David Lee Jr. Discography

1973 (age 32)

David Lee Jr.

David Lee Jr., cowbell, hand bells, orchestra bells, beads, chimes, conga drums, cymbals, drums, electric bass, electric guitar, gong, shaker plunk, organ, piano, vibes, timpani, tambourine, voice; George Davis, guitar #1,9,14, tambourine #12; Bob Cranshaw, electric bass #1,9,14; special guest: The Hatter, shaker plunk #12.
Sweet Sixteen Studio, NYC, September 6, 7 & 9, 1973;
Sound Ideas Studios, NYC, October 13, 1973
1.RevelationSupernal Records SES: 1973/4
2.Spirit Voice-
3.Cosmic Vision-
6.Freedom Bells-
8.Love Parable-
9.Nova Reflex-
10.Evolution: Initiation / Development / Enlightenment / Determination / Illumination / Inheritance / Destiny-
12.Second Line March-
13.Constant Search-
14.I Want Our Love To Always Last-
15.Mystic Sound-
* Supernal Records SES: 1973/4   David Lee Jr. - Evolution