Stefon Harris Discography

1997 (age 24)

Stefon Harris's Group

Kaoru Watanabe, flute #1,2,6,8,11; Steve Wilson, soprano sax #4,8, alto sax #6,11; Stefon Harris, vibes, balifone, orchestra bells, percussion; Kimati Dinizulu, percussion #1-3,5-8,11, 1-string harp, percussion #9; June Gardner, vocal #4; + special guests: Steve Turre, trombone #4,10, trombone, shells #6; Greg Osby, alto sax #1,2,6,8; Mulgrew Miller, piano #1,2,8,11; Jason Moran, piano #3-6,10; Dwayne Burno, bass #1-8,10,11; Alvester Garnett, drums #1-8,10,11.

Avatar Studios, NYC, October 6 and 7, 1997

1.SophistryBlue Note CDP 7243 8 23487 2 6
2.And This Too Shall Pass-
3.Nature Music-
4.In The Garden Of Thought-
5.Drum Storm-
6.The Prophet-
7.Sacred Forest-
8.A Cloud Of Red Dust-
9.One String Blues-
11.For You Mom & Dad-

* Blue Note CDP 7243 8 23487 2 6   Stefon Harris - A Cloud Of Red Dust   1998


Stefon Harris Septet

Steve Turre, trombone; Gary Thomas, alto flute, tenor sax; Greg Osby, alto sax; Stefon Harris, vibes; Jason Moran, piano; Tarus Mateen, bass; Eric Harland, drums.

Systems Two, Brooklyn, NY, February 14 and 15, 1999

Club MadnessBlue Note 7243 4 99546 2 5
Feline Blues-
There Is No Greater Love-
Of Things To Come-
After The Day Is Done-
Conversations At The Mess-
Black Action Figure-
You Stepped Out Of A Dream-
Bass Vibes-
The Alchemist-
Faded Beauty-
Musical Silence-

* Blue Note 7243 4 99546 2 5   Stefon Harris - Black Action Figure   1999


Stefon Harris - Jacky Terrasson Quartet/Duo

Stefon Harris, vibes, marimba; Jacky Terrasson, piano; Tarus Mateen, bass #1-4,6-8,10-13; Idris Muhammad, drums #1,8; Terreon Gully, drums #2-4,6,7,10-13.

Avatar Studios, NYC, January 10 and 11, 2001

1.My Foolish HeartBlue Note 7243 5 31868 2 1
2.Tank's Tune-
5.What Is This Thing Called Love-
6.Titi Boom-
7.John's Abbey-
8.Never Let Me Go-
9.Rat Entrance-
10.Rat Race-
12.Little Niles-
13.Body And Soul-

* Blue Note 7243 5 31868 2 1   Stefon Harris, Jacky Terrasson - Kindred   2001

Stefon Harris's Group

Stefon Harris, vibes, marimba, percussion, voice; Xavier Davis, piano; Tarus Mateen, bass, vocal; Terreon Gully, drums; Kahlil Kwame Bell, African percussion, concert bass drum; with Derrick Gardner, trumpet, flugelhorn; Steve Turre, trombone, shells; Douglas Purviance, bass trombone; Anne Drummond, flute, alto flute; Mark Vinci, clarinet; Tim Warfield, tenor sax; Myles Weinstein, tympani.

Avatar Studios, NYC, March 28 and 29, 2001

PrologueBlue Note 7243 5 32498 2 3
The Birth Of Time-
The Velvet Couch-
Corridor Of Elusive Dreams-
Escape To Quiet Desperation-
Song Of The Whispering Banshee-
March Of The Angels-
The Mystic Messenger-
The Grand Unification Theory-
Intro To Epilogue-

* Blue Note 7243 5 32498 2 3   Stefon Harris - The Grand Unification Theory   2003

2003 (age 30)

Stefon Harris And Blackout

Casey Benjamin, alto sax; Stefon Harris, vibes, marimba; Marc Cary, keyboards; Darryl Hall, acoustic bass; Terreon Gully, drums; with Anne Drummond, flute; Xavier Davis, piano; Pedro Martinez, percussion.

The Hit Factory, NYC, November 20 and 21, 2003

Nothing PersonalBlue Note 7243 5 97354 2 9
For Him, For Her-
Red-Bone Netti-Bone-
A Touch Of Grace-
The Lost Ones-
King Tut's Strut-
Message To Mankind-

* Blue Note 7243 5 97354 2 9   Stefon Harris And Blackout - Evolution   2004


Stefon Harris Nonet/Trio

Stefon Harris, vibes, marimba; Xavier Davis, piano #1-4,6-8; Derrick Hodge, bass; Terreon Gully, drums #1-4,6-8; with Steve Turre, trombone #1-4,6-8; Anne Drummond, flute #1-4,6-8; Greg Tardy, clarinet #1-4,6-8; Junah Chung, viola #1-4,6-8; Louise Dubin, cello.

Systems Two, Brooklyn, NY, August 29-31, 2005

1.The New Orleans Suite: Thanks For The Beautiful Land On The DeltaBlue Note 0946 3 41090 2 4
2.The New Orleans Suite: Portrait Of Wellman Braid-
3.The New Orleans Suite: Bourbon Street Jingling Jollies-
4.The Queen's Suite: Sunset And The Mockingbird-
5.The Queen's Suite: The Single Petal Of A Rose-
6.The Gardner Meditations: Memoirs Of A Frozen Summer-
7.The Gardner Meditations: African Tarantella-
8.The Gardner Meditations: Dancing Enigma-

* Blue Note 0946 3 41090 2 4   Stefon Harris - African Tarantella - Dances With Duke   2006


Stefon Harris And Blackout

Casey Benjamin, alto sax, vocoder; Stefon Harris, vibes, marimba; Marc Cary, piano, Fender Rhodes, keyboards; Ben Williams, bass; Terreon Gully, drums; with Anna Webber, flute #1,6,8,10; Anne Drummond, alto flute #1,6,8,10; Sam Ryder, clarinet #1,6,10; Mark Vinci, clarinet #1,6,10, bass clarinet #8; Jay Rattman, bass clarinet #1,6,8,10; Rigdzin Collins, violin #8; Y.C. Laws, percussion #1.

Water Music Recorders, Hoboken, NJ, January 13-15, 2009

1.GoneConcord Jazz CJA-31286-02
4.Shake It For Me-
5.Minor March-
6.They Won't Go (When I Go)-
7.The Afterthought-
8.For You-
9.Blues For Denial-
10.Langston's Lullaby-

* Concord Jazz CJA-31286-02   Stefon Harris And Blackout - Urbanus   2009


Ninety Miles Project

Christian Scott, trumpet #1-3,5-8; David Sanchez, tenor sax; Stefon Harris, vibes; featuring Harold Lopez-Nussa, piano #2,3,5,7,9; Rember Duharte, piano #1,8, piano, voice #6; with Yandy Martinez Gonzalez, bass #2,3,5,7,9; Osmar Salazar, electric bass #1,6,8; Eduardo Barroetabena, drums #1,6,8; Ruy Adrian Lopez-Nussa, drums #2,3,5,7,9; Edgar Martinez Ochoa, congas, djembe, percussion #2,3,5,7,9, Bata #4; Jean Roberto San Miguel, Bata, congas, percussion #1,6,8.

Studio 18, Havana, Cuba;
Teatro Amadeo Roldan, Havana, Cuba, May, 2010

1.NengueleruConcord Picante (Eu) 0888072331433
3.City Sunrise-
4.The Forgotten Ones-
5.Black Action Figure-
7.And This Too Shall Pass-
8.Brown Belle Blues-
9.La Fiesta Va-

* Concord Picante (Eu) 0888072331433   Stefon Harris, David Sanchez, Christian Scott - Ninety Miles   2011