Scott Kreitzer Catalog


Scott Kreitzer - New York State Of Mind   JazzCity (J) PCCY-00103   1990

Barry Danielian, Rob Henke, trumpet; Scott Kreitzer, tenor sax; Kevin Hays, Matt King, piano; Doug Weiss, bass; Bill Stewart, drums; Billy Martin, percussion; with Mike Stern, guitar.

The Studio, NYC, December, 1989

New York State Of Mind
The Way You Look Tonight
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
Pivotal Epicenter
Chief Crazy Horse
All The Things You Are
So Be It

** also released on JazzCity (J) PCCY-30034 in 2002.


Scott Kreitzer - Mo' Tenor Blues   JazzCity Spirit (J) TKCB-70542   1994

Scott Kreitzer, tenor sax; Larry Goldings, organ; Bernard Purdie, drums.

The Studio, NYC, May, 1994

What's At The End Of A Rainbow
Li'l Darlin'
Crazy She Calls Me
Mo' Tenor Blues
Angel Eyes
Time For A Change

** also released on JazzCity Spirit (J) TKCB-72411 in 2002.