording, NYC, May 16, 1979

1.The Crawl
2.It Could Be, If It Was, But It Ain't
3.Just A Thought For Love
4.June Bug, June Bug; Where You Fly
5.Pisces Brothers
6.Marcus Tiberius And The Gladiator

1989 (age 48)

Mickey Tucker Quartet - Blues In Five Dimensions  (SteepleChase (D) SCS 1258)

Mickey Tucker, piano; Ted Dunbar, guitar; Rufus Reid, bass; David Jones, drums.

June, 1989

Nica's Dream
Grand Ma Petite Ma
A Nice Clean Machine For Pedro
Blues In Five Dimentions

** also released on SteepleChase (D) SCCD 31258.

Mickey Tucker Quartet - Blues In Five Dimensions  (SteepleChase (D) SCCD 31258)

Mickey Tucker, piano; Ted Dunbar, guitar; Rufus Reid, bass; David Jones, drums.: same session.

June, 1989

Synapse II
Jam 'N' Boogie

** originally released on SteepleChase (D) SCS 1258 + 2 bonus tracks.

1991 (age 50)

Mickey Tucker Sextet - Hang In There  (SteepleChase (D) SCCD 31302)

Greg Gisbert, trumpet; Donald Harrison, alto sax; Javon Jackson, tenor sax; Mickey Tucker, piano; Ray Drummond, bass; Marvin Smitty Smith, drums.

SteepleChase Digital Studio, December, 1991

Wombat Children
Hang In There
Cloud Seven
Star Eyes
Mickey's Tucker
Hook-Turns And Hectares


Mickey Tucker - Getting There  (SteepleChase (D) SCCD 31365)

Mickey Tucker, piano.

April, 1994

Lush Life
Blues For Khalid
Tre Cicli, 1. Movement: Allegro Con Spirito
Tre Cicli, 2. Movement: Adagio Malinconico
Tre Cicli, 3. Movement: Allegro Con Furia
Coltrane Suite: Dear Lord
Coltrane Suite: After The Rain
Coltrane Suite: Resolution
My One And Only Love
Gettin' There
Jitterbug Waltz