Stan Bronstein Catalog

1976 (age 38)

Stan Bronstein, The Elephant's Memory Band - Our Island Music  (Muse MR 5072)

Stan Bronstein, sax; Walter Davis, piano; Steve Tarshis, guitar; John Muscat, bass; Rick Frank, drums.
Larry Rosen Prod. Studio, NJ;
Dimensional Sound Studio, NYC, March, 1976
Song For My Father
Island Music
Jazz Me Down
Uptown Walk
Columbus Avenue Sunset
See You In Rio

Stan Bronstein - Living On The Avenue  (Muse MR 5113)

Danny Salzman, piano, Fender Rhodes piano, string ensemble, ARP synthesizer; Steve Tarshis, guitar; Val Burke, electric bass; Arnold Ramsey, drums; Stan Bronstein, vocals, alto, tenor sax; additional support by: Dennis Bell, Clavinet, ARP synthesizer; Angel Justinado, congas, cowbell, vocals; Philippe Harmonique, tambourine, backing vocals, drums; Larry Rosen, cowbell, woodblock, triangle, drums; background vocals: Terri Bronstein, backing vocals; Mark Of Aries Singers: Sherroil Jennings, Dorothy Terrell, Claudette Washington, backing vocals.
Camp Colomby Studio, New City, NY, October, 1976
Living On The Avenue
Better Late Than Never
Sunday Kind Of Love
Salsa Para Bauza
(Why Don'cha) Walk That Funky Dog
Night Of The Trotter
A Song For Cantor O'Reilly