Paul Jeffrey Discography

1968 (age 35)

The Paul Jeffrey Quintet

Jimmy Owens, trumpet; Paul Jeffrey, tenor sax, using the Gibson Maestro attachment; George Cables, piano; Larry Ridley, bass; Billy Hart, drums.

NYC, August 8, 1968

Made Minor BlueSavoy SAVOY-12192
I Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry-
The Dreamer-
Green Ivan-

* Savoy SAVOY-12192   Electrifying Sounds Of The Paul Jeffrey Quintet   1968


Paul Jeffrey Group

Joe Gardner, trumpet, flugelhorn; Stuart Butterfield, French horn; Bob Stewart, tuba; J.C. Williams, bass clarinet #4-6; Paul Jeffrey, tenor sax; Hamiet Bluiett, baritone sax, flute; George Cables, piano; Stan Clarke, bass; Wilbur Ware, bass #1,2,4-7; Thelonious Monk Jr., drums.

NYC, 1972

1.F.U.Mainstream MRL 376
3.Motor Drive-

* Mainstream MRL 376   Paul Jeffrey - Family   1972

1973 (age 40)

Paul Jeffrey Quartet

Paul Jeffrey, tenor sax; Jack Wilkins, guitar; Richard Davis, bass; Thelonious Monk Jr., drums.

released 1973

Minor SceneMainstream MRL 390
Brand New Day-
Love Letters-
Moon Madness-
Brand X-
My Son-
Geometric Blues-

* Mainstream MRL 390   Paul Jeffrey - Watershed   1973


Paul Jeffrey Group

Blue Mitchell, trumpet; Paul Jeffrey, tenor sax; Bill Green, Jay Migliori, baritone sax; Joe Sample, piano; Charles Kynard, organ; Darrell Clayborn, David T. Walker, George Walker, George Wright, guitar; Chuck Rainey, electric bass; Ray Pounds, drums; King Errisson, Chino Valdes, congas; Emil Radocchia, Robert Zimmitti, percussion.

Los Angeles, CA, 1974

Soul RevivalMainstream MRL 406
Hip Soul Sister-
Jacoba's Song-

* Mainstream MRL 406   Paul Jeffrey   1974

1996 (age 63)

Paul Jeffrey Sextet Featuring Curtis Fuller

Charles Vaudano, trumpet #1,5; Curtis Fuller, trombone #1-3,5,6; Paul Jeffrey, tenor sax; Jeb Patton, piano #1-3,5,6; Marcello Tomolo, piano #4; Marc Abrams, bass #1-3,5,6; Calvin Jones, bass #4; Washington Duke, drums #1-3,5,6; Michael Scott, drums #4.

Nice, France, May, 1996

1.CurtisAmosaya Music AM-2531-CD
4.'Round Midnight-
5.Up Jump Spring-
6.Scenic Route-

* Amosaya Music AM-2531-CD   Curtis Fuller - Paul Jeffrey Sextet - Together In Monaco   1997