Savoy Records Discography: 1960


Jimmy Scott

Julius Brand, Julius Held, Sy Miroff, Felix Orlewitz, Paul Winter, violin; Dave Mankovitz, Isadore Zir, viola; Maurice Brown, cello; Robert Banks, piano; Charles May, guitar; Abie Baker, bass; Bobby Donaldson, drums; Jimmy Scott, vocals; Howard Biggs, arranger.
January 13, 1960
SJS70685The Way You Look TonightSavoy MG 12150
SJS70686Things That Are Love, Part 1-
SJS70687Things That Are Love, Part 2-
SJS70688Everybody's Somebody's Fool-
SJS70689Time On My Hands-
* Savoy MG 12150   The Fabulous Little Jimmy Scott
= Savoy MG 12301   The Fabulous Songs Of Jimmy Scott

The Enchanters

The Enchanters, vocal group.
January 13, 1960
WW201AThe DecisionSharp 105
WW201BWe Make Mistakes-
* Sharp 105   The Enchanters - The Decision / We Make Mistakes

Dud Bascomb

Dud Bascomb, Taft Jordan, trumpet; Dickie Harris, trombone; Reuben Phillips, alto sax; Sam Taylor, tenor sax; Haywood Henry, baritone sax; Ernie Hayes, piano, organ; Skeeter Best, guitar; Teddy Cromwell, bass; Shep Shepherd, drums; Sammy Lowe, arranger.
January 14, 1960
SDB70690Blue GrassSavoy unissued
SDB70692Little Brown Jug-
SDB70693Love Nest-
SDB70694Please Be Kind-
SDB70695Have Horn Will Travel-

Marion Williams And The Stars Of Faith

Alberta Carter, piano; probably Robert Banks, organ; Marion Williams, Kitty Parham, Frances Steadman, Henrietta Waddy, Mattie Williams, vocal group.
January 21, 1960
SSF1609My Lord And ISavoy 4149
SSF1610He'll Understand And Say Well Done-
SSF70696Looking To JesusSavoy MG 14038
SSF70697Something Within MeSavoy 4134, MG 14038
SSF70698Footprints Of JesusSavoy MG 14038
SSF70699There's A FountainSavoy 4134, MG 14038
SSF70700Touch Me Lord Jesus, Part 1Sharp 616; Savoy MG 14038
SSF70701Touch Me Lord Jesus, Part 2-
SSF70702My Lord And I, Part 1Savoy MG 14038
SSF70703My Lord And I, Part 2-
SSF70704Jesus Gave Me Water-
SSF70705Just To Behold His Face, Part 1 & 2-
SSF70706In The Upper Room, Part 1Savoy 4142, MG 14038
SSF70707In The Upper Room, Part 2-
SSF70708He'll Understand And Say Well DoneSavoy MG 14038
* Savoy MG 14038   Marion Williams And The Stars Of Faith - In The Upper Room
* Sharp 616   The Stars Of Faith - Touch Me Lord Jesus, Part 1 & 2
* Savoy 4149   The Stars Of Faith - My Lord And I / He'll Understand And Say Well Done
* Savoy 4134   The Stars Of Faith - Something Within Me / There's A Fountain
* Savoy 4142   The Stars Of Faith - In The Upper Room, Part 1 & 2

The Roberta Martin Singers

Roberta Martin, Eugene Smith, Norsalus McKissick, Gloria Griffin, and another female?, vocal group; and others.
January 26 & 27, 1960
SRM70709Try JesusSavoy MG 14039, MG 14221
SRM70710Oh How Much He Cared For YouSavoy 4140, MG 14039
SRM70711If You PraySavoy MG 14039
SRM70712He Never Said A Word-
SRM70713It's Gonna RainSavoy 4140, MG 14039
SRM70714He Comes To See About MeSavoy MG 14039, MG 14221
SRM70715When He DiedSavoy MG 14039
SRM70716Let's Go Home-
SRM70717I Need You Lord-
SRM70718He's Leading Me-
* Savoy MG 14039   The Roberta Martin Singers - Try Jesus
* Savoy MG 14221   The Roberta Martin Memorial Album - The Unforgettable Voice Of Roberta Martin
* Savoy 4140   The Roberta Martin Singers - Oh How Much He Cared For You / It's Gonna Rain

The Rasberry Singers

The Rasberry Singers, led by Raymond Rasberry.
February 2, 1960
SRS70719Sinner Man, If I Were YouRegent 213; Savoy MG 14040
SRS70720Drive Him Away LordSavoy MG 14040
SRS70721As Long As I LiveSavoy 4137, MG 14040
SRS70722The Chariot's Comin'Sharp 619; Savoy MG 14040
SRS70723Somebody's Knockin'-
SRS70724He Doeth All Things WellSavoy 4156, MG 14040
SRS70725If I Work For JesusSharp 615; Savoy MG 14040
SRS70726Jesus Is Ever Near-
* Savoy MG 14040   The Raymond Rasberry Singers - He Doeth All Things Well
* Regent 213   The Raymond Rasberry Singers - Sinner Man, If I Were You / Waiting On You
* Sharp 619   The Rasberry Singers - Somebody's Knocking / The Chariot's Coming
* Sharp 615   The Rasberry Singers - If I Work For Jesus / Jesus Is Ever Near
* Savoy 4137   The Raymond Rasberry Singers - Waiting On You / As Long As I Live
* Savoy 4156   The Raymond Rasberry Singers - The Lord Will Be Waiting / He Doeth All Things Well

Dud Bascomb

Dud Bascomb, Taft Jordan, trumpet; Arthur Clarke, Seldon Powell, tenor sax; Haywood Henry, baritone sax; Ernie Hayes, piano, organ; Everett Barksdale, guitar; Teddy Cromwell, bass; Shep Shepherd, drums; Sammy Lowe, arranger.
February 4, 1960
SDB70727On The AlamoSavoy unissued
SDB70728Accent On Youth-
SDB70729GrumpySharp 111
SDB70730On Down The LineSavoy unissued
SDB70731My Extraordinary Gal-
SDB70733Walkin' Down The Street-
* Sharp 111   Dud Bascomb - Grumpy / Happy Horns

The Gospel Cavaliers

The Gospel Cavaliers, vocal group.
February 18, 1960
SGC70734He Gave Us YouSharp 604
SGC70735Are You Listening-
SGC70736Who Was ItSharp 607
SGC70737If I Go Not AwaySavoy unissued
SGC70738I Found OutSharp 607
SGC70739I Came To JesusSavoy unissued
* Sharp 604   The Gospel Cavaliers - Are You Listening / He Gave Us You
* Sharp 607   The Gospel Cavaliers - Who Was It / I Found Out

Troy Ferguson

Troy Ferguson, vocals; unidentified orchestra, Sammy Lowe, arranger.
February 19, 1960
STF70749How Many HeartsSavoy unissued
STF70750Midnight Ride Of Paul RevereSharp 107
STF70751Should I Get Wise-
STF70752Christopher ColumboSavoy unissued
* Sharp 107   Troy Ferguson - Midnight Ride Of Paul Revere / Should I Get Wise

Eddie Williams And The Crusaders

Eddie Williams And The Crusaders, including Clara Walker, vocals.
February 23, 1960
SEW70740They Won't Believe In MeSharp 606; Savoy 4340
SEW70741Where's Your ChildSharp 605
SEW70742Come On In The Ark Now-
SEW70743Pass Me NotSharp 606; Savoy 4340
SEW70744Just To Behold His FaceSavoy unissued
* Sharp 606   Eddie Williams And The Crusaders - Pass Me Not / They Won't Believe In Me
* Savoy 4340   Eddie Williams And The Crusaders - Pass Me Not / They Won't Believe In Me
* Sharp 605   Eddie Williams And The Crusaders - Where's Your Child / Come On In The Ark Now

no information

unknown artists.
circa February, 1960???
70745unknown titleSavoy unissued

The Voices Of Jordan

The Voices Of Jordan, vocal group.
March 12, 1960
SVJ9900It's Getting LateGospel 1043
SVJ9901My Jesus Loves MeGospel 1037
SVJ9902A Christian's TestimonyGospel MG 3011
SVJ9903Go Tell Him What You WantGospel 1037
SVJ9904A Child Crying To His FatherGospel 1049, MG 3011
SVJ9905Shake My Mother's Hand-
SVJ9906Our Trust In GodGospel 1043, MG 3011
* Gospel MG 3011   The Voices Of Jordan - Mary, Martha And Lazarus
* Gospel 1043   The Voices Of Jordan - It's Getting Late / Our Trust In God
* Gospel 1037   The Voices Of Jordan - Go Tell Him What You Want / My Jesus Loves Me
* Gospel 1049   The Voices Of Jordan - A Child Crying To His Father / Shake My Mother's Hand

Nappy Brown

Earl Warren, alto sax; King Curtis, Al Sears, tenor sax; Robert Banks, piano; Mickey Baker, Wally Richardson, guitar; Lloyd Trotman, bass; Joe Marshall, drums; Nappy Brown, vocals; Sammy Lowe, arranger.
March 15, 1960
SNB9907Baby Cry, Cry BabySavoy 1587
SNB9908Your Eyes And Your Mouthunissued
SNB9909Apple Of My EyeSavoy 1588
SNB9910Baby I Got News For You-
* Savoy 1587   Nappy Brown - Baby Cry, Cry Baby / What's Come Over You Baby
* Savoy 1588   Nappy Brown - Baby I Got News For You / Apple Of My Eye

Nappy Brown

Earl Warren, alto sax; King Curtis, Al Sears, tenor sax; Robert Banks, piano; Mickey Baker, Wally Richardson, guitar; Lloyd Trotman, bass; Joe Marshall, drums; Nappy Brown, vocals; Sammy Lowe, arranger.: same personnel.
March 17, 1960
SNB9911How Times Have Changedunissued
SNB9912How I Need Your Love-
SNB9913What's Come Over You BabySavoy 1587
SNB9914Your Loveunissued
* Savoy 1587   Nappy Brown - Baby Cry, Cry Baby / What's Come Over You Baby

Prof. Charles Taylor

Prof. Charles Taylor, vocals.
March 25, 1960
SCT9915Test In JudgementSharp 614
SCT9916God Can't FailSavoy 4139
SCT9917Another DaySavoy 4147
SCT9918Hold OutSavoy 4139
SCT9919Pay DaySavoy 4147
* Sharp 614   Prof. Charles Taylor - Test In Judgement / Lord What About Me
* Savoy 4139   Prof. Charles Taylor - Hold Out / God Can't Fail
* Savoy 4147   Prof. Charles Taylor - Another Day / Pay Day

Rev. J.C. Crawford

Rev. J.C. Crawford.
March 25, 1960
SRC9920Sin Will Tell On YouGospel 1038
SRC9921God's Blank Check-
* Gospel 1038   Rev. J.C. Crawford - God's Blank Check / Sin Will Tell On You

Elder B.H. Broadie

Elder B.H. Broadie, preaching, singing.
March 25, 1960
SRB9922On The Jericho RoadWorld Wide 5001
SRB9923Come On Home-
* World Wide 5001   Elder B.H. Broadie - On The Jericho Road / Come On Home

Jimmy Scott

Sy Miroff, Felix Orlewitz, David Soyer, Paul Winter, violin; Isadore Zir, viola; Maurice Brown, cello; Robert Banks, piano; Hy White, guitar; Al Lucas, bass; Paul Gusman, drums; Jimmy Scott, vocals.
April 7, 1960
SJS9924Motherless ChildSharp 109; Savoy MG 12150
SJS9925An Evening In ParadiseSavoy unissued
SJS9926If I Ever Lost YouSavoy MG 12150
SJS9927Please Forgive Me-
SJS9928How Else-
SJS9929If You Are But A Dream-
SJS9945An Evening In ParadiseSharp 109; Savoy MG 12150
* Savoy MG 12150   The Fabulous Little Jimmy Scott
= Savoy MG 12301   The Fabulous Songs Of Jimmy Scott
* Sharp 109   Jimmy Scott - Motherless Child / An Evening In Paradise

Lloyd Arnold

Lloyd Arnold.
April 7, 1960
SLA9930Memphis TennesseeSavoy unissued
SLA9931Hang Out-
SLA9932Dixie BoogieSharp 108
SLA9933Don't Care BluesSavoy unissued
SLA9934I'm Blue-
SLA9935Great Speckled BirdSharp 108
* Sharp 108   Lloyd Arnold - Dixie Boogie / Great Speckled Bird

The Imperial Gospel Singers

The Imperial Gospel Singers, vocal group.
April 14, 1960
SIG9936Keep OnGospel 1057; Savoy MG 14048
SIG9937Oh This Heart Of MineSavoy MG 14048
SIG9938This Friend Of MineGospel 1057
SIG9939The Roll CallWorld Wide 5006; Savoy MG 14048
SIG9940Nothing To Hard For God-
* Savoy MG 14048   The Imperial Gospel Singers - Fountain Of Blood
* Gospel 1057   The Imperial Gospel Singers - This Friend Of Mine / Keep On
* World Wide 5006   The Imperial Gospel Singers - The Roll Call / Nothing To Hard For God

The Shockley Singers

The Shockley Singers, vocal group.
April 14, 1960
SKS9941Tell It To The PeopleWorld Wide 5002
SKS9942Deliver Me-
* World Wide 5002   The Shockley Singers - Tell It To The People / Deliver Me

The Caravans

unknown, piano, organ, drums; Albertina Walker, Shirley Caesar, Inez Andrews, Cassietta George, Eddie Williams, vocal group.
April 20, 1960
STC9948Show Me The WayGospel 1041
STC9949God Can Do AnythingGospel 1045, MG 3010
STC9950Mercy LordGospel 1039, MG 3010
STC9951It's My PlanGospel 1039
STC9952GloryGospel MG 3010
STC9953Move Up A Little HigherGospel 1058
STC9954Comfort MeGospel 1045
STC9955In The Name Of JesusGospel MG 3010
STC9956How Blessed You AreSavoy unissued
STC9957They Didn't Believe In MeGospel 1041
STC9958(You Don't Need Me) The Way The Lord Needs MeGospel 1056
STC9959It's RealSavoy unissued
* Gospel MG 3010   The Caravans - Hold To God
* Gospel 1041   The Famous Caravans - Show Me The Way / They Didn't Believe In Me
* Gospel 1045   The Famous Caravans - God Can Do Anything / Comfort Me
* Gospel 1039   The Famous Caravans - It's My Plan / Mercy Lord
* Gospel 1058   The Caravans - Move Up A Little Higher / Hallelujah, It's Done
* Gospel 1056   The Caravans - Make It In / The Way The Lord Needs Me

The Famous Georgia Peach

The Famous Georgia Peach.
April 30, 1960
SGP9960Lord Revive UsSavoy unissued
SGP9961I'm Going To Build On That ShoreWorld Wide 5009
SGP9962I'll Never Grow OldWorld Wide 5003
SGP9963I'll Search Heaven (Looking For You)-
SGP9964Jesus Gave Me WaterSavoy unissued
SGP9965Just To Behold His Face-
SGP9966After A While-
SGP9967Something Within Me-
SGP9968His Blood Can Make Me Whole-
SGP9969O Lord Have Mercy-
SGP9970I Know I Got ReligionWorld Wide 5009
SGP9971That Awful Day Will Surely ComeSavoy unissued
* World Wide 5009   The Famous Georgia Peach - I'm Going To Build On That Shore / I Know I Got Religion
* World Wide 5003   The Famous Georgia Peach - I'll Search Heaven / I'll Never Grow Old

Rev. H.B. Crum And The Golden Keys

Rev. H.B. Crum, vocals; The Golden Keys, vocal group.
April 30, 1960
SGK9972I Have ProblemsSharp MG-2010
SGK9973If It Wasn't For The Lord-
SGK9974Duty Of A Christian-
SGK9975In The End-
SGK9976The God I Serve-
SGK9977Jesus Is WaitingSavoy unissued
SGK9978Cannot Reach My Soul-
* Sharp MG-2010   Rev. H.B. Crum And The Golden Keys - God I Serve

Knickerbocker German Band

Knickerbocker German Band, polka band.
May 7, 1960
9979Styrian Figure DanceWorld Wide MGS-20017
9980Linden Tavern Polka-
9981Pictures Of Munich Waltz-
9982Cheerio Polka-
9983Salzburg Wedding Waltz-
9984In Love Polka-
9985The Singing Brass Polka-
9986Hilltop Inn Laendler-
9987Hey Louie Polka-
9988Greeting For Bavarian Waltz-
9989The Gay Rascal Polka-
9990Alpine Laendler-
* World Wide MGS-20017   Knickerbocker Orchestra - Old Country Echoes

The Famous Smith Sisters

unknown, piano, drums, tambourine; Robert Banks, organ; The Famous Smith Sisters, female vocal group.
May 12, 1960
SSS9991Come Where The Blood Can HealSavoy unissued
SSS9992Blessed Is The ManSharp 610
SSS9993Give Me The Holy Spirit-
SSS9994Who Shall AbideWorld Wide 5004
SSS9995Greater LoveSavoy unissued
SSS9996Great Falling Away-
SSS9997Jesus Is ComingWorld Wide 5004
* Sharp 610   The Famous Smith Sisters - Blessed Is The Man / Give Me The Holy Spirit
* World Wide 5004   The Famous Smith Sisters - Jesus Is Coming / Who Shall Abide

Artistic Chants

Artistic Chants.
May 26, 1960
SAC9998Bless This HouseSavoy unissued
SAC9999This Same Jesus-
SAC10000Didn't It Rain-

James Cleveland

James Cleveland, vocals.
May 27, 1960
SJC8800Just Like He Said He WouldSavoy 4141, MG 14045
SJC8801AnyhowSavoy 4146, MG 14045
SJC8802There's A Brighter Day SomewhereSavoy 4154, MG 14045
SJC8803Oh Lord, I'm SatisfiedSavoy 4154
SJC8804He's Alright With MeSavoy 4141, MG 14045
SJC8805Just To Behold His FaceSavoy 4146, MG 14045
* Savoy MG 14045   James Cleveland With The Gospel All-Stars - Out On A Hill
* Savoy 4141   James Cleveland - Just Like He Said He Would / He's Alright With Me
* Savoy 4146   James Cleveland - Anyhow / Just To Behold His Face
* Savoy 4154   James Cleveland - Oh Lord, I'm Satisfied / There's A Brighter Day Somewhere

Curtis Fuller Sextet

Wilbur Harden, trumpet; Curtis Fuller, trombone; Yusef Lateef, tenor sax; McCoy Tyner, piano; Jimmy Garrison, bass; Clifford Jarvis, drums.
Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, June 6, 1960
New DateSavoy MG 12164
New Date (take 1)Savoy (J) COCY-78279, (J) CY-78806
* Savoy MG 12164, (J) COCY-78279, (J) CY-78806   Images Of Curtis Fuller

Curtis Fuller Sextet

Lee Morgan, trumpet; Curtis Fuller, trombone; Yusef Lateef, tenor sax; McCoy Tyner, piano; Milt Hinton, bass; Bobby Donaldson, drums.
Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, June 7, 1960
SCF666AccidentSavoy MG 12164
SCF665Darryl's Minor-
SCF667Be Back Ta-Reckla-
Accident (take 3)Savoy (J) COCY-78279, (J) CY-78806
Darryl's Minor (take 2)-
* Savoy MG 12164, (J) COCY-78279, (J) CY-78806   Images Of Curtis Fuller

The Joy Harmonizers

The Joy Harmonizers.
June 8, 1960
SJC8806He CaresSharp 611
SJC8807He's A Mighty RockSharp 608
SJC8808Thank The LordSharp 611
SJC8809After A WhileSavoy unissued
SJC8810Remember Me-
SJC8811Soon One MorningSharp 608
* Sharp 611   The Joy Harmonizers - He Cares / Thank The Lord
* Sharp 608   The Joy Harmonizers - Soon One Morning / He's A Mighty Rock

Song Birds Of The South

Song Birds Of The South.
June 12, 1960
SSB69401Everybody's RunningSavoy 4144
SSB69402I'll Waitunissued
SSB69403Stand Up-
SSB69404Don't Let The Devil KnowSavoy 4144
* Savoy 4144   Song Birds Of The South - Everybody's Running / Don't Let The Devil Know

Buddy Harrison

Buddy Harrison.
June 20, 1960
SBH69412unknown titleSavoy unissued

Marion Williams With The Stars Of Faith

William Neal, piano; probably Robert Banks, organ; unknown, drums; Marion Williams, Frances Steadman, Kitty Parham, Esther Ford, Mattie Williams, vocal group.
June 21, 1960
SMW69405I BelieveGospel 1042
SMW69406I'm Glad To KnowRegent 212
SMW69407Get Your Business RightGospel 1042
SMW69408He's A Great Big GodSavoy unissued
SMW69409What Jesus Did For MeGospel 1040
SMW69410Calling For MeRegent 212
SMW69411Everybody Say AmenGospel 1040
* Gospel 1042   Marion Williams - Get Your Business Right / I Believe
* Regent 212   Marion Williams - Calling For Me / I'm Glad To Know
* Gospel 1040   Marion Williams - What Jesus Did For Me / Everybody Say Amen

Arnold Bennett

Arnold Bennett.
June, 1960
SPB0620Test Of TimeSharp 110
* Sharp 110   Arnold Bennett - Wahoo / Test Of Time

Ray Godfrey

Ray Godfrey.
June, 1960
SRG6280The PictureSavoy unissued
SRG6290Overall Lucy-

The Back Room Boys

The Back Room Boys.
July 13, 1960
SHD5605SkaterSavoy unissued
SHD5607For You-
SHD5608St. Mary-
SHD5609Glow Worm-

Miles Specials

Miles Specials.
July 18, 1960
RMS1080Jesus Is So Sweet To MeSavoy unissued
RMS1081Going To Be Too Late-
RMS1082He Will Abide-
RMS1083I Won't Have To Cross Jordan-
RMS1084Teach Me How To Pray-
RMS1085The Life That Counts-

Baby Boy Jennings And The Satellites

Al Sears, tenor sax; Charles Macey, piano; Wally Richardson, guitar; Abie Baker, bass; Shep Shepherd, drums; Baby Boy Jennings And The Satellites, vocal group.
July 23, 1960
SBB6670Goin' HomeSavoy 1589
SBB6671Little Girl-
SBB6672I Made A Fool Out Of Myselfunissued
SBB6673Sunday Kind Of Love-
SBB6674I Want To Thank You-
* Savoy 1589   Baby Boy Jennings - Goin' Home / Little Girl

Robert Banks

Robert Banks, organ.
August 3, 1960
SRB7771Gospel StorySavoy unissued
SRB7772Tree On Each Side Of The River-
SRB7773Fooling Around-
SRB7774Shufflin' Around-
SRB7775So Glad-

The Davis Sisters

Ruth Davis, Alfreda Davis, Audrey Davis, Thelma Davis, possibly Imogene Greene, vocal group.
August 3, 1960
SDS7764Right Now JesusSavoy 4152
SDS7765The Right Roadunissued
SDS7766Father, I'm Coming Home, Part 1Savoy 4145
SDS7767Father, I'm Coming Home, Part 2-
SDS7768What's The Matter With Jesusunissued
SDS7770Jesus Is The One To LoveSavoy 4152
* Savoy 4152   The Famous Davis Sisters - Right Now Jesus / Jesus Is The One To Love
* Savoy 4145   The Famous Davis Sisters - Father, I'm Coming Home, Part 1 & 2

Jimmy Barnes

Jimmy Barnes, vocals; and others.
August 5, 1960
SJB7771Baby I Love YouSharp 113
SJB7772Don't Be Mad With MeSavoy 1590
SJB7773You Thrill Me So Much-
SJB7774Let Me KnowSharp 113
* Sharp 113   Jimmy Barnes - Baby I Love You / Let Me Know
* Savoy 1590   Jimmy Barnes - Don't Be Mad With Me / You Thrill Me So Much

The Shockley Singers

The Shockley Singers, vocal group.
August 17, 1960
SSS9405He Brought Us ThroughWorld Wide 5005
SSS9406Stop, ListenWorld Wide 5010
SSS9407The Divine CreatorWorld Wide 5005
SSS9408There's Nothing Like ItWorld Wide 5010
* World Wide 5005   The Shockley Singers - He Brought Us Through / The Divine Creator
* World Wide 5010   The Shockley Singers - Stop, Listen / There's Nothing Like It

Red River Dave

Red River Dave, guitar, vocals.
August 25, 1960
SRD6969The Trial Of Francis PowersSavoy unissued
SRD6970Lili Marlene-
SRD6971Nobody's Future-
SRD6972I Talked To Hank-

Arthur McLeod

Arthur McLeod.
August 26, 1960
LMC100T'is So SweetSavoy unissued
LMC101Touch Me Lord Jesus-
LMC102I Want Jesus To Walk With Me-
LMC103Deep River-

Allen Allen

Allen Allen.
September 15, 1960
SAM6501Hurry BackSavoy unissued
SAM6502Dance Dance Dance-
SAM6503Let Me Call You Sweetheart-
SAM6504Come Back Danny-

Little Danny

Little Danny, vocals; and others.
September 23, 1960
SLD7590Stop Cheating On MeSavoy unissued
SLD7591Mind On LovingSharp 112
SLD7592Tell ItSavoy unissued
SLD7593Your Precious LoveSharp 112
SLD7594Can't Help ItSavoy unissued
* Sharp 112   Little Danny - Mind On Loving / Your Precious Love

Thurman Ruth

Thurman Ruth.
September 29, 1960
Talk It Over With JesusSavoy unissued
Get Right With God-
God Almighty Will Cut You Down-
Jesus Said If You Go-

Little Prince

Little Prince.
October 4, 1960
SLP4500My Big MistakeSavoy unissued
SLP4501Somebody Tells Me What To Do-
SLP4503Let's Talk It Over-

The Ward Singers

Gertrude Ward, Clara Ward, Christine Jackson, Thelma Bumpess, Vermettya Royster, Esther Ford, vocal group; and others.
October 18, 1960
SWS69690A Sweeter TomorrowSavoy 4153, MG 14060
SWS69691I'm Gonna Move UpstairsSavoy 4150
SWS69692Here I Am-I'll GoSavoy MG 14060
SWS69693I'm Getting RicherSavoy 4150
SWS69694Life Is Just One StepSavoy 4153
SWS69695Can God Make A Wayunissued
* Savoy MG 14060   The Famous Ward Singers - Just Over The Horizon
* Savoy 4153   The Famous Ward Singers - A Sweeter Tomorrow / Life Is Just One Step
* Savoy 4150   The Famous Ward Singers - I'm Getting Richer / I'm Gonna Move Upstairs

Chicago Gospel Stars

Chicago Gospel Stars.
October 22, 1960
We Sure Do Need Him NowSavoy unissued
My Savior Cares For Me-

Gospel Stars Of Virginia

Gospel Stars Of Virginia.
October 22, 1960
SVG1102The Blessed CircleSavoy unissued
SVG1103I Come To Jesus-
SVG1104Jesus Looks Out For Me-
SVG1105My Soul Loveth-

Ivan Ward

Ivan Ward.
November 16, 1960
SVC110066 RockSavoy 1591
SVC1101Congo Glide-
* Savoy 1591   Ivan Ward - 66 Rock / Congo Glide

Prof. J. Davis

Prof. J. Davis.
November 25, 1960
SDD401Judgement DaySavoy unissued
SDD402On My Way Home-
SDD403Troubles Are Bothering Me-
SDD404Speak To Me-

Booker Ervin Quintet

Richard Williams, trumpet; Booker Ervin, tenor sax; Horace Parlan, piano; George Tucker, bass; Danny Richmond, drums.
Medallion Studio, Newark, NJ, November 26, 1960
SBE6401Dee Da DoSavoy MG 12154
SBE6402Mr. Wiggles-
SBE6403You Don't Know What Love Is-
SBE6404Down In The Dumps-
SBE6405Well, Well-
SBE6406Autumn Leaves-
* Savoy MG 12154   Booker Ervin Quintet - Cookin'
= Savoy SJL 1119   Booker Ervin - Down In The Dumps

Jimmy Scott

Julius Brand, Julius Held, Felix Orlewitz, Paul Winter, violin; Isadore Zir, viola; Maurice Brown, cello; Charles May, piano; Lloyd Trotman, bass; Bobby Donaldson, drums; Jimmy Scott, vocals.
NYC, November 30, 1960
SJS6000My RomanceSavoy 1593
SJS6001When You Wish Upon A Starunissued
SJS6002Blue Bird Of Happiness-
SJS6003These Are The Things I LoveSavoy 1593
* Savoy 1593   Jimmy Scott - My Romance / These Are The Things I Love

Johnny Rae Quintet

Bobby Jaspar, flute; Johnny Rae, vibes; Steve Kuhn, piano; John Neves, bass; Jake Hanna, drums.
NYC, December 6, 1960
SJR60111Potlikker BluesSavoy MG 12156
SJR60113Roll On Down-
SJR60114Beat And Blueunissued
SJR60115Back Yard BluesSavoy MG 12156
SJR60116By My Side-
SJR60117Parker's Mood-
* Savoy MG 12156   Johnny Rae - Opus De Jazz, Vol. 2

Bucky Pizzarelli Quintet

Phil Bodner, flute, clarinet; John "Bucky" Pizzarelli, guitar; Sam Bruno, bass; Sol Gubin, drums; Bobby Rosengarden, percussion.
December 6, 1960
Midnight MoodSavoy SST 13012
Like Someone In Love-
Don't Get Around Much Anymore-
No One But Me-
Lover Man-
Deep In A Dream-
Night Theme-
Dancing On The Ceiling-
Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea-
Have You Met Miss Jones-
* Savoy SST 13012   Bucky Pizzarelli - Midnite Mood

Alex Bradford And The Bradford Singers

Alex Bradford, vocals; The Bradford Singers, including Bernie Durand Jr., vocals.
December 8, 1960
SAB515Nobody's Fault But MineGospel 1046; Regent MG 6111; Savoy SGL 7023
SAB516I'm Going To Work Until The Day Is DoneRegent 211, MG 6111; Savoy SGL 7023
SAB517What More Do You Want The Lord To DoRegent MG 6111; Savoy SGL 7023
SAB518My Lord's Going To Move This Wicked RaceRegent 211, MG 6111; Savoy SGL 7023
SAB519Nobody Like The LordSavoy unissued
SAB520The Storm Is Not OverGospel 1046
Let's GoRegent MG 6111
* Regent MG 6111   Prof. Alex Bradford - I'm Going To Walk
* Savoy SGL 7023   The Best Of Alex Bradford (a memorial)
* Gospel 1046   Alex Bradford - Nobody's Fault But Mine / The Storm Is Not Over
* Regent 211   Prof. Alex Bradford - I'm Going To Work / My Lord's Going To Move This Wicked Race

Marion Williams And The Stars Of Faith

Alberta Carter, piano; probably Robert Banks, organ; Marion Williams, Kitty Parham, Frances Steadman, Henrietta Waddy, Mattie Williams, vocal group.
December 15, 1960
SSF901Lord My Keeper BeSavoy 4151
SSF902A Time For All Thingsunissued
SSF903Blood Saved MeSavoy 4151
SSF904Somebody Will Miss Meunissued
SSF905Getting Ready To Go-
SSF906Heaven Is Expecting Me-
* Savoy 4151   Marion Williams And The Stars Of Faith - Lord My Keeper Be / Blood Saved Me

Nappy Brown

George Berg, Phil Bodner, Sam Taylor, sax; Abie Baker, bass; Shep Shepherd, drums; Ray Barretto, congas; John Huston, Charles Manz, unknown instruments; Nappy Brown, vocals.
December 22, 1960
SNB2346Most Of The Timeunissued
SNB2347Hoonie BoonieSavoy 1594
SNB2348Don't Be AngrySavoy 1598
SNB2349Coal MinerSavoy 1594
SNB2350Anytime Is The Right TimeSavoy 1598
* Savoy 1594   Nappy Brown - Coal Miner / Hoonie Boonie
* Savoy 1598   Nappy Brown - Don't Be Angry / Anytime Is The Right Time

Sam Taylor - Robert Banks and others

Sam Taylor, tenor sax; Robert Banks, organ; and others.
circa December, 1960???
SBT2360Sam's BluesSavoy unissued
SBT2361There's A Tree On The River-

Tony Argo Tentet

Ernie Royal, trumpet; Frank Rehak, trombone; Jim Buffington, French horn; Bill Barber, tuba; Hal McKusick, alto sax, flute, clarinet; Pepper Adams, baritone sax, clarinet; Tony Argo, accordion, piano; Joe Cinderella, guitar, arranger; Billy Phillips, bass; Charlie Persip, drums.
NYC, circa 1960
Gypsy In My SoulSavoy MG 12157
'Round Midnight (as Round About Midnite)-
Lover Man-
Half Nelson-
Serenade In Blue-
* Savoy MG 12157   Tony Argo - Jazz Argosy