Todd Cochran Discography

1972 (age 21)

Bayete Umbra Zindiko

Mulobo (Fred Berry), trumpet, flugelhorn, vocal; Mguanda (Dave Johnson), soprano sax, flute, vocal, percussion; Bayete (Umbra Zindiko), piano, electric piano, electric Clavinet, vocal; Hoza Phillips, electric bass, vocal; Agusta Lee Collins, drums, percussion; Bayete, arranger.

Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, CA, September 18, and October 2, 1972

Let It Take Your MindPrestige PRST-10062
The Time Has Come-
Think On, The People Arise; Mulobo; People Arise!!!-
Don't Need Nobody-
Pruda's Shoes: I. Duet / II. Trio / III. Ensemble / IV. Finale-

* Prestige PRST-10062   Bayete Umbra Zindiko - Seeking Other Beauty   1973

Bayete (Todd Cochran)

Mulobo (Fred Berry), Oscar Brashear, trumpet, flugelhorn; Wayne Wallace, trombone; Hadley Caliman, flute, tenor sax; Mguanda (Dave Johnson) as Mganda (Dave Johnson), soprano sax; Bobby Hutcherson, vibes, marimba; Bayete, piano, Fender Rhodes, electric Clavinet; James Leary III, electric, acoustic bass; Thabo Vincar, drums; everybody, percussion; Bayete, Mguanda, lead vocal; Oscar Brashear, James Leary III, Mulobo, vocal.


It Ain'tPrestige PRST-10045
Free Angela (Thoughts... And Ail [sic] I've Got To Say)-
Njeri (Belonging To A Warrior)-
I'm On It-
Bayete (Between Man And God)-
Eurus (The Southwest Wind)-

* Prestige PRST-10045   Bayete (Todd Cochran) - Worlds Around The Sun   1972

1991 (age 40)

Todd Cochran Trio

Todd Cochran, piano, vocal; James Leary, bass; Clayton Cameron, drums; with Michael O'Neill, acoustic guitar #5,11; Munyungo Jackson, percussion #5,8.

VTL Studios, Chino, CA, released 1991

1.Behind The MaskVital Records VTL 001
2.Chelsea Bridge-
3.A New And Old Poem-
4.Brilliant Corners-
5.The River Bends-
6.Alanna's Song-
7.Lights Out-
8.People In The Night-
9.Lady M-
10.Up Jumped Spring-

* Vital Records VTL 001   Todd Cochran - Todd   1991