TOTO Discography



Steve Porcaro, keyboards, electronics; David Paich, keyboards, vocal; Steve Lukather, guitar, vocal; Mike Porcaro, bass; Jeff Porcaro, drums, percussion; Joseph Williams, vocal; + Background vocals: Mike Sherwood, background vocal #1,9; Paulette Brown, Tony Walthes, background vocal #3; Fergie Frederiksen, background vocal #8; + Percussions: Lenny Castro, percussion #1,2,4,5,7-9; Paulinho Da Costa, percussion #1,5,7; "Sidney", percussion #3,6; Joe Porcaro, percussion #7,10; Steve Jordan, Jim Keltner, percussion #9; + Horns: Charlie Loper, Bill Reichenbach, horns #1; Chuck Findley, Gary Grant, Jerry Hey, horns #1,6; Tom Scott, Larry Williams, horns #6; special thanks to: Miles Davis, trumpet #10; David Sanborn, sax #6,9,10; Mike McDonald, background vocal #5; Don Henley, background vocal #9.

The Villa, North Hollywood, CA;
Manor Studio, Los Angeles, CA;
Bill Schnee Studios, North Hollywood, CA;
Record One, Los Angeles, CA;
The Complex, Los Angeles, CA, released 1986

1.Till The EndColumbia FC 40273
2.We Can Make It Tonight-
3.Without Your Love-
4.Can't Stand It Any Longer-
5.I'll Be Over You-
7.Somewhere Tonight-
8.Could This Be Love-
10.Don't Stop Me Now-

* Columbia FC 40273   TOTO - Fahrenheit   1986