Pete Yellin Discography

1972 (age 31)

Pete Yellin Sextet

Eddie Henderson, trumpet, flugelhorn; Pete Yellin, alto sax, flute; Kenny Barron, electric piano; Stan Clarke, bass; Billy Hart, drums; Dom Um Romao, percussion.

The Record Plant, NYC, released 1972

Dance Of AllegraMainstream MRL 363
Bird And The Ouija Board-

* Mainstream MRL 363   Pete Yellin - Dance Of Allegra   1972


Pete Yellin

Barry Rogers, trombone; Mario Rivera, flute, tenor, soprano, baritone sax; Pete Yellin, alto sax, flute; Hal Galper, electric piano; Roland Prince, Jack Wilkins, acoustic guitar; Clint Houston, acoustic bass, Fender bass; David Lee Jr., Darryl Washington, drums; Lawrence Killian, congas; Angel Allende, percussion.

NYC, released 1973

You Are The Sunshine Of My LifeMainstream MRL 397
It's The Right Thing-
My Friend-
Softly As In The Morning Sunrise-

* Mainstream MRL 397   Pete Yellin - It's The Right Thing   1973
= P-Vine (J) PCD-23926   -   2007

1992 (age 51)

Pete Yellin And Brooklyn Jazz Machine

Lew Soloff, trumpet #1-3,7; Randy Brecker, trumpet #4,6; Pete Yellin, alto, soprano sax; Javon Jackson, tenor sax #1-4,6; Kenny Drew Jr., piano; Christian McBride, bass #1-3,5,7,8; Rufus Reid, bass #4,6; Carl Allen, drums #1-3,5,7,8; Tony Reedus, drums #4,6.

Systems Two, Brooklyn, NY, December 12 and 13, 1992

1.Blues For JackieAlfa Jazz (J) ALCR-291
2.Mellow Soul-
3.Free Wheelin'-
4.Song For Lynn-
5.How Long Has This Been Going On?-
6.L.I.U. House Blues-
7.Speak Low-

* Alfa Jazz (J) ALCR-291   Pete Yellin And Brooklyn Jazz Machine - Colors Of Brooklyn   1993


Pete Yellin's European Connection

Pete Yellin, alto sax; Bernhard Pichi, piano; Gunther Rissmann, bass; Dejan Terzic, drums.

Kulturfabrik Roth, Roth, Germany, May 27, 1994

YesterdaysJazz4Ever Records (G) J4E 4722
Song For Lynn-
How Long Has This Been Goin' On-
Almost Gentle-
Blues For Jackie-

* Jazz4Ever Records (G) J4E 4722   Pete Yellin's European Connection - Live!   1995


Pete Yellin Quart

Pete Yellin, alto sax; Fred Hirsch, piano; Ron McClure as Ron McLure, bass; Tony Reedus, drums.

November 14, 1995

unknown titlesunknown label unknown number

* unknown label unknown number   Pete Yellin - Mellow Soul 11/14/95   1995

Pete Yellin And His All Star Group

Nicholas Payton, trumpet; Pete Yellin, alto sax; Bob Mintzer, tenor sax; Stephen Scott, piano; Dwayne Burno, bass; Carl Allen, drums.

Sound On Sound, NYC, 1995

Air For AaronMons Records (G) MR 874-772
Monk's Dream-
It's You Or No One-
If I Should Lose You-
Sweet And Lovely-
I Want To Be Happy-
Old Folks-

* Mons Records (G) MR 874-772   Pete Yellin And His All Star Group - It's You Or No One   1996


Pete Yellin

Eddie Henderson, trumpet; Pete Yellin, alto, soprano sax; Vincent Herring, sax; Chick Corea, piano; Peter Leitch, guitar; Harvie Swartz, bass; Carl Allen, drums; Louis Bauzo, percussion.

Sound On Sound, NYC, January 2 and 3, 1998

Mellow SoulMetropolitan Records MR 1111
LIU House Blues-
You're My Everything-
Shaw Thing-
Warm Valley-
Song For Lynn-
The Touch Of Your Lips-
Dr. J-

* Metropolitan Records MR 1111   Pete Yellin - Mellow Soul   1998

2007 (age 66)

Peter Yellin

Peter Yellin, alto, soprano sax; Bob Mintzer, tenor sax #1,6,7; Renee Rosnes as Rennee Rosnes, piano #1-4,6-9; Michael Wolff as Michael Wolfe, piano #5; Peter Leitch, guitar #4,6; Dwayne Burno, bass #1-4,6-9; Harvie S as Harvey S, bass #5; Winard Harper as Winnard Harper, drums #1-4,6-9; Billy Hart, drums #5; Sheila Jordan, vocal #8.

EastSide Sound, NYC, November 20-22, 2007

1.Four In OneJazzed Media JM1037
3.How Long Has This Been Going On?-
4.Air For Aaron-
5.Dearly Beloved-
6.Another Hairdo-
8.Everything Happens To Me-
9.Lover Man-

* Jazzed Media JM1037   Peter Yellin - How Long Has This Been Going On?   2008