Fantasy Records Discography: 1965-1966


Bola Sete Solo

Bola Sete, guitar.
circa 1965
Prelude #1,3,4,5Fantasy LP 3369
Spanish Dance-
Choro #1-
Choro Da Saudade-
Sons De Carrilhoes-
Franco Fantasy-
* Fantasy LP 3369, F-8369   Bola Sete - The Solo Guitar

The Fugs

Peter Stampfel, fiddle, harmonica, vocals; Vinny Leary, Steve Weber, guitar, vocals; John Anderson, bass guitar, vocals; Ken Weaver, drums, vocals; Tuli Kupferberg, percussion, vocals; Ed Sanders, vocals.
released 1965
Slum GoddessFolkways FW 05304
Ah! Sunflower, Weary Of Time-
Swinburne Stomp-
I Couldn't Get High-
How Sweet I Roamed From Field To Field-
Seize The Day (as Carpe Diem)-
My Baby Done Left Me-
Boobs A Lot-
We're The FugsFantasy F-9668, FCD-9668-2
The Ten Commandments-
CIA Man-
In The Middle Of Their First Recording Session The Fugs Sign The Worst Contract Since Leadbelly's-
I Saw The Best Minds Of My Generation Rock-
Spontaneous Salute To Andy Warhol-
War Kills Babies-
The Fugs National Anthem-
The Fugs Spaghetti Death (No Redemption No Redemption) - A Glop Of Spaghetti For Andy Warhol-
The Rhapsody Of Tuli-
* Folkways FW 05304   The Village Fugs
= ESP-Disk' ESP 1018   The Fugs First Album
= Fantasy F-9668, FCD-9668-2   First Album... With Sizzling Additional Tracks From The Early Fugs


Duke Ellington Trio

Duke Ellington, piano; John Lamb, bass; Sam Woodyard, drums.
RCA Studio A, NYC, July 18, 1966
Don JuanFantasy F-9462
Slow Blues-
Looking Glass-
The Shepherd-
The Shepherd (alternate take)-
Tap Dancer's Blues-
Sam Woodyard's Blues-
* Fantasy F-9462; Original Jazz Classics OJCCD-717-2   Duke Ellington - The Pianist

Bola Sete And His New Brazilian Trio

Bola Sete, guitar; Sebastiao Neto, bass, percussion; Paulinho Da Costa, drums.
BrejeiroFantasy LP 3375
Quindim De Yaya-
Soul Samba-
Baion Blues-
Pau De Arara-
Mulher Rendeira-
* Fantasy LP 3375, F-8375; Original Jazz Classics OJC-290   Bola Sete And His New Brazilian Trio - Autentico!
= Fantasy FCD-24779-2   Bola Sete - Voodoo Village

The Fugs

Lee Crabtree, organ, flute, piano, celeste, bells; Pete Kearney, Vinny Leary, guitar, vocals; John Anderson, bass guitar, vocals; Ken Weaver, drums, vocals; Betsy Klein, Tuli Kupferberg, Ed Sanders, vocals; with Robert Banks, organ, piano; Eric Gale, Dan Kortchmar, Ken Pine, guitar; Alan Jacobs, guitar, sitar, vocals, bells, vibes; Charlie Larkey, bass; Chuck Rainey, electric bass; Bernard Purdie, drums.
between 1966 & 1967
FrenzyESP-Disk' 4507, ESP 1028
I Want To Know-
Skin FlowersESP-Disk' ESP 1028
Group Grope-
Coming Down-
Dirty Old Man-
Kill For PeaceESP-Disk' 4508, ESP 1028
Morning, Morning-
Doin' All RightESP-Disk' ESP 1028
Virgin Forest-
I Want To KnowFantasy F-9669, FCD-9669-2
Mutant Stomp-
Carpe Diem-
Wide, Wide River-
Nameless Voices Crying For Kindness-
* ESP-Disk' ESP 1028   The Fugs
= Fantasy F-9669, FCD-9669-2   Second Album... With Additional Live And Studio Tracks From The Early Fugs
* ESP-Disk' 4507   The Fugs - Frenzy / I Want To Know
* ESP-Disk' 4508   The Fugs - Kill For Peace / Morning, Morning