Roland Prince Discography

1976 (age 30)

Roland Prince

Randy Brecker, trumpet #2; Virgil Jones, trumpet #3,5-7; Joe Farrell, flute #1; Frank Foster, sax #3-7; John Hicks, piano #2; Kenny Barron, keyboards #1,3-7; Roland Prince, guitar; Buster Williams, bass #1; Bob Cranshaw, bass #2-7; Al Foster, drums #1,3,5,6; Eddie Moore, drums #2,4,7; Art Jardine, steel drums #2; Thomas Nicholas, percussion #1; Al Chalk, percussion #2-7.

released 1976

1.Samba De UnityVanguard VSD-79371
2.Iron Band Dance-
3.Red Pearl-
4.Giant Steps-
5.Aldon B.-
6.Eddie A.-

* Vanguard VSD-79371   Roland Prince - Color Visions   1976


Roland Prince

Virgil Jones, trumpet #4; Clifford Adams, trombone #3; Frank Wiss, flute, tenor sax #1,5; Carter Jefferson, soprano sax #3; Frank Foster, tenor sax #4; Kenny Barron, piano; Roland Prince, guitar; Bob Cranshaw, bass #1,2,4,5; David Williams, bass #3; Mickey Roker, drums #1,2,5; Michael Carvin, drums #3; Al Foster, drums #4; Al Chalk, percussion #4.

USA, 1977

1.SenoritaVanguard VSD-79388
2.Alone Again, Naturally-
3.People's Song-
4.Mushroom Alley-
5.Free Spirit-

* Vanguard VSD-79388   Roland Prince - Free Spirit   1977

2012 (age 66)

Roland Prince Quintet

Roland Prince, Calypso Val, Clifton Byers, Lester "Doc" Simon and O'Neil Mason with guest artists Renato Daiello on tenor sax and Hani Hechme on fuzz guitar.

Pelican Lodge Studios, Antigua, released 2012

My New SongMousetrap Music Productions 0885767082953
Posse Ryde-
Waladli Storytelling-
Chariots Of Fire-
Cyber Psycho-
Willow Song-
I'm Yours-
Joy Base-
No Room-
Little Drummer Boy-
Morning's Breaking-
Dayles Love-

* Mousetrap Music Productions 0885767082953   Roland Prince Quintet - Pop! Goes The Jazzle (Jazz In A Box)   2012