Contemporary Records Discography: 1995-1998


Melton Mustafa Orchestra

John Bailey, Shawn Hines, Brian McDonald, Doug Michels, Melton Mustafa, trumpet; Milton Omar Dailey, Jason Pyle, Tom Warfel, trombone; Mike Balogh, bass trombone; Neil Bonsanti, Dave Fernandez, Jesse Jones Jr., Scott Klarman, Ed Maina, Tom McCormick, John McMinn, Moura Ottinot, Jose Vera, sax; John McMinn, Silvano Monasterios, piano; Jeff Grubbs, bass; James Cotmon, drums; Luis Roberto "Wiso" Santiago, percussion; with special guest soloists: Billy Ross, tenor sax, flute; Dr. Lonnie Smith, organ; Melton Mustafa, orchestra arranger, conductor.

Out Line Recording Studios, North Miami, FL, July, 1995

Boiling Point (3 In 1 Blues)Contemporary CCD-14075-2
Blind Love Blues-
Bridging The Gap-
Some Kind Of Blues-
I Can Sing-
Easy As It Goes (A Night At El Morocco)-
Upsy Daisy-
Let It Be Known-
Where There's Smoke-
Swinging My Lady-
The Gift Of Knowledge (El Don Del Conocimiento)-

* Contemporary CCD-14075-2   Melton Mustafa Orchestra - Boiling Point   1995

Michael Orta

Jason Carder, trumpet; Paquito D'Rivera, alto sax, clarinet; Gary Campbell, tenor sax; Errol Rackipov, vibes; Michael Orta, piano; Dennis Marks, acoustic bass; Nicky Orta, fretless bass, electric bass; James Martin, Archie Pena, drums; Rafael Solano, percussion.

Tribe Productions, Miami, FL, September and October, 1995

Small FeatsContemporary CCD-14076-2
Educated Guess-
Latin What?-
A Child's Song-
For Those Who've Gone Before-
The Little One-
Such And Such-
One For Tom-
Tres Palabras-

* Contemporary CCD-14076-2   Michael Orta - Freedom Tower   1996

Terry Myers Quartet

Terry Myers, tenor, alto sax #8,9, soprano sax #11; Dr. Lonnie Smith, organ; Nathan Page, guitar; Duffy Jackson, drums, scat vocal #8.

New River Studios, Fort Lauderdale, FL, November 8-9, 1995

1.Mr. Ten Bar BluesContemporary CCD-14078-2
2.Opal's Smile-
4.Samba De Jolari-
6.A Gift From Buddy-
7.We're Goin' In-
8.Why Not Blues-
9.Delusions Of Grandeur-
10.Been There, Done That-
12.Lift Off-

* Contemporary CCD-14078-2   Terry Myers - Soul Mates   1996

1996 (45th anniversary)

Billy Ross

Billy Ross, tenor, alto, soprano sax, flute, clarinet; with guest soloists: John Allred, Mike Brignola, Tony Concepcion, Mike Levine, Turk Mauro, Pete Minger, Wendy Pedersen, Flip Phillips, Barry Ries, Ira Sullivan, Frank Tiberi, Nestor Torres.

Tribe Studios, Miami, FL, January-March, 1996

WoodyContemporary CCD-14079-2
Apple Honey-
I Wonder-
Romance In The Dark-
Bijou (Rhumba A La Jazz)-
P.S. I Love You-
Sidewalks Of Cuba-
Northwest Passage-
Keen And Peachy-
Woodchoppers' Ball-
For The First Herd-

* Contemporary CCD-14079-2   Billy Ross - Woody   1996

Dennis Marks Quintet

John Bailey, trumpet, flugelhorn; Todd DelGiudice, tenor sax; David Siegel, piano, keyboards; Dennis Marks, bass; James Martin, drums.

Afterhours Studio, North Miami, FL, February 6-7, 1996

Direct LineContemporary CCD-14081-2
What The Devil...-
Private Island-
Here Doggie-
Slow Motion-
The Great Deceiver-
Da Blues-

* Contemporary CCD-14081-2   Dennis Marks - Images   1996

Eric Allison

Eric Allison, tenor, alto sax, clarinet, flute; with Melton Mustafa, trumpet; Turk Mauro, baritone, tenor sax; Vince Maggio, Billy Marcus, Tony Prentice, Dr. Lonnie Smith, piano; Phil Flanigan, Jeff Grubbs, Dennis Marks, bass; Danny Burger, James Martin, drums.

Saturn Sound Studios, West Palm Beach, FL, March, 1996

Mean Streets BeatContemporary CCD-14080-2
Dead End-
Lonely Avenue-
Tenor Talk-
Improvisation For Unaccompanied Saxophones-
Funk Boulevard-
A Stroll In Savannah-
New Voice-
When In Doubt (Tell The Truth)-
Here I Go Again-

* Contemporary CCD-14080-2   Eric Allison - Mean Streets Beat   1996

Tom Ranier

Tom Ranier, piano, alto sax, clarinet, synthesizer; with Peter Matz, piano #5; Chuck Berghofer, Abe Laboriel, Ken Wild, bass; Ralph Humphrey, Paul Kreibich, Harvey Mason, drums; Larry Bunker, percussion; plus strings and woodwinds, #1,2,5,6,8,9,11; Tom Ranier, arranger, orchestrator.

Los Angeles, CA, spring 1996, and March-April, 1997

1.In The Still Of The NightContemporary CCD-14087-2
2.Teach Me Your Paths-
3.How Deep Is The Ocean-
4.Summer Me, Winter Me (Tribute To Buddy DeFranco)-
5.Memories Of You-
6.Nights And Promise-
7.Where Or When-
9.An Hour From Your Heart-
10.Excuse Me-
11.You Must Believe In Spring-

* Contemporary CCD-14087-2   Tom Ranier - In The Still Of The Night   1997

Silver Leaf Jazz Band

Chris Tyle, cornet, vocal; Duke Heitger, trumpet #12,15; Mike Owen, trombone; Orange Kellin, clarinet; Tom Fischer, alto sax #5; Steve Pistorious, piano; Craig Ventresco, guitar, banjo; Marty Eggers, bass; Hal Smith, drums, washboard.

Audiophile Studios, New Orleans, LA, April 2-6, 1996

1.Papa's Got The Jim JamsGood Time Jazz GTJCD-15005-2
2.Weary City-
4.You Can Have It (I Don't Want It)-
5.Ghost Of The Blues-
6.Isn't There A Little Love-
7.Everybody Loves Somebody Blues-
8.Klondyke Blues-
9.It Belongs To You-
10.Rambling Blues-
11.Number Two Blues-
12.I Must Have It-
15.Papa, What You Are Trying To Do To Me I've Been Doing It For Years-

* Good Time Jazz GTJCD-15005-2   Silver Leaf Jazz Band - Great Composers Of New Orleans Jazz   1997

Jesse Jones Jr. Quintet

Melton Mustafa, trumpet #3,4,9,10; Jesse Jones Jr., alto sax, vocals scat #2,6, flute #6; Dr. Lonnie Smith, piano, organ #2,4,7; Curtis Lundy, bass; Danny Burger, drums.

Sterling Gold Productions, Fort Lauderdale, FL, June 13, 1996

1.Soul SerenadeContemporary CCD-14082-2
2.Papa Stopper-
3.Zneezy Weezy-
4.The Dap Kid-
5.Sweet Serene-
6.Comin' Home Baby-
9.That's The Way Love Is-
10.This Is The Thang-

* Contemporary CCD-14082-2   Jesse Jones Jr. - Soul Serenade   1996

Billy Marcus

Billy Marcus, piano; with special guests: Pete Minger, flugelhorn #5, trumpet #6; John Allred, trombone; Terry Myers, tenor sax; Billy Ross, tenor sax, alto flute #7; Eric Allison, tenor sax, clarinet #2, flute #10; Turk Mauro, baritone sax; Don Coffman, Dennis Marks, bass; Gary Duchaine, James Martin, drums; Brenda Alford, Julie Davis, vocal.

Saturn Sound Studios, West Palm Beach, FL, September 9-11, 1996

1.Flying HomeContemporary CCD-14083-2
3.Red Top-
4.Air Mail Special-
5.Memories Of You-
6.Homeward Bound-
8.Stompin' At The Savoy-
9.Gone Again-
10.On The Sunny Side Of The Street-

* Contemporary CCD-14083-2   Billy Marcus - Hamp   1997

The Lanny Morgan Quartet

Lanny Morgan, alto sax; Tom Ranier, piano; Dave Carpenter, bass; Joe LaBarbera, drums.

Sage & Sound, Los Angeles, CA, September-October, 1996

In The Still Of The NightContemporary CCD-14084-2
People Will Say We're In Love-
Stella By Starlight-
The Song Is You-
I'll Remember April-
Body And Soul-
Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most-
It's You Or No One-

* Contemporary CCD-14084-2   The Lanny Morgan Quartet - Pacific Standard   1997


Jacques Gauthe Creole Rice Jazz Band

Duke Heitger, trumpet; Mike Owen, trombone; Jacques Gauthe, soprano sax, clarinet; Steve Pistorius, piano; Lars Edegran, guitar; Tom Saunders, bass; Chris Tyle, drums.

Audiophile Studios, New Orleans, LA, January 27-29, 1997

Petite Fleur (Small Flower)Good Time Jazz GTJCD-15006-2
Les Oignons (The Onions)-
Si Tu Vois Mere (If You See My Mother)-
Dans Les Rues D'Antibes (The Streets Of Antibes)-
As-Tu Le Cafard? (Do You Have The Blues?)-
Le Marchand De Poissons (The Fish Vendor)-
Georgia Cabin-
The Ghost Of The Blues-
Egyptian Fantasy-
Premier Bal (First Ball)-
Wild Cat Blues-
Passport To Paradise-
Muskrat Ramble-
Blues For Bechet-
Promenade Aux Champs Elysees (Struttin' On Elysian Fields)-

* Good Time Jazz GTJCD-15006-2   Jacques Gauthe Creole Rice Jazz Band - Echoes Of Sidney Bechet   1997

Melton Mustafa Orchestra With Jesse Jones Jr.

Kenny Faulk, Jihad M. Mustafa, Yamin B. Mustafa, trumpet; Melton Mustafa, trumpet, percussion, vocal; Milton Omar Dailey, Dante Luciani, trombone; Joe Barati, bass trombone; Elvis Paschal, alto sax, flute; Jesse Jones Jr., alto, soprano sax, flute, percussion, vocal; Matais Oxidine, tenor sax, flute; Melton Rahsaan Mustafa, baritone sax, clarinet; John McMinn, piano, flute, tenor sax, clarinet; Robert (Be-Bop) Grabowski, bass; Gary Ward, electric bass; James Cotmon, drums, percussion, vocal; Rabecca Boyko, percussion; Special guest soloists: Pete Minger, trumpet; Ira Sullivan, trumpet, alto flute; Melton Mustafa, orchestra arranger, conductor.

Sterling Gold Productions, Fort Lauderdale, FL, January-February, 1997

The Soul Of SoulContemporary CCD-14085-2
To You, Miles-
St. Louis Blues Overture-
Crystal Light-
Double Clutch-
The Chant-
So Be It-
The Exotic Birds-
Little Old Groove Maker-

* Contemporary CCD-14085-2   Melton Mustafa Orchestra - St. Louis Blues   1997

Eric Allison

John Bailey, trumpet; Jesse Jones Jr., alto sax; Eric Allison, tenor, alto sax, flute, clarinet; Turk Mauro, baritone sax; Dr. Lonnie Smith, piano, Hammond B-3 organ #4,5; Dennis Marks, bass; Danny Burger, drums.

Saturn Sound Studios, West Palm Beach, FL, July 1-2, 1997

1.Midnight GrooveContemporary CCD-14088-2
2.After Hours-
3.Double Shot-
4.'Round About Dawn-
5.Sittin' In-
6.No Cover-
10.Delta Joy-

* Contemporary CCD-14088-2   Eric Allison - After Hours   1997


Johnny Holiday Sings

Johnny Holiday, vocal; with Carl Saunders, Bob Summers, trumpet; Lou Levy, piano; Tom Ranier, piano, synthesizer, alto, tenor, baritone sax, piccolo; Ron Eschete, guitar; Monty Budwig, bass; Frank Capp, Joe LaBarbera, drums.

Sage & Sound, Los Angeles, CA, June 10-11, 1998

When Your Lover Has GoneContemporary CCD-14091-2
By Myself-
It's A Blue World-
Nevertheless (I'm In Love With You)-
Give The World A Little Whistle-
Some Of These Days-
I Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry-
Those Eyes, Those Lips, That Nose, That Face, That Girl-
Don't Worry 'Bout Me-
Day By Day-
Here's That Rainy Day-
Playing The Field-

* Contemporary CCD-14091-2   Johnny Holiday Sings   2004

Terry Gibbs - Buddy DeFranco Quintet

Buddy DeFranco, clarinet; Terry Gibbs, vibes; Tom Ranier, piano; Dave Carpenter, bass; Gerry Gibbs, drums.

Stagg Street Studio, Van Nuys, CA, September 3, 1998

I Used To Think That I Was CrazyContemporary CCD-14089-2
Sleepy Old Moon-
Until I Left Chicago (I Never Had The Blues)-
Mister Moon-
Lazy Days-
Playing The Field-
Alabama Baby-
One Little Thing-
South Dakota-
Easy For You-
Clarinet Lick-
Nights In Madrid-
In The Mornin' When The Sun Comes Up-

* Contemporary CCD-14089-2   Terry Gibbs & Buddy DeFranco Play Steve Allen   1999


Turk Murphy's Jazz Band

Bob Scobey, trumpet; George Bruns, Turk Murphy, trombone; Bob Helm, Bill Napier, clarinet; Skippy Anderson, Burt Bales, Wally Rose, piano; Harry Mordecai, Pat Patton, banjo; Dick Lammi, Bob Short, bass, tuba; Don Kinch, bass, tuba, cornet, trumpet; Johnny Brent, Stan Ward, drums; Claire Austin, vocal.


Willie The WeeperGood Time Jazz FCD-60-026
King Porter Stomp-
Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home-
Wise Guys-
Red Eye-
Flamin' Mamie-

* Good Time Jazz FCD-60-026   Turk Murphy's Jazz Band Favorites Vol. 2