Julian Priester Discography

1960 (age 25)

Julian Priester Quintet

Julian Priester, trombone; Jimmy Heath, tenor sax #1,2,4,6,7; Tommy Flanagan, piano; Sam Jones, bass; Elvin Jones, drums.

Reeves Sound Studios, NYC, January 11, 1960

1.24-Hour LeaveRiverside RLP 12-316
2.The End-
4.Just Friends-
5.Bob T's Blues-
6.Under The Surface-
7.Once In A While-
8.Julian's Tune-

* Riverside RLP 12-316, RLP 1163; Original Jazz Classics OJCCD-1863-2   Julian Priester - Keep Swingin'

Julian Priester Sextet

Julian Priester, trombone; Walter Benton, tenor sax #1,2,4-7; Charlie Davis, baritone sax #1,2,4-7; McCoy Tyner, piano; Sam Jones, bass; Art Taylor, drums.

Plaza Sound Studios, NYC, July 12, 1960

1.Chi-ChiJazzland JLP 25; Milestone MCD-47087-2
2.Blue Stride-
3.It Might As Well Be Spring-
6.My Romance-
7.Donna's Waltz-

* Jazzland JLP 25, JLP 925S   Julian Priester Sextet - Spiritsville
* Milestone MCD-47087-2   Julian Priester & Walter Benton - Out Of This World

1973 (age 38)

Julian Priester Pepo Mtoto

Julian Priester, bass, tenor, alto trombone, baritone horn, post horn, whistle, flute, cowbell, small percussion, ARP 2600 synthesizer, prototype ARP string synthesizer; Mguanda David Johnson, flute, soprano sax #1,3-5; Hadley Caliman, flute, soprano, tenor sax, bass clarinet; Bayete Umbra Zindiko, Fender Rhodes piano, acoustic piano, Clavinet D6; Pat Gleeson, ARP 2600 synthesizer, ARP Odyssey synthesizer, Moog III, Oberheim digital sequencer; Bill Connors, electric guitar #2; Ron McClure, Fender bass #2; Nyimbo Henry Franklin, Fender bass, acoustic bass #1,3-5; Ndugu Leon Chancler, drums #1,3-5; Kamau Eric Gravatt, drums, congas #2.

Different Fur Music, San Francisco, CA, June 28 & September 12, 1973

1.PrologueECM (G) ECM 1044
2.Love, Love-
4.Eternal Worlds-

* ECM (G) ECM 1044, ECM 1044 (CD)   Julian Priester Pepo Mtoto - Love, Love

1977 (age 42)

Julian Priester And Marine Intrusion

Julian Priester, trombone, string ensemble; Ron Stallings, tenor, soprano sax; Curtis Clark, piano; Ray Obiedo, electric, acoustic guitar; Heshima Mark Williams, electric bass; Augusta Lee Collins, drums.

Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg, West Germany, January, 1977

PolarizationECM (G) ECM 1098
Rhythm Magnet-
Wind Dolphin-
Scorpio Blue-
Anatomy Of Longing-

* ECM (G) ECM 1098   Julian Priester And Marine Intrusion - Polarization