Fantasy Records Discography: 1971-1972


Creedence Clearwater Revival

John Fogerty, lead guitar, harmonica, piano, lead vocal; Stu Cook, bass, bass guitar, background vocal; Doug Clifford, drums, percussion, background vocal.

spring 1971, and January, 1972;
released April 11, 1972

Lookin' For A ReasonFantasy LP 9404, CCR-3, MPF-4509
Take It Like A FriendFantasy LP 9404
Need Someone To HoldFantasy LP 9404, FCD-4509-2
Tearin' Up The Country-
Someday Never ComesFantasy LP 9404, CCR-2
What Are You Gonna DoFantasy LP 9404
Sail Away-
Hello Mary LouFantasy LP 9404, CCR-3, MPF-4509
Door To DoorFantasy LP 9404
Sweet Hitch-HikerFantasy LP 9404, F-9430, CCR-2

* Fantasy LP 9404   Creedence Clearwater Revival - Mardi Gras   1972
= Fantasy MPF-4518   -   1983
= Fantasy FCD-4518-2   -   1989
* Fantasy CCR-3, FCD-CCR3-2   Creedence Clearwater Revival - Chronicle Vol. 2 - 20 Great CCR Classics
* Fantasy MPF-4509   Creedence Clearwater Revival - Creedence Country   1981
= Fantasy FCD-4509-2   -   2004
* Fantasy CCR-2, FCD-CCR2-2   Creedence Clearwater Revival - Chronicle - 20 Greatest Hits
* Fantasy F-9430   Creedence Clearwater Revival - More Creedence Gold   1973
= Fantasy FCD-9430-2   -   1991

Creedence Clearwater Revival

same personnel.

live in Europe, September 4-28, 1971;
live in Europe, released October 16, 1973

Born On The BayouFantasy CCR-1
Green River / Susie Q (as Suzie Q)-
It Came Out Of The Sky-
Door To Door
Travelin' BandFantasy CCR-1
Fortunate Son-
Bad Moon Rising-
Proud Mary-
Up Around The Bend-
Hey Tonight-
Sweet Hitch-Hiker
Keep On Chooglin'Fantasy CCR-1

* Fantasy CCR-1   Creedence Clearwater Revival - Live In Europe
= Fantasy MPF-4526, FCD-4526-2   -   1987

Cal Tjader And His Orchestra

Luis Gasca, Pat Houston, Frank Snow, trumpet; Gerry Gilmore, Mel Martin, flute, alto sax; Bill Perkins, tenor sax; Cal Tjader, vibes; Al Zulaica, electric piano; Rita Dowling, synthesizer; Jim McCabe, bass; Guido, bass guitar; Phil Escovedo, Ron McClure, electric bass; Dick Berk, Lee Charlton, drums; Michael Smithe, congas; Pete Escovedo, congas, vocal; Coke Escovedo, timbales, vocal.

San Francisco, CA, 1971

Agua Dulce (Cool-Ade)Fantasy LP 8416, FCD-24737-2
Somewhere In The Night-
Gimme Shelter-
Ran Kan Kan-
Descarga Cuban-

* Fantasy LP 8416   Cal Tjader - Agua Dulce   1971
* Fantasy FCD-24737-2   Cal Tjader - Descarga


Kenny Burrell Quartet/Solo

Richard Wyands, piano #1,2,4-6; Joe Sample, piano #3; Kenny Burrell, guitar; Reggie Johnson, bass #1-6; Lennie McBrowne, drums #1,2,4-6; Paul Humphrey, drums #3.

Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, CA, April, 1972

1.A Streetcar Named DesireFantasy LP 9417
2.Make Someone Happy-
3.'Round Midnight-
4.I Think It's Going To Rain Today-
5.Since I Fell For You-
6.I'm Gonna Laugh You Right Out Of My Life-
7.Blues In The Night-

* Fantasy LP 9417   Kenny Burrell - 'Round Midnight   1972
= Original Jazz Classics OJCCD-990-2   -   1998

Cal Tjader Quintet

Cal Tjader, vibes, percussion; Al Zulaica, electric piano; John Heard, bass; Dick Berk, drums; Michael Smithe, congas.

live at The Funky Quarters, 1972

LeyteFantasy LP 9409, FCD-24737-2
Mother And Child-
Cubano Chant-
Soul Sauce III-
Philly Mambo-
ThemeFantasy LP 9409

* Fantasy LP 9409   Cal Tjader - Live At The Funky Quarters   1972
* Fantasy FCD-24737-2   Cal Tjader - Descarga