Clint Houston Discography

1978 (age 32)

Clint Houston Quintet/Duo

Joanne Brackeen, piano; "Onaje" Allan Gumbs, piano, Moog synthesizer; John Abercrombie, guitar; Clint Houston, bass; Al Foster, drums.

CI Recording, NYC, February 13 and 14, 1978

LifetripWhyNot (J) PAP-9110
Watership Down-
Escape Velocity-
Afternoon Moods-
Con Alma-

* WhyNot (J) PAP-9110   Clint Houston - Watership Down   1978
= Storyville (D) STCD 4150   -   1988
= Venus (J) TKCZ-79031   -   1994


Clint Houston Quartet

Joanne Brackeen, piano; Ryo Kawasaki, electric, acoustic guitar; Clint Houston, acoustic, electric bass, acoustic guitar; Rubens Bassini, congas, percussion.

RPM Sound Studios, NYC, April 18 and 19, 1979

GeriTimeless (Du) SJP 132
You Are The Sunlight-
Goodbye Mr. P-
Inside The Plain Of The Elliptic-
Black Thing-

* Timeless (Du) SJP 132   Clint Houston - Inside The Plain Of The Elliptic   1979