Robert Hurst Catalog

1992 (age 28)

Robert Hurst Presents   DIW (J) DIW-873   1993

Marcus Belgrave, trumpet, flugelhorn; Ralph Miles Jones III, bass clarinet, bassoon #5,6,12; Branford Marsalis, soprano, alto, tenor sax, clarinet; Kenny Kirkland, piano; Robert Hurst, bass; Jeff Tain Watts, drums.

Evergreen Recording Studios, Studio A, Burbank, CA, August 20-23, 1992

1.Down 4 The Cause
2.Detroit Red
4.Joyce Faye
5.Incessant Lullaby
6.The Snake Charmer
8.Walk Of The Negress
9.Blue Freeze
10.Bert's Flirt
11.Devil's Night In Motown
12.Incessant Lullabye...Bye

** also released on Columbia CK 57298 in 1993.


Robert Hurst Featuring: Kenny Kirkland And Elvin Jones - One For Namesake   DIW (J) DIW-617   1994

Kenny Kirkland, piano; Robert Hurst, bass; Elvin Jones, drums.

Ground Control Recording, Burbank, CA, November 18 and 19, 1993

Chillin' At The Sloat
Jill Of All Trades
Thad's Blue Plaid
Swing On Swole
In Your Own Sweet Way
Innuendo In Yo Window
One For Namesake
The Onliest
Jill's Groove

** also released on Columbia CK 66236 in 1994.

2000 (age 36)

Robert Hurst, Damion Reid, Robert Glasper - Unrehurst Volume 1   Bebob Records 820467-11112-1   2002

Robert Glasper, piano; Robert Hurst, acoustic bass; Damion Reid, drums.

Bebob Music Studios, Calabasas, CA, January, 2000

Mr. Thomas
Bu Waynea
April Foolproof
Unflurgenized Colorations
Dr. Bleuss

2007 (age 43)

Robert Hurst, Chris Dave, Robert Glasper - Unrehurst Volume 2   Bebob Records 820467-11113-8   2010

Robert Glasper, piano; Robert Hurst, acoustic bass; Chris Dave, drums.

Smoke, NYC, March 16 and 17, 2007

I Love You
Truth Revealed W/Intro
Bob's 5/4 Tune
Monk's Dream
Bob's Blues


Robert Hurst - Bob Ya Head   Bebob Records 820467-11132-9   2010

Marcus Belgrave, trumpet; Vincent Bowens, tenor sax; Scott Kinsey, keyboards; Robert Hurst, acoustic bass; Karriem Riggins, drums; Darryl "Munyungo" Jackson, percussion; Sy Smith, vocal.

Bebob Music Studios, Calabasas, CA, Track Records Studio, North Hollywood, CA and Studio A Recording Inc., Dearborn, MI, released 2010

Obama Victory Dance
X Static
Comes You Comes Love (Intro)
Comes You Comes Love
Forty Four
Da, Da, Da, Dah
Munyungo In Da Jungle (Intro)
Munyungo In Da Jungle
Oral Roberto
Alice And John
Unintelectual Property
When Drums Stop


Robert Hurst - Bob - A Palindrome   Bebob Records 820467-11142-8   2013

Marcus Belgrave, trumpet, flugelhorn; Bennie Maupin, alto flute, bass clarinet, tenor, soprano sax; Branford Marsalis, tenor, soprano sax; Robert Glasper, acoustic piano, Rhodes; Robert Hurst, acoustic bass; Jeff "Tain" Watts, drums; Adam Rudolph, percussion.

Systems Two, Brooklyn, NY, released 2013

3 For Lawrence
Picked From Nick
Big Queen
Tigers On Venus
Middle Passage Suite: Part I - For Those Of Us Who Made It
Middle Passage Suite: Part II - For Those Of Us That Didn't Make It
Middle Passage Suite: Part III - For Those Of Us Still Here
Little Queen
Indiscreet In Da Street
Jamming - A.K.A. Ichabad