Jazz City Workshop Discography


Jazz City Workshop

Herbie Harper, trombone; Larry Bunker, vibes; Marty Paich, piano; Curtis Counce, bass; Frankie Capp, drums; Jack Costanzo, bongos; Mickey Lynne, vocal #4.

Los Angeles, CA, November 19, 1955

1.Zing! Went The Strings Of My HeartBethlehem BCP-44, 45-11028
2.Autumn LeavesBethlehem BCP-44, 45-11027
3.Blues In The ClosetBethlehem BCP-44, BCP-6038, 45-11027
4.That Old Black MagicBethlehem BCP-44
5.The Natives Are Restless TonightBethlehem BCP-44, 45-11028
6.Serenade In BlueBethlehem BCP-44
7.LauraBethlehem BCP-44, 45-11083
8.Them There Eyes-

* Bethlehem BCP-44   The Jazz City Workshop
* Bethlehem BCP-6038   Various Artists - Blues Ville
* Bethlehem 45-11028   Jazz City Workshop - The Natives Are Restless Tonight / Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart
* Bethlehem 45-11027   Jazz City Workshop - Autumn Leaves / Blues In The Closet
* Bethlehem 45-11083   Jazz City Workshop - Laura / Them There Eyes