Ronnie Mathews Discography

1961 (age 26)

Ron Matthews Trio

Ron Matthews, piano; Bob Cranshaw, bass; Frank Gant, drums.

June 19, 1961

Tis AutumnSavoy unissued
Shaw 'Nuff-
One Mo-
Prelude To A Kiss-
117 Blues-
Blue Cry-
When I Grow Too Old To Dream-


Ronnie Mathews Quintet With Freddie Hubbard

Freddie Hubbard, trumpet; Charles Davis, baritone sax; Ronnie Mathews, piano; Eddie Kahn, bass; Albert Heath, drums.

Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, December 17, 1963

The ThangPrestige PR 7303
Ihci Ban (aka Ichi-Ban)-
The Orient-
Let's Get Down-
Prelude To A Kiss-

* Prestige PR 7303, PRST 7303   Ronnie Mathews With Freddie Hubbard - Doin' The Thang!   1964
= Prestige PRCD-24271-2   Ronnie Mathews, Roland Alexander, Freddie Hubbard   2002

1975 (age 40)

Ronnie Mathews Trio

Ronnie Mathews, acoustic piano #1,3-7, electric piano #2; Yoshio Suzuki, acoustic bass; Louis Hayes, drums.

Vanguard Studios, NYC, July 7 and 9, 1975

1.IchibanEast Wind (J) EW-8018
2.Manha Do Carnaval-
4.K's Waltz-
6.When Sunny Gets Blue-

* East Wind (J) EW-8018   Ronnie Mathews - Trip To The Orient   1975


Ronnie Mathews Quintet

Frank Foster, tenor, soprano sax; Ronnie Mathews, piano; Ray Drummond, bass; Al Foster, drums; Azzedin Weston, percussion.

Master Sound Productions, Franklin Square, NY, December 7, 1978

Salima's DanceBee Hive BH 7008
It Don't Mean A Thing-
Thews' Blues-

* Bee Hive BH 7008   Ronnie Mathews - Roots, Branches & Dances   1979


Ronnie Mathews Quintet

Bill Hardman, trumpet; Ricky Ford, tenor sax; Ronnie Mathews, piano; Walter Booker Jr., bass; Jimmy Cobb, drums.

Master Sound Productions, Franklin Square, NY, September 21, 1979

LegacyBee Hive BH 7011
A Child Is Born-
Once I Loved-
Ichi Ban-
Suicide Is Painless (Theme From MASH)-
Loose Suite-
Four For Nothing-

* Bee Hive BH 7011   Ronnie Mathews - Legacy   1980


Ronnie Mathews Trio

Ronnie Mathews, piano; Ray Drummond, bass; Kenny Washington, drums.

Music Center, Bologna, Italy, March 1, 1980

Song For LeslieRed Record (It) VPA 162
Ask Me Now-
It Don't Mean A Thing-
I Should Care-
Once I Loved-

* Red Record (It) VPA 162   Ronnie Mathews - Song For Leslie   1980
= Red Record (It) RR 123162.2   -   1993

1985 (age 50)

Ronnie Mathews Trio

Ronnie Mathews, piano; Ray Drummond, bass; Alvin Queen, drums.

Minot Sound, White Plains, NY, August 26, 1985

Song For LeslieNilva Records (Swi) NQ 3414
Day Dream-
So Sorry Please-
Crepescule With Nellie-
I Mean You-
Prelude To A Kiss-
Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most-

same session.

Song For Leslie
You Leave Me BreathlessSound Hills (J) SSCD-8089
Day Dream
So Sorry Please
Crepescule With Nellie
I Mean You
Willow Weep For MeSound Hills (J) SSCD-8089
Prelude To A Kiss
Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most
End Of A Love AffairSound Hills (J) SSCD-8089

* Nilva Records (Swi) NQ 3414   Ronnie Mathews - So Sorry Please...   1985
= Sound Hills (J) SSCD-8089   -   1998?


Ronnie Mathews Trio

Ronnie Mathews, piano; Stafford James, bass; Tony Reedus, drums.

Studio 44, Monster, Holland, February 1, 1988

In A Sentimental MoodTimeless (Du) CD SJP 304
My Funny Valentine-
Stella By Starlight-
Selena's Dance-
Body And Soul-
There Is No Greater Love-
Blue Bossa-
Fee Fi Fo Fum-

* Timeless (Du) CD SJP 304   Ronnie Mathews Trio - Selena's Dance   1989


Ronnie Mathews Solo

Ronnie Mathews, piano.

Cafe Des Copains, Toronto, Canada, February 23, 1989

Berkshire BluesSackville (Canadian) SKCD2-2026
A Child Is Born-
Someday My Prince Will Come-
Ruby My Dear-
Over The Rainbow-
Like Someone In Love-
Willow Weep For Me-
Hi Fly-
Tenor Madness-

* Sackville (Canadian) SKCD2-2026   Ronnie Mathews - At Cafe Des Copains   1994


Ronnie Mathews Trio

Ronnie Mathews, piano; Ray Drummond, bass; Billy Higgins, drums.

Skyline Studios, NYC, October 26, 1990

The End Of A Love AffairDIW (J) DIW-604
Dark Before The Dawn-
Don't Explain / You Don't Know What Love Is-
Theme From MASH-
Meaning Something-
One For Trane-
You Leave Me Breathless-

* DIW (J) DIW-604   Ronnie Mathews - Dark Before The Dawn   1991


Ronnie Mathews Trio

Ronnie Mathews, piano; David Williams, bass; Frank Gant, drums.

Sound On Sound, NYC, June 9, 1992

Lament For LoveDIW (J) DIW-612
Tin Tin Deo-
Old Folks-
Lotus Blossom-
Funjii Mama-
Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You-
John Charles-
Just One Of Those Things-
Willow Weep For Me-

* DIW (J) DIW-612   Ronnie Mathews - Lament For Love   1992


Ronnie Mathews Trio

Ronnie Mathews, piano; Buster Williams, bass; Kenny Washington, drums.

Acoustic Recording, Brooklyn, NY, May 16-17, 1994

HackensackSound Hills (J) SSCD-8064
Light Blue-
Sweet & Lovely-
Marie Antionette-
Crepescule With Nellie-
Is That So-

* Sound Hills (J) SSCD-8064   Ronnie Mathews - Shades Of Monk   1995?

2001 (age 66)

Ronnie Mathews Trio

Ronnie Mathews, piano; Walter Booker, bass; Alvin Queen, drums.

After Glow, Sapporo, Japan, May 20-21, 2001

Blues For After GlowSound Hills (J) SSCD-8118
Old Folks-
Angel Eyes-
Blues For Leslie-
When Lights Are Low-
Theme From "MASH"-
Once In Love-
Willow Weep For Me (solo)-

* Sound Hills (J) SSCD-8118   Ronnie Mathews Trio - Once I Love   2002?