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Members Only   Muse MR 5332   1987

Lew Soloff, trumpet; Nelson Rangell, alto sax, flute, piccolo; Michael Brecker, tenor sax; Haim Cotton, piano #5; "Marvelous" Andy Marvel, keyboards, programming; Jimi Tunnell, guitar #1; Billy Masters, guitar #2,6; Yossi Fine, bass #6; Chris "Madcliff" Hills, drums, keyboards, programming, vocal, guitar #4; Bashiri Johnson, percussion.

Secret Sound Studio, NYC, March, 1987

1.Love Will Conquer All
2.Caught Up In The Rapture
3.Jimmy Lee
4.Just Fine
6.Word Up!

** also released on Muse MCD 5332 in 1992?.


Members Only...Too! - The Way You Make Me Feel   Muse MR 5348   1988

Bob Merrill, trumpet, flugelhorn; Nelson Rangell, alto, soprano sax, flute, piccolo; Jerry Bennett, additional Synclavier programming #1,2,4; Jimi Tunnell, guitar #1,2,5-7; Steve Love, guitar #3; Emedin Rivera, percussion; John Van Eps, all rhythm tracks & keyboards arranger, Synclavier.

Quad And Hip Pocket Studios, NYC, June, 1988

1.The Way You Make Me Feel
2.I Live For Your Love
3.House Of Fire
4.Isn't It Love
5.Betcha By Golly Wow
6.Only Lonely

** also released on Muse MCD 5348 in 1990?.