Stafford James Discography

1975 (age 29)

Stafford James Quartet

Enrico Rava, trumpet; Dave Burrell, piano; Stafford James, bass; Beaver Harris, drums.

Rome, Italy, July 31, 1975

Costa BruciataHoro (It) HLL 101-26
Neptune's Child-
City Of Dreams-
I Ain't Named It Yet-

* Horo (It) HLL 101-26   Stafford James - Jazz A Confronto 26
= Horo (J) RVJ-6073   Stafford James - Jazz A Confronto

1979 (age 33)

Stafford James Ensemble

Frank Strozier, alto sax; Harold Mabern, piano; Stafford James, bass; Louis Hayes, drums.

Basing Street Studios, London, England, released 1979

Twelve For FourRed Record (It) VPA 142
Soul Eyes-
Softly As In The Morning Sunrise-
Del Samba-
Yellow Days-

* Red Record (It) VPA 142   Stafford James Ensemble

2001 (age 55)

Stafford James Project

Emil Spanyi, keyboards; Stafford James, bass, composer; Gene Jackson, drums; Don Alias, percussion.

WDR Studios, Cologne, Germany, November 24, 2001

Au Cap BenatStaja Music (F) unknown number
Le Gecko-
Changing World-
Good News A Comin'-
When And How-
Kisses And Rainbows-
Tongue 'N Cheek-

* Staja Music (F) unknown number   Stafford James Project - Le Gecko