Scott Kreitzer Discography


Scott Kreitzer Group

Barry Danielian, Rob Henke, trumpet; Scott Kreitzer, tenor sax; Kevin Hays, Matt King, piano; Doug Weiss, bass; Bill Stewart, drums; Billy Martin, percussion; with Mike Stern, guitar.

The Studio, NYC, December, 1989

New York State Of MindJazzCity (J) PCCY-00103
The Way You Look Tonight-
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes-
Pivotal Epicenter-
Chief Crazy Horse-
All The Things You Are-
So Be It-

* JazzCity (J) PCCY-00103   Scott Kreitzer - New York State Of Mind   1990
= JazzCity (J) PCCY-30034   -   2002


Scott Kreitzer Trio

Scott Kreitzer, tenor sax; Larry Goldings, organ; Bernard Purdie, drums.

The Studio, NYC, May, 1994

RhythmethodJazzCity Spirit (J) TKCB-70542
What's At The End Of A Rainbow-
Li'l Darlin'-
Crazy She Calls Me-
Mo' Tenor Blues-
Angel Eyes-
Time For A Change-

* JazzCity Spirit (J) TKCB-70542   Scott Kreitzer - Mo' Tenor Blues   1994
= JazzCity Spirit (J) TKCB-72411   -   2002