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Lew Soloff, trumpet; Nelson Rangell, alto sax, flute, piccolo; Michael Brecker, tenor sax; Haim Cotton, piano #5; "Marvelous" Andy Marvel, keyboards, programming; Jimi Tunnell, guitar #1; Billy Masters, guitar #2,6; Yossi Fine, bass #6; Chris "Madcliff" Hills, drums, keyboards, programming, vocal, guitar #4; Bashiri Johnson, percussion.

Secret Sound Studio, NYC, March, 1987

1.Love Will Conquer AllMuse MR 5332
2.Caught Up In The Rapture-
3.Jimmy Lee-
4.Just Fine-
6.Word Up!-

* Muse MR 5332, MCD 5332   Members Only


Members Only

Bob Merrill, trumpet, flugelhorn; Nelson Rangell, alto, soprano sax, flute, piccolo; Jerry Bennett, additional Synclavier programming #1,2,4; Jimi Tunnell, guitar #1,2,5-7; Steve Love, guitar #3; Emedin Rivera, percussion; John Van Eps, all rhythm tracks & keyboards arranger, Synclavier.

Quad And Hip Pocket Studios, NYC, June, 1988

1.The Way You Make Me FeelMuse MR 5348
2.I Live For Your Love-
3.House Of Fire-
4.Isn't It Love-
5.Betcha By Golly Wow-
6.Only Lonely-

* Muse MR 5348, MCD 5348   Members Only...Too! - The Way You Make Me Feel