Larry Ridley Discography

1975 (age 38)

Larry Ridley Sextet

Sonny Fortune, flute #1, alto sax #3,6, soprano sax #5,8; Onaje Allan Gumbs, acoustic, electric piano, Clavinet, string synthesizer #1-6,8; Cornell Dupree, guitar #1,3,6,8; Larry Ridley, acoustic bass #1,2,4,5,7,8, acoustic, electric bass #3,6; Grady Tate, drums #1-6,8; Errol 'Crusher' Bennett, congas, percussion #1-6,8; + an overdub: Larry Ridley, four acoustic bass #4.

Generation Sound Studios, NYC, June 9, 10, 11 and 30, 1975

1.Changa ChikuyoStrata-East SES-19759
2.It Was A Very Good Year-
3.Well, You Needn't-
4.Go Down Moses-
5.Feelin' Blue-
6.Indiana Avenue-
7.In A Sentimental Mood-
8.Never Can Say Goodbye-

* Strata-East SES-19759   Larry Ridley - Sum Of The Parts   1975

1989 (age 52)

Larry Ridley And The Jazz Legacy Ensemble

Virgil Jones, trumpet; Larry McClellan, trombone; Doug Miller, tenor sax; Ed Stoute, piano; Larry Ridley, bass; Charli Persip, drums; Jann Parker, vocal.

Nicholas Auditorium, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, April 16, 1989

The VampStrata-East (G) SECD 9018
Ypso Factor-
Bock To Bock-
Ugly Beauty-
Osie Mae-
On A Clear Day-
Dr. Feelgood-
The Break Through-

* Strata-East (G) SECD 9018; Bellaphon (G) 660-51-020   Larry Ridley And The Jazz Legacy Ensemble - Live At Rutgers University   1993

1999 (age 62)

Larry Ridley And The Jazz Legacy Ensemble

Richard Wyands, piano; Larry Ridley, bass; Jimmy Wormworth, drums; featuring Virgil Jones, flugelhorn.

Kobe Recording Studio, West Orange, NJ, March 25, 26, April 2, and May 28, 1999

Animated SuspensionNaima Records 0647585200229
Soul Eyes-
The Vision-
If You Could See Me Now-
Like Sonny-
Autumn Serenade-
Wes Coast Blues-
Gentle Rain-
In Walked Bud-

* Naima Records 0647585200229   Larry Ridley And The Jazz Legacy Ensemble - Other Voices   1999