Stefon Harris Catalog

1997 (age 24)

Stefon Harris - A Cloud Of Red Dust   Blue Note CDP 7243 8 23487 2 6   1998

Kaoru Watanabe, flute #1,2,6,8,11; Steve Wilson, soprano sax #4,8, alto sax #6,11; Stefon Harris, vibes, balifone, orchestra bells, percussion; Kimati Dinizulu, percussion #1-3,5-8,11, 1-string harp, percussion #9; June Gardner, vocal #4; + special guests: Steve Turre, trombone #4,10, trombone, shells #6; Greg Osby, alto sax #1,2,6,8; Mulgrew Miller, piano #1,2,8,11; Jason Moran, piano #3-6,10; Dwayne Burno, bass #1-8,10,11; Alvester Garnett, drums #1-8,10,11.

Avatar Studios, NYC, October 6 and 7, 1997

2.And This Too Shall Pass
3.Nature Music
4.In The Garden Of Thought
5.Drum Storm
6.The Prophet
7.Sacred Forest
8.A Cloud Of Red Dust
9.One String Blues
11.For You Mom & Dad


Stefon Harris - Black Action Figure   Blue Note 7243 4 99546 2 5   1999

Steve Turre, trombone; Gary Thomas, alto flute, tenor sax; Greg Osby, alto sax; Stefon Harris, vibes; Jason Moran, piano; Tarus Mateen, bass; Eric Harland, drums.

Systems Two, Brooklyn, NY, February 14 and 15, 1999

Club Madness
Feline Blues
There Is No Greater Love
Of Things To Come
After The Day Is Done
Conversations At The Mess
Black Action Figure
You Stepped Out Of A Dream
Bass Vibes
The Alchemist
Faded Beauty
Musical Silence


Stefon Harris, Jacky Terrasson - Kindred   Blue Note 7243 5 31868 2 1   2001

Stefon Harris, vibes, marimba; Jacky Terrasson, piano; Tarus Mateen, bass #1-4,6-8,10-13; Idris Muhammad, drums #1,8; Terreon Gully, drums #2-4,6,7,10-13.

Avatar Studios, NYC, January 10 and 11, 2001

1.My Foolish Heart
2.Tank's Tune
5.What Is This Thing Called Love
6.Titi Boom
7.John's Abbey
8.Never Let Me Go
9.Rat Entrance
10.Rat Race
12.Little Niles
13.Body And Soul

Stefon Harris - The Grand Unification Theory   Blue Note 7243 5 32498 2 3   2003

Stefon Harris, vibes, marimba, percussion, voice; Xavier Davis, piano; Tarus Mateen, bass, vocal; Terreon Gully, drums; Kahlil Kwame Bell, African percussion, concert bass drum; with Derrick Gardner, trumpet, flugelhorn; Steve Turre, trombone, shells; Douglas Purviance, bass trombone; Anne Drummond, flute, alto flute; Mark Vinci, clarinet; Tim Warfield, tenor sax; Myles Weinstein, tympani.

Avatar Studios, NYC, March 28 and 29, 2001

The Birth Of Time
The Velvet Couch
Corridor Of Elusive Dreams
Escape To Quiet Desperation
Song Of The Whispering Banshee
March Of The Angels
The Mystic Messenger
The Grand Unification Theory
Intro To Epilogue

2003 (age 30)

Stefon Harris And Blackout - Evolution   Blue Note 7243 5 97354 2 9   2004

Casey Benjamin, alto sax; Stefon Harris, vibes, marimba; Marc Cary, keyboards; Darryl Hall, acoustic bass; Terreon Gully, drums; with Anne Drummond, flute; Xavier Davis, piano; Pedro Martinez, percussion.

The Hit Factory, NYC, November 20 and 21, 2003

Nothing Personal
For Him, For Her
Red-Bone Netti-Bone
A Touch Of Grace
The Lost Ones
King Tut's Strut
Message To Mankind


Stefon Harris - African Tarantella - Dances With Duke   Blue Note 0946 3 41090 2 4   2006

Stefon Harris, vibes, marimba; Xavier Davis, piano #1-4,6-8; Derrick Hodge, bass; Terreon Gully, drums #1-4,6-8; with Steve Turre, trombone #1-4,6-8; Anne Drummond, flute #1-4,6-8; Greg Tardy, clarinet #1-4,6-8; Junah Chung, viola #1-4,6-8; Louise Dubin, cello.

Systems Two, Brooklyn, NY, August 29-31, 2005

1.The New Orleans Suite: Thanks For The Beautiful Land On The Delta
2.The New Orleans Suite: Portrait Of Wellman Braid
3.The New Orleans Suite: Bourbon Street Jingling Jollies
4.The Queen's Suite: Sunset And The Mockingbird
5.The Queen's Suite: The Single Petal Of A Rose
6.The Gardner Meditations: Memoirs Of A Frozen Summer
7.The Gardner Meditations: African Tarantella
8.The Gardner Meditations: Dancing Enigma


Stefon Harris And Blackout - Urbanus   Concord Jazz CJA-31286-02   2009

Casey Benjamin, alto sax, vocoder; Stefon Harris, vibes, marimba; Marc Cary, piano, Fender Rhodes, keyboards; Ben Williams, bass; Terreon Gully, drums; with Anna Webber, flute #1,6,8,10; Anne Drummond, alto flute #1,6,8,10; Sam Ryder, clarinet #1,6,10; Mark Vinci, clarinet #1,6,10, bass clarinet #8; Jay Rattman, bass clarinet #1,6,8,10; Rigdzin Collins, violin #8; Y.C. Laws, percussion #1.

Water Music Recorders, Hoboken, NJ, January 13-15, 2009

4.Shake It For Me
5.Minor March
6.They Won't Go (When I Go)
7.The Afterthought
8.For You
9.Blues For Denial
10.Langston's Lullaby


Stefon Harris, David Sanchez, Christian Scott - Ninety Miles   Concord Picante (Eu) 0888072331433   2011

Christian Scott, trumpet #1-3,5-8; David Sanchez, tenor sax; Stefon Harris, vibes; featuring Harold Lopez-Nussa, piano #2,3,5,7,9; Rember Duharte, piano #1,8, piano, voice #6; with Yandy Martinez Gonzalez, bass #2,3,5,7,9; Osmar Salazar, electric bass #1,6,8; Eduardo Barroetabena, drums #1,6,8; Ruy Adrian Lopez-Nussa, drums #2,3,5,7,9; Edgar Martinez Ochoa, congas, djembe, percussion #2,3,5,7,9, Bata #4; Jean Roberto San Miguel, Bata, congas, percussion #1,6,8.

Studio 18, Havana, Cuba;
Teatro Amadeo Roldan, Havana, Cuba, May, 2010

3.City Sunrise
4.The Forgotten Ones
5.Black Action Figure
7.And This Too Shall Pass
8.Brown Belle Blues
9.La Fiesta Va