Stan Bronstein Discography

1976 (age 38)

Stan Bronstein, The Elephant's Memory Band

Stan Bronstein, sax; Walter Davis, piano; Steve Tarshis, guitar; John Muscat, bass; Rick Frank, drums.
Larry Rosen Prod. Studio, NJ;
Dimensional Sound Studio, NYC, March, 1976
Song For My FatherMuse MR 5072
Island Music-
Jazz Me Down-
Uptown Walk-
Columbus Avenue Sunset-
See You In Rio-
* Muse MR 5072   Stan Bronstein, The Elephant's Memory Band - Our Island Music

Stan Bronstein

Danny Salzman, piano, Fender Rhodes piano, string ensemble, ARP synthesizer; Steve Tarshis, guitar; Val Burke, electric bass; Arnold Ramsey, drums; Stan Bronstein, vocals, alto, tenor sax; additional support by: Dennis Bell, Clavinet, ARP synthesizer; Angel Justinado, congas, cowbell, vocals; Philippe Harmonique, tambourine, backing vocals, drums; Larry Rosen, cowbell, woodblock, triangle, drums; background vocals: Terri Bronstein, backing vocals; Mark Of Aries Singers: Sherroil Jennings, Dorothy Terrell, Claudette Washington, backing vocals.
Camp Colomby Studio, New City, NY, October, 1976
Living On The AvenueMuse MR 5113
Better Late Than Never-
Sunday Kind Of Love-
Salsa Para Bauza-
(Why Don'cha) Walk That Funky Dog-
Night Of The Trotter-
A Song For Cantor O'Reilly-
* Muse MR 5113   Stan Bronstein - Living On The Avenue