Babatunde Lea Discography


Babatunde And Phenomena

Forest Buchtel, trumpet; Martin Fiero, alto sax, flute; William Murphy, tenor sax, flute; Muziki (Duane Roberson), piano, electric piano, synthesizer, vocals; Marvin Boxley, electric guitar, vocals; Hiroyuki Shido, electric bass; Babatunde (Michael Lea), drums, timbales, congas, vocals; Jose Najera, congas, percussion; Cedric Deombi, lead vocals; with special guests: Eddie Henderson, trumpet; Julian Priester, trombone; Russell Baba, alto sax; Mark Isham, synthesizer programs; + Dee Dee Dickerson, Vicki Randle, Umgoh, backing vocals.
The (Record) Plant, Sausalito, CA;
Bear West Studios, San Francisco, CA, 1979
Thailand StickTheresa TR 107
Use Your Hands (A Message To The Children)-
Levels Of Consciousness-
Thang (And I Love It)-
Plea From The Soul-
Merely A Suggestion-
It's That Simple-
* Theresa TR 107   Babatunde And Phenomena - Levels Of Conciousness (sic)
= Evidence ECD 22226-2   Babatunde Lea And Phenomena - Levels Of Conciousness (sic)


Babatunde Lea

Jon Faddis, trumpet; Frank Lacy, trombone; John Purcell, soprano, tenor sax, flute, bass clarinet; Kenny Barron, Tommy James, Hilton Ruiz, piano; Marvin Horn, guitar; Santi Debriano, Charnette Moffett, bass; Babatunde Lea, drums, bongos, congas, shekere, cowbell; Frank Colon, congas, percussion.
The Hit Factory, NYC, 1991
Billy's BounceDiaspora Records 600764000126
Father Of Dreams, Daughter Of Destiny-
Ask Me How-
I'm Back-
Little Girls-
Fools And Babies-
Level Of Intent-
* Diaspora Records 600764000126; Motema 8-20320-0047-2   Babatunde Lea - Level Of Intent


Babatunde Lea

Richard Howell, tenor sax; Hilton Ruiz, piano; Alex Blake, bass; Babatunde Lea, drums, percussion; Munyungo Jackson, Bill Summers, percussion; and others.
Mobius Recording Studio, San Francisco, CA, January 22 & 23, 2000;
Bay View Studio, Richmond, CA, January 26, 2000
March Of The Jazz GuerillasUbiquity URCD 062
Descarga Para Ginny-
Back On Track-
The Creator Has A Master Plan-
Baldwin's Fire-
Na Iwosan (The Healing)-
Nature Boy-
In Tune With Tune-Day-
Abuse Of Reality Mambo-
* Ubiquity URCD 062   Babatunde Lea - March Of The Jazz Guerrillas


Babatunde Lea

Babatunde Lea.
Sqsuare Peg Studios, San Francisco, CA, released July 17, 2001
The Break Of DawnUbiquity URCD 080
Going Down-
Tofurkey Break-
The Lil' Dip-
Guerilla Break-
Capitol Break-
Round Trip-
Freestyle Session-
Babatunde's Batucada-
Hot Roddin'-
Keepin' It Real-
Skinny Vinnie-
Broken Break-
2 Hips-
Hot Pants Break-
Happy Accident-
* Ubiquity URCD 080   Babatunde Lea - Master Drummers, Vol. 4


The Babatunde Lea Quartet

Ernie Watts, tenor sax; Hilton Ruiz, piano; Geoff Brennan, bass; Babatunde Lea, drums, percussion.
live at Rasselas on Fillmore, San Francisco, CA, August 4, 2002
FootprintsMotema 7-09363-7136-2
* Motema 7-09363-7136-2   Babatunde Lea - Soul Pools


Babatunde Lea All-Star

Ku-umba Frank Lacy, trombone, trumpet, flugelhorn, vocals, arranger; Mario Rivera, soprano, tenor sax, flute; Hilton Ruiz, piano; John Benitez, bass; Babatunde Lea, drums, percussion; Kevin Jones, percussion; with guest artists: Raul Midon, guitar, voice trumpet, backing vocals; Jana Herzen, vocals.
Showplace Studios, Dover, NJ, released February 25, 2003
ConfrontationMotema 7-09363-7136-2
Jackie And The Beanstalk-
Round The World-
Whoa Baba!-
Ejercito Moreno-
Yerba Buena-
Soul Pools-
Carolyn's Dance-
* Motema 7-09363-7136-2   Babatunde Lea - Soul Pools


Babatunde Lea

Steve Turre, trombone, conch shells; Richard Howell, sax, vocals, kalimba; Glen Pearson, piano; Ron Belcher, Geoff Brennan, acoustic bass; Babatunde Lea, drums, percussion, vocals, balafon; 'Bujo' Kevin Jones, percussion.
Coast Recorders, San Francisco, CA, 2004
Suite Unseen: Ancestrell StrollMotema 181212000023
On The T.L-
A Song For Ani-
The Bay Area's Afro-Latin Funky Love Shuffle-
Suite Unseen: The Unseen-
Fire And Rain-
Suite Unseen: Spirit Of The Wood-
Chants From Home-
Suite Unseen: From Home-
Maeeah's Big Adventure-
Suite Unseen: Summoner Of The Ghost-
* Motema 181212000023   Babatunde Lea - Suite Unseen - Summoner Of The Ghost


The Babatunde Lea Quintet

Ernie Watts, tenor sax; Patrice Rushen, piano; Gary Brown, bass; Babatunde Lea, drums, percussion; Dwight Trible, vocals.
"Yoshi's", Oakland, CA, October 14 & 15, 2008
InvocationMotema 181212000252
Boom Boom-
Cousin Mary-
Prince Of Peace-
Let The Rain Fall On Me-
Reaching Up-
The Creator Has A Master Plan-
same session.
Umbo Weti-
Sun Song-
African Tapestry (Prayer For A Continent)-
Song For My Father-
Umbo Weti Profile-
Video Song Sampler-
* Motema 181212000252   Babatunde Lea's Umbo Weti - A Tribute To Leon Thomas