Savoy Records Discography: 1966-present


Vinson Hill And His Trio

Vinson Hill, piano; Ronnie Markowitz, bass; John Lee, drums.

April 11, 1966

Night And DaySavoy SAVOY 12187
Poke's Theme-
Indian Spiritual-
Bess, Oh Where's My Bess!-
Lavendar's Theme-
Young And Foolish-
Rubato Jazz-

* Savoy SAVOY 12187   Vinson Hill And His Trio   1966

Valdo Williams Trio

Valdo Williams, piano; Reggie Johnson, bass; Stu Martin, drums.

December 20, 1966

Desert FoxSavoy SAVOY 12188
Bad Manners-
Move Faster-
The Conqueror-

* Savoy SAVOY 12188   Valdo Williams - New Advanced Jazz   1967

The Robert F. Pozar Ensemble

Mike Zwerin, bass trumpet, trombone; Kathy Norris, cello; Jimmy Garrison, bass; Robert F. Pozar, drums.


The Mechanical Answering Service Of Chris And Marta WhiteSavoy MGS-12189, SJL 2235
Robin Hood-
RenfieldSavoy MGS-12189
Keying In Your Bank-
Maia (as Sweet Little Maia)Savoy MGS-12189, SJL 2235
Good Golly Miss NancySavoy MGS-12189

* Savoy MGS-12189   The Robert F. Pozar Ensemble - Good Golly Miss Nancy   1967
* Savoy SJL 2235   Various Artists - New Music: Second Wave   1979

1967 (25th anniversary)

The Ed Curran Quartet

Marc Levin, cornet, flugelhorn, mellophone #1,3-7; Ed Curran, alto sax, clarinet; Kiyoshi Tokunaga, bass; Robert Pozar, drums.

NYC, March 10, 1967

1.CireSavoy SAVOY-12191
3.Mid Tempo-
4.Looking Back-
6.Lady A-

* Savoy SAVOY-12191   The Ed Curran Quartet - Elysa   1967

Marc Levin Quintet

Jonas Gwanga, trombone; Marc Levin, flute, brass; Calo Scott, cello; Cecil McBee, bass; Frank Clayton, drums.

Stereo Sound Studios, NYC, 1967

Morning ColorsSavoy MGS-12190
The Dragon And The Rainbow: Forum With The Modernmen-
The Rainbow-
Twilight Dance-
Meditation: The Sea, The Fire, The Earth-

* Savoy MGS-12190   The Dragon Suite By Marc Levin   1967
= BYG (F) 529.112   Marc Levin And His Free Unit - The Dragon Suite   1969


The Paul Jeffrey Quintet

Jimmy Owens, trumpet; Paul Jeffrey, tenor sax, using the Gibson Maestro attachment; George Cables, piano; Larry Ridley, bass; Billy Hart, drums.

NYC, August 8, 1968

Made Minor BlueSavoy SAVOY-12192
I Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry-
The Dreamer-
Green Ivan-

* Savoy SAVOY-12192   Electrifying Sounds Of The Paul Jeffrey Quintet   1968

The Marzette Watts Ensemble

George Turner, cornet; Marty Cook, trombone; Marzette Watts, tenor sax; Frank Kipers, violin; Robert Fews, piano; Juny Booth, Cevera Jehers, Steve Tintweiss, bass; Tom Berge, J.C. Moses, drums; Amy Schaeffer, Patty Waters, voice.

Stereo Sound Studios, NYC, 1968 or early 1969

octobersongSavoy SAVOY-12193
Play It Straight
F.L.O.A.R.S.S.Savoy SAVOY-12193
Lonely Woman
JoudpooSavoy SAVOY-12193

Marzette Watts, tenor sax; Bill Dixon, piano; Steve Tintweiss, bass; Tom Berge, drums.

Play It StraightSavoy SAVOY-12193, SJL 2235

Marty Cook, trombone; Marzette Watts, tenor sax; Juni Booth, bass; J.C. Moses, drums; Amy Schaeffer, vocal.

Lonely Woman-

* Savoy SAVOY-12193   The Marzette Watts Ensemble - Marzette   1969
* Savoy SJL 2235   Various Artists - New Music: Second Wave   1979


Charles Moffett

Paul Jeffrey, tenor sax, alto clarinet; Wilbur Ware, bass; Codaryl Moffett, Dennis O'Toole, drums; Charles Moffett, drums, trumpet, vibes.

NYC, 1969

Avant Garde Got Soul TooSavoy SAVOY-12194
The Gift-
Blues Strikes Again-

* Savoy SAVOY-12194   Charles Moffett - The Gift   1969

The Doug Carn Trio

Doug Carn, organ; Gary Starling, guitar; Albert Nicholson, drums.

NYC, 1969

Walk Right InSavoy MG-12195
Butter From The Duck-
My One And Only Love-
Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child-
Free Blues-
Yna Yna's Delight-

* Savoy MG-12195   The Doug Carn Trio   1969


Faith Temple COGIC / Faith Temple Church Of God In Christ

Faith Temple COGIC, inspirational choir.

possibly circa 1970?

SFT-70-036Jesus Is A Friend Of MineSavoy 4331
SFT-70-037I Really Do Believe-

* Savoy 4331   Faith Temple COGIC - Jesus Is A Friend Of Mine / I Really Do Believe

1972 (30th anniversary)

The Bill Barron Quartet

Bill Baron, tenor sax; Kenny Barron, piano; Chris White, bass; Al Hicks, drums.


MotivationSavoy SAVOY 12303
Land Of Sunshine-
Blues For R. A.-
Hold Back Tomorrow-
Mental Vibrations-

* Savoy SAVOY 12303   The Bill Barron Quartet - Motivation   1972

Rock Ferrante

Rock Ferrante, organ; aided by a greatly inspired rhythm section of foremost jazzmen.


Moon RockSavoy SAVOY 12305
America, The Beautiful-
The Beat Goes On-
What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life-
You've Got A Friend-
Bach A La Rock-

* Savoy SAVOY 12305   The Amazing Rock Ferrante - Rock 'N' Rhythm   1973


Pee Wee Ellis Group

Pee Wee Ellis, tenor sax, synthesizer; Roland Hanna, electric piano; Jon Scholle, guitar; Jeff Berlin, bass; Idris Muhammad, Jimmy Strassburg, drums; Jumma Santos, congas.

NYC, October, November and December, 1976, and January, 1977

Nature BoySavoy SJL 3301

John Gatchell, trumpet; Barry Rogers, trombone; Pee Wee Ellis, tenor sax, Clavinet; Ernie Hayes, electric piano; Cornell Dupree, Eric Gale, guitar; Jeff Berlin, bass; Bernard Purdie, Jimmy Strassburg, drums; Jumma Santos, congas; Ray Mantilla, shaker; Charlotte Crossley, Lani Groves, Leon Thomas, Lillian Tynes, vocal.

Big Daddy-

Waymon Reed, trumpet; Pee Wee Ellis, tenor sax, electric piano; George Benson, Charlie Brown, guitar; Anthony Jackson, bass; Chris Parker, Bernard Purdie, drums; Babatunde Olatunji, congas; Vivian Cherry, Lani Groves, Lillian Tynes, vocal.

Kiss And Say Goodbye-

Pee Wee Ellis, tenor sax, Clavinet; Ernie Hayes, electric piano; Cornell Dupree, Eric Gale, guitar; Gordon Edwards, bass; Bernard Purdie, Jimmy Strassburg, drums.

Fort Apache-

Waymon Reed, trumpet; Pee Wee Ellis, tenor sax, Clavinet, bell lyre, vocal; Roland Hanna, electric piano; Jon Scholle, guitar; Jeff Berlin, bass; Idris Muhammad, Jimmy Strassburg, drums; Jumma Santos, congas; Charlotte Crossley, Lani Groves, Dwain Jones, Melanie Jordin, Leon Thomas, Lillian Tynes, vocal.

This Is Just A Warning-

David Liebman, tenor sax; Pee Wee Ellis, tenor sax, Clavinet; Roland Hanna, electric piano; Jon Scholle, guitar; Jeff Berlin, bass; Idris Muhammad, Jimmy Strassburg, drums; Jumma Santos, congas; Eleana Steinberg, vocal.


* Savoy SJL 3301   Pee Wee Ellis - Home In The Country   1977

1993 (51th anniversary)

Curtis Fuller's Quintet

Curtis Fuller, trombone; Benny Golson, tenor sax; Tommy Flanagan, piano; Ray Drummond, bass; Al Harewood, drums.

Sound On Sound, NYC, January 4-6, 1993

Love, Your Spell Is EverywhereSavoy (J) COCY-75624
Blues-ette '93-
Is It All A Game-
Capt' Kid-
Five Spot After Dark '93-
How Am I To Know-
Along Came Betty-
Autumn In New York-
Manhattan Serenade-

* Savoy (J) COCY-75624   Curtis Fuller's Quintet - Blues ette Part II   1993

Marc Copland Quintet

Randy Brecker, trumpet; Bob Berg, tenor sax; Marc Copland, piano; James Genus, bass; Dennis Chambers, drums.

Sound On Sound, NYC, March 4 and 5, 1993

EquinoxSavoy (J) CY-75853
I Got Rhythm-
I Loves You, Porgy-
Easy To Love-
Lover Man-
Woody'n You-
Blue In Green-
One Finger Snap-
All Blues-

* Savoy (J) CY-75853   Marc Copland Quintet - Stompin' With Savoy   1995


Marc Copland Quartet

Marc Copland, piano; John Abercrombie, guitar; Drew Gress, bass; Billy Hart, drums.

Ambient Sounds, Stamford, CT and The Studio, NYC, April, 1996

Second LookSavoy (J) CY-18001
Happy Stance-
Au Privave-
Dark Territory-
Suite Sixteen-
If I Should Lose You-

* Savoy (J) CY-18001   Marc Copland Quartet - Second Look   1996

1997 (55th anniversary)

Marc Copland Quintet/Trio/Quartet

Tim Hagans, trumpet #1,5,8; Joe Lovano, tenor sax #1,7; Michael Brecker, tenor sax #3,6; Marc Copland, piano; Gary Peacock, bass; Bill Stewart, drums.

The Studio, NYC, September, 1997

1.Softly, As In A Morning SunriseSavoy (J) CY-10876
2.I Love You-
3.Country Home-
4.So In Love-
6.What's Going On-
7.Not A Ballad-
8.Three Stories-
9.My Foolish Heart-

* Savoy (J) CY-10876   Marc Copland - Softly...   1998

2003 (61th anniversary)

James Moody With Bob Belden's Orchestra

Jeremy Pelt, trumpet; Jim Rotondi, flugelhorn; David Gibson, trombone; John Clark, French horn; Lawrence Feldman, bass flute, flute; Charles Pillow, English horn; James Moody, tenor sax, rap; David Hazeltine, piano; Scott Kinsey, keyboards, electric piano, piano, programming; Vic Juris, guitar; Todd Coolman, bass; Hans Glawischnig, electric bass, bass; Billy Kilson, Anthony Pinciotti, drums; Don Alias, congas, percussion; The Kid Next Door, all other sounds; Mostly Bandits, vocal; Bob Belden, arranger.

Avatar Studios, NYC, May 21-23, 2003

A Message To MoodySavoy SVY 17200
Lazy Afternoon-
Into The Shadows-
Main Title: Glengarry, Glenross-
Simplicity And Beauty-
We All Love Moody-
Moody Tune-
And Then Again-
Love Was The Cause For All Good Things-

* Savoy SVY 17200   James Moody - Homage   2004


Mark Turner, sax, bass clarinet; Larry Grenadier, bass; Jeff Ballard, drums.

Sear Sound, NYC, June 16-18, 2003

Child's PlaySavoy SVY 17325
Fly Mr. Freakjar-
State Of The Union-
Todas Las Cosas Se Van-
Piano Tune-
Spanish Castle Magic-

* Savoy SVY 17325   Mark Turner, Jeff Ballard, Larry Grenadier - Fly   2004


Ravi Coltrane Quartet

Ravi Coltrane, tenor, soprano sax; Luis Perdomo, piano; Drew Gress, bass; E.J. Strickland, drums; special guest: Luisito Quintero, percussion #6.

Systems Two, Brooklyn, NY, June-July, 2004

1.The Message, Part ISavoy SVY 17444
3.Variations III-
5.Leaving Avignon-
6.Blending Times-
7.Dear Alice-
8.Angular Realms-
9.Scram Vamp-
10.Variations I-
12.For Zoe-

* Savoy SVY 17444   Ravi Coltrane - In Flux   2005


Ravi Coltrane Quartet/Trio

Ravi Coltrane, tenor sax; Luis Perdomo, piano #1-9; Drew Gress, acoustic bass #1-9; EJ Strickland, drums #1-9; special guests: Brandee Younger, harp #10; Charlie Haden, acoustic bass #10.

Bennett Studios, Englewood, NJ, August 14 and 15, 2006;
Systems Two, Brooklyn, NY, February 27, 2007;
Bennett Studios, Englewood, NJ, August 20-22, 2007;
Capitol Tower, Los Angeles, CA, September 17, 2007

1.ShineSavoy SVY 17744
2.First Circuit-
3.A Still Life-
7.One Wheeler Will-
8.The Last Circuit-
9.Before With After-
10.For Turiya-

* Savoy SVY 17744   Ravi Coltrane - Blending Times   2009


Joe Turner

Joe Turner, vocal.

unknown location, date

70180unknown titleNational unknown; Savoy unknown

The Red Norvo Trio

Red Norvo, vibes; Tal Farlow, guitar; Charlie Mingus, bass.

unknown location, date

Prelude To A KissSavoy SJL 2212
Mood Indigo-
Deed I Do-

* Savoy SJL 2212   The Red Norvo Trio With Tal Farlow And Charles Mingus: The Savoy Sessions   1976

Brownie McGhee And Sonny Terry

Sonny Terry, harmonica; Brownie McGhee, vocal, guitar.

originally released 1961

My Other HomeSharp SMG-2003
You Gotta Love Me Baby-
Weeping Willow-
Feed Me Baby-
Bad Nerves-
Don't Mistreat Me-
Four O'Clock Blues-
Sweet Baby Blues-
True Blues-
My Consolation-
New Sportin' Life-
You Started It Baby-

* Sharp SMG-2003   Brownie McGhee And Sonny Terry - Down Home Blues   1961
= Savoy MG 12218   -   1973