Pete Yellin Catalog

1972 (age 31)

Pete Yellin - Dance Of Allegra   Mainstream MRL 363   1972

Eddie Henderson, trumpet, flugelhorn; Pete Yellin, alto sax, flute; Kenny Barron, electric piano; Stan Clarke, bass; Billy Hart, drums; Dom Um Romao, percussion.

The Record Plant, NYC, released 1972

Dance Of Allegra
Bird And The Ouija Board


Pete Yellin - It's The Right Thing   Mainstream MRL 397   1973

Barry Rogers, trombone; Mario Rivera, flute, tenor, soprano, baritone sax; Pete Yellin, alto sax, flute; Hal Galper, electric piano; Roland Prince, Jack Wilkins, acoustic guitar; Clint Houston, acoustic bass, Fender bass; David Lee Jr., Darryl Washington, drums; Lawrence Killian, congas; Angel Allende, percussion.

NYC, released 1973

You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
It's The Right Thing
My Friend
Softly As In The Morning Sunrise

** also released on P-Vine (J) PCD-23926 in 2007.

1992 (age 51)

Pete Yellin And Brooklyn Jazz Machine - Colors Of Brooklyn   Alfa Jazz (J) ALCR-291   1993

Lew Soloff, trumpet #1-3,7; Randy Brecker, trumpet #4,6; Pete Yellin, alto, soprano sax; Javon Jackson, tenor sax #1-4,6; Kenny Drew Jr., piano; Christian McBride, bass #1-3,5,7,8; Rufus Reid, bass #4,6; Carl Allen, drums #1-3,5,7,8; Tony Reedus, drums #4,6.

Systems Two, Brooklyn, NY, December 12 and 13, 1992

1.Blues For Jackie
2.Mellow Soul
3.Free Wheelin'
4.Song For Lynn
5.How Long Has This Been Going On?
6.L.I.U. House Blues
7.Speak Low


Pete Yellin's European Connection - Live!   Jazz4Ever Records (G) J4E 4722   1995

Pete Yellin, alto sax; Bernhard Pichi, piano; Gunther Rissmann, bass; Dejan Terzic, drums.

Kulturfabrik Roth, Roth, Germany, May 27, 1994

Song For Lynn
How Long Has This Been Goin' On
Almost Gentle
Blues For Jackie


Pete Yellin - Mellow Soul 11/14/95   unknown label unknown number   1995

Pete Yellin, alto sax; Fred Hirsch, piano; Ron McClure as Ron McLure, bass; Tony Reedus, drums.

November 14, 1995

unknown titles

Pete Yellin And His All Star Group - It's You Or No One   Mons Records (G) MR 874-772   1996

Nicholas Payton, trumpet; Pete Yellin, alto sax; Bob Mintzer, tenor sax; Stephen Scott, piano; Dwayne Burno, bass; Carl Allen, drums.

Sound On Sound, NYC, 1995

Air For Aaron
Monk's Dream
It's You Or No One
If I Should Lose You
Sweet And Lovely
I Want To Be Happy
Old Folks


Pete Yellin - Mellow Soul   Metropolitan Records MR 1111   1998

Eddie Henderson, trumpet; Pete Yellin, alto, soprano sax; Vincent Herring, sax; Chick Corea, piano; Peter Leitch, guitar; Harvie Swartz, bass; Carl Allen, drums; Louis Bauzo, percussion.

Sound On Sound, NYC, January 2 and 3, 1998

Mellow Soul
LIU House Blues
You're My Everything
Shaw Thing
Warm Valley
Song For Lynn
The Touch Of Your Lips
Dr. J

2007 (age 66)

Peter Yellin - How Long Has This Been Going On?   Jazzed Media JM1037   2008

Peter Yellin, alto, soprano sax; Bob Mintzer, tenor sax #1,6,7; Renee Rosnes as Rennee Rosnes, piano #1-4,6-9; Michael Wolff as Michael Wolfe, piano #5; Peter Leitch, guitar #4,6; Dwayne Burno, bass #1-4,6-9; Harvie S as Harvey S, bass #5; Winard Harper as Winnard Harper, drums #1-4,6-9; Billy Hart, drums #5; Sheila Jordan, vocal #8.

EastSide Sound, NYC, November 20-22, 2007

1.Four In One
3.How Long Has This Been Going On?
4.Air For Aaron
5.Dearly Beloved
6.Another Hairdo
8.Everything Happens To Me
9.Lover Man