Robert Hurst Discography

1992 (age 28)

Robert Hurst Quintet/Sextet

Marcus Belgrave, trumpet, flugelhorn; Ralph Miles Jones III, bass clarinet, bassoon #5,6,12; Branford Marsalis, soprano, alto, tenor sax, clarinet; Kenny Kirkland, piano; Robert Hurst, bass; Jeff Tain Watts, drums.

Evergreen Recording Studios, Studio A, Burbank, CA, August 20-23, 1992

1.Down 4 The CauseDIW (J) DIW-873
2.Detroit Red-
4.Joyce Faye-
5.Incessant Lullaby-
6.The Snake Charmer-
8.Walk Of The Negress-
9.Blue Freeze-
10.Bert's Flirt-
11.Devil's Night In Motown-
12.Incessant Lullabye...Bye-

* DIW (J) DIW-873; Columbia CK 57298   Robert Hurst Presents


Robert Hurst Trio

Kenny Kirkland, piano; Robert Hurst, bass; Elvin Jones, drums.

Ground Control Recording, Burbank, CA, November 18 and 19, 1993

IncognegroDIW (J) DIW-617
Chillin' At The Sloat-
Jill Of All Trades-
Thad's Blue Plaid-
Swing On Swole-
In Your Own Sweet Way-
Innuendo In Yo Window-
One For Namesake-
The Onliest-
Jill's Groove-

* DIW (J) DIW-617; Columbia CK 66236   Robert Hurst Featuring: Kenny Kirkland And Elvin Jones - One For Namesake

2000 (age 36)

Robert Hurst Trio

Robert Glasper, piano; Robert Hurst, acoustic bass; Damion Reid, drums.

Bebob Music Studios, Calabasas, CA, January, 2000

Mr. ThomasBebob Records 820467-11112-1
Bu Waynea-
April Foolproof-
Unflurgenized Colorations-
Dr. Bleuss-

* Bebob Records 820467-11112-1   Robert Hurst, Damion Reid, Robert Glasper - Unrehurst Volume 1

2007 (age 43)

Robert Hurst Trio

Robert Glasper, piano; Robert Hurst, acoustic bass; Chris Dave, drums.

"Smoke", NYC, March 16 and 17, 2007

I Love YouBebob Records 820467-11113-8
Truth Revealed W/Intro-
Bob's 5/4 Tune-
Monk's Dream-
Bob's Blues-

* Bebob Records 820467-11113-8   Robert Hurst, Chris Dave, Robert Glasper - Unrehurst Volume 2


Robert Hurst Septet

Marcus Belgrave, trumpet; Vincent Bowens, tenor sax; Scott Kinsey, keyboards; Robert Hurst, acoustic bass; Karriem Riggins, drums; Darryl "Munyungo" Jackson, percussion; Sy Smith, vocal.

Bebob Music Studios, Calabasas, CA, Track Records Studio, North Hollywood, CA and Studio A Recording Inc., Dearborn, MI, released 2010

Obama Victory DanceBebob Records 820467-11132-9
X Static-
Comes You Comes Love (Intro)-
Comes You Comes Love-
Forty Four-
Da, Da, Da, Dah-
Munyungo In Da Jungle (Intro)-
Munyungo In Da Jungle-
Oral Roberto-
Alice And John-
Unintelectual Property-
When Drums Stop-

* Bebob Records 820467-11132-9   Robert Hurst - Bob Ya Head


Robert Hurst Septet

Marcus Belgrave, trumpet, flugelhorn; Bennie Maupin, alto flute, bass clarinet, tenor, soprano sax; Branford Marsalis, tenor, soprano sax; Robert Glasper, acoustic piano, Rhodes; Robert Hurst, acoustic bass; Jeff "Tain" Watts, drums; Adam Rudolph, percussion.

Systems Two, Brooklyn, NY, released 2013

3 For LawrenceBebob Records 820467-11142-8
Picked From Nick-
Big Queen-
Tigers On Venus-
Middle Passage Suite: Part I - For Those Of Us Who Made It-
Middle Passage Suite: Part II - For Those Of Us That Didn't Make It-
Middle Passage Suite: Part III - For Those Of Us Still Here-
Little Queen-
Indiscreet In Da Street-
Jamming - A.K.A. Ichabad-

* Bebob Records 820467-11142-8   Robert Hurst - Bob - A Palindrome