David Lee Jr. Catalog

1973 (age 32)

David Lee Jr. - Evolution  (Supernal Records SES: 1973/4)

David Lee Jr., cowbell, hand bells, orchestra bells, beads, chimes, conga drums, cymbals, drums, electric bass, electric guitar, gong, shaker plunk, organ, piano, vibes, timpani, tambourine, voice; George Davis, guitar #1,9,14, tambourine #12; Bob Cranshaw, electric bass #1,9,14; special guest: The Hatter, shaker plunk #12.
Sweet Sixteen Studio, NYC, September 6, 7 & 9, 1973;
Sound Ideas Studios, NYC, October 13, 1973
2.Spirit Voice
3.Cosmic Vision
6.Freedom Bells
8.Love Parable
9.Nova Reflex
10.Evolution: Initiation / Development / Enlightenment / Determination / Illumination / Inheritance / Destiny
12.Second Line March
13.Constant Search
14.I Want Our Love To Always Last
15.Mystic Sound