Prestige Records Discography: 1979-1980

1979 (30th anniversary)

David Fathead Newman

David Fathead Newman, flute, soprano, alto, tenor sax; Richard Tee, acoustic piano; Kevin Toney, electric piano, Clavinet, synthesizer; Cornell Dupree, Eric Gale, guitar; Ron Carter, acoustic bass; Wilbur Bascomb, electric bass; Harvey Mason, drums; Bill Summers, congas, percussion; Bessie Ruth Scott, Tanyette, lead vocal; + Horns: Randy Brecker, Jon Faddis, trumpet; Earl McIntyre, trombone; James Buffington, French horn; Jerry Dodgion, Kenneth Harris, George Marge, flute; + Strings: Gerald Tarack, concertmaster; Anahid Ajemian, Frederick Buldrini, Harold Kohon, Joseph Malignaggi, Anthony Posk, Charles Veal, Marilyn Wright, violin; Julien Barber, Alfred Brown, viola; Jesse Levy, Kermit Moore, cello; + Background vocals: Flame Braithwaite as Flame Brathwaite, Ben Carter, Deborah McGriff, Tanyette, background vocal; William Fischer, arranger, conductor.

The Power Station, NYC;
Regent Sound Studios, NYC;
Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, CA, March, 1979

One Step At A TimePrestige P-10108
You Gotta Keep Gotta Keep Dancin'-
Two Can Do It-
Scratch My Back-
Rock Me, Baby (Like My Back Ain't Got No Bone)-
After The Ball-
The Buggs-

* Prestige P-10108   David Fathead Newman - Scratch My Back   1979

Mark Soskin

Oscar Brashear, Snooky Young, trumpet, flugelhorn; George Bohanon, bass trombone; Mel Martin, alto flute, alto sax; Bennie Maupin, tenor sax, alto flute, flute, soprano sax; Mark Soskin, keyboards; Ray Obiedo, guitar; Paul Socolow, electric bass; Harvey Mason, drums; Sammy Figueroa, congas, percussion; Paul Socolow, rhythm arranger; Mark Soskin, rhythm arranger, arranger, conductor.

Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, CA, December, 1979

ColossusPrestige P-10109
Mambo Mio-
Walk Tall-
Caribbean Party Stomp-
That's What Friends Are For-
The Opening-

* Prestige P-10109   Mark Soskin - Rhythm Vision   1980

Bill Summers And Summers Heat

Bill Summers, percussion, flute, lead vocal, background vocal; Summers Heat: Tom Poole, trumpet, flugelhorn; Larry Batiste, trombone, piano, background vocal; Claytoven, tenor, alto sax, piano, background vocal; Ray Obiedo, acoustic, electric guitar; Bo Freeman, bass; Paul Van Wageningen, drums; Scott Roberts, rototoms, timbales, background vocal; Lori Ham, Calvin Tillery, lead vocal, background vocal; plus Greg Phillinganes, Mark Soskin, piano; Colin Payne, organ; Dwayne Sweet, keyboards; Tim Gorman, Mini Moog; Paul Smith, Mini Moog, Clavinet; Marlon McClain, guitar; Gary Calvin, bass; Lloyd Adams, Gaylord Birch, Tony Lewis, drums; + Horns: Jerry Hey, trumpet; Wayne Wallace, trombone; Carlberg Jones, French horn; Larry Williams, tenor sax; + Strings: David Litven, Kathy Walters, violin; Lorraine Hunt, viola; Julianne Feldman, cello; + Background vocals: Pat Henderson, Nyya Lark, Phillip Richardson, Julia Waters, Maxine Waters, background vocal; Larry Batiste, Claytoven, Tom Poole, horn arranger, string arranger; Bill Summers And Summers Heat, Tony Lewis, rhythm arranger; Bill Summers, percussion arranger, rhythm arranger.

Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, CA, released 1979

Walking On SunshinePrestige P-10107
You've Got Me Lovin' Again-
She's Gone-
Dancing Lady-
Love's All We Need-
Feel The Heat-
Learn To Live As One-
Samba De Oakland-

* Prestige P-10107   Bill Summers And Summers Heat - On Sunshine   1979