Fantasy Records Discography: 1965-1966


Bola Sete Solo

Bola Sete (guitar)
circa 1965
Prelude #1,3,4,5Fantasy LP 3369
Spanish Dance-
Choro #1-
Choro Da Saudade-
Sons De Carrilhoes-
Franco Fantasy-
* Fantasy LP 3369, F-8369   Bola Sete - The Solo Guitar

The Fugs

Peter Stampfel (fiddle, harmonica, vocals) Vinny Leary, Steve Weber (guitar, vocals) John Anderson (bass guitar, vocals) Ken Weaver (drums, vocals) Tuli Kupferberg (percussion, vocals) Ed Sanders (vocals)
released 1965
Slum GoddessFolkways FW 05304
Ah! Sunflower, Weary Of Time-
Swinburne Stomp-
I Couldn't Get High-
How Sweet I Roamed From Field To Field-
Seize The Day (as Carpe Diem)-
My Baby Done Left Me-
Boobs A Lot-
We're The FugsFantasy F-9668, FCD-9668-2
The Ten Commandments-
CIA Man-
In The Middle Of Their First Recording Session The Fugs Sign The Worst Contract Since Leadbelly's-
I Saw The Best Minds Of My Generation Rock-
Spontaneous Salute To Andy Warhol-
War Kills Babies-
The Fugs National Anthem-
The Fugs Spaghetti Death (No Redemption No Redemption) - A Glop Of Spaghetti For Andy Warhol-
The Rhapsody Of Tuli-
* Folkways FW 05304   The Village Fugs
= ESP-Disk' ESP 1018   The Fugs First Album
= Fantasy F-9668, FCD-9668-2   First Album... With Sizzling Additional Tracks From The Early Fugs


Duke Ellington Trio

Duke Ellington (piano) John Lamb (bass) Sam Woodyard (drums)
RCA Studios, Studio A, NYC, July 18, 1966
Don JuanFantasy F-9462
Slow Blues-
Looking Glass-
The Shepherd-
The Shepherd (alternate take)-
Tap Dancer's Blues-
Sam Woodyard's Blues-
* Fantasy F-9462; Original Jazz Classics OJCCD-717-2   Duke Ellington - The Pianist

Bola Sete And His New Brazilian Trio

Bola Sete (guitar) Sebastiao Neto (bass, percussion) Paulinho Da Costa (drums)
BrejeiroFantasy LP 3375
Quindim De Yaya-
Soul Samba-
Baion Blues-
Pau De Arara-
Mulher Rendeira-
* Fantasy LP 3375, F-8375; Original Jazz Classics OJC-290   Bola Sete And His New Brazilian Trio - Autentico!
= Fantasy FCD-24779-2   Bola Sete - Voodoo Village

The Fugs

Lee Crabtree (organ, flute, piano, celeste, bells) Pete Kearney, Vinny Leary (guitar, vocals) John Anderson (bass guitar, vocals) Ken Weaver (drums, vocals) Betsy Klein, Tuli Kupferberg, Ed Sanders (vocals) Dan Kortchmar (guitar) Charlie Larkey (bass) Robert Banks (organ, piano) Alan Jacobs (guitar, sitar, vocals, bells, vibes) Eric Gale (guitar) Chuck Rainey (electric bass) Bernard Purdie (drums) Ken Pine (guitar)
between 1966 & 1967
FrenzyESP-Disk' 4507, ESP 1028
I Want To Know-
Skin FlowersESP-Disk' ESP 1028
Group Grope-
Coming Down-
Dirty Old Man-
Kill For PeaceESP-Disk' 4508, ESP 1028
Morning, Morning-
Doin' All RightESP-Disk' ESP 1028
Virgin Forest-
I Want To KnowFantasy F-9669, FCD-9669-2
Mutant Stomp-
Carpe Diem-
Wide, Wide River-
Nameless Voices Crying For Kindness-
* ESP-Disk' ESP 1028   The Fugs
= Fantasy F-9669, FCD-9669-2   Second Album... With Additional Live And Studio Tracks From The Early Fugs
* ESP-Disk' 4507   The Fugs - Frenzy / I Want To Know
* ESP-Disk' 4508   The Fugs - Kill For Peace / Morning, Morning