Babatunde Lea Catalog


Babatunde And Phenomena - Levels Of Conciousness [sic]   Theresa TR 107   1979

Forest Buchtel, trumpet; Martin Fiero, alto sax, flute; William Murphy, tenor sax, flute; Muziki (Duane Roberson), piano, electric piano, synthesizer, vocal; Marvin Boxley, electric guitar, vocal; Hiroyuki Shido, electric bass; Babatunde (Michael Lea), drums, timbales, congas, vocal; Jose Najera, congas, percussion; Cedric Deombi, lead vocal; with special guests: Eddie Henderson, trumpet; Julian Priester, trombone; Russell Baba, alto sax; Mark Isham, synthesizer programming; + Dee Dee Dickerson, Vicki Randle, Umgoh, background vocal.

The (Record) Plant, Sausalito, CA;
Bear West Studios, San Francisco, CA, 1979

Thailand Stick
Use Your Hands (A Message To The Children)
Levels Of Consciousness
Thang (And I Love It)
Plea From The Soul
Merely A Suggestion
It's That Simple

** also released on Babatunde Lea And Phenomena - Levels Of Conciousness [sic], Evidence ECD 22226-2 in 2004.


Babatunde Lea - Level Of Intent   Diaspora Records 600764000126   1996

Jon Faddis, trumpet; Frank Lacy, trombone; John Purcell, soprano, tenor sax, flute, bass clarinet; Kenny Barron, Tommy James, Hilton Ruiz, piano; Marvin Horn, guitar; Santi Debriano, Charnette Moffett, bass; Babatunde Lea, drums, bongos, congas, shekere, cowbell; Frank Colon, congas, percussion.

The Hit Factory, NYC, 1991

Billy's Bounce
Father Of Dreams, Daughter Of Destiny
Ask Me How
I'm Back
Little Girls
Fools And Babies
Level Of Intent

** also released on Motema 8-20320-0047-2.


Babatunde Lea - March Of The Jazz Guerrillas   Ubiquity URCD 062   2000

Richard Howell, tenor sax; Hilton Ruiz, piano; Alex Blake, bass; Babatunde Lea, drums, percussion; Munyungo Jackson, Bill Summers, percussion; and others.

Mobius Recording Studio, San Francisco, CA, January 22 and 23, 2000;
Bay View Studio, Richmond, CA, January 26, 2000

March Of The Jazz Guerillas
Descarga Para Ginny
Back On Track
The Creator Has A Master Plan
Baldwin's Fire
Na Iwosan (The Healing)
Nature Boy
In Tune With Tune-Day
Abuse Of Reality Mambo


Babatunde Lea - Master Drummers Vol. 4   Ubiquity URCD 080   2001

Babatunde Lea.

Sqsuare Peg Studios, San Francisco, CA, released July 17, 2001

The Break Of Dawn
Going Down
Tofurkey Break
The Lil' Dip
Guerilla Break
Capitol Break
Round Trip
Freestyle Session
Babatunde's Batucada
Hot Roddin'
Keepin' It Real
Skinny Vinnie
Broken Break
2 Hips
Hot Pants Break
Happy Accident


Babatunde Lea - Soul Pools   Motema 7-09363-7136-2   2003

Ernie Watts, tenor sax; Hilton Ruiz, piano; Geoff Brennan, bass; Babatunde Lea, drums, percussion.

live at Rasselas on Fillmore, San Francisco, CA, August 4, 2002


Ku-umba Frank Lacy, trombone, trumpet, flugelhorn, vocal, arranger; Mario Rivera, soprano, tenor sax, flute; Hilton Ruiz, piano; John Benitez, bass; Babatunde Lea, drums, percussion; Kevin Jones, percussion; guest artists: Raul Midon, guitar, voice trumpet, background vocal; Jana Herzen, vocal.

Showplace Studios, Dover, NJ, released February 25, 2003

Jackie And The Beanstalk
Round The World
Whoa Baba!
Ejercito Moreno
Yerba Buena
Soul Pools
Carolyn's Dance


Babatunde Lea - Suite Unseen - Summoner Of The Ghost   Motema 181212000023   2005

Steve Turre, trombone, conch shells; Richard Howell, sax, vocal, kalimba; Glen Pearson, piano; Ron Belcher, Geoff Brennan, acoustic bass; Babatunde Lea, drums, percussion, vocal, balafon; 'Bujo' Kevin Jones, percussion.

Coast Recorders, San Francisco, CA, 2004

Suite Unseen: Ancestrell Stroll
On The T.L
A Song For Ani
The Bay Area's Afro-Latin Funky Love Shuffle
Suite Unseen: The Unseen
Fire And Rain
Suite Unseen: Spirit Of The Wood
Chants From Home
Suite Unseen: From Home
Maeeah's Big Adventure
Suite Unseen: Summoner Of The Ghost


Babatunde Lea's Umbo Weti - A Tribute To Leon Thomas   Motema 181212000252   2009

Ernie Watts, tenor sax; Patrice Rushen, piano; Gary Brown, bass; Babatunde Lea, drums, percussion; Dwight Trible, vocal.

Yoshi's, Oakland, CA, October 14 and 15, 2008

Boom Boom
Cousin Mary
Prince Of Peace
Let The Rain Fall On Me
Reaching Up
The Creator Has A Master Plan

same session.

Umbo Weti
Sun Song
African Tapestry (Prayer For A Continent)
Song For My Father
Umbo Weti Profile
Video Song Sampler