Contemporary Records Discography: 1967-1970


Prince Lasha & Sonny Simmons

Sonny Simmons, left channel alto sax, English horn; Prince Lasha, right channel alto sax, flute, alto clarinet; Bobby Hutcherson, vibes; Buster Williams, bass; Charles Moffett, drums.

Contemporary Records' studio, Los Angeles, CA, September 28 and 29, 1967

The Island SongContemporary S7617
Psalms Of Solomon-
Prelude To Bird-
The Loved Ones-

* Contemporary S7617   Prince Lasha & Sonny Simmons - Firebirds   1968
= Original Jazz Classics OJCCD-1822-2   -   1993


Franz Schubert -- Frederick Marvin

Frederick Marvin, piano; Franz Schubert, composer.

Contemporary Records' studio, Los Angeles, CA, released 1968

Sonata In F Sharp Minor, DV. 570/571: 1. Allegro ModeratoSFM S2011
Sonata In F Sharp Minor, DV. 570/571: 2. Scherzo (Allegro Vivace)-
Sonata In F Sharp Minor, DV. 570/571: 3. Allegro-

same session.

Fantasie In C, DV. 605-

same session.

Minuett In D, DV. 336-

same session.

Adagio In G, DV. 178-

same session.

Allegretto In C, DV. 346-

* SFM S2011   Franz Schubert - Unfinished Piano Sonata & Other Posthumous Piano Works -- Frederick Marvin, Pianist   1968


Phineas Newborn Jr. Trio

Phineas Newborn Jr., piano; Ray Brown, bass; Elvin Jones, drums.

Contemporary's studio, Los Angeles, CA, February 12 and 13, 1969

Please Send Me Someone To LoveContemporary S7622
Rough Ridin'-
Come Sunday-
Brentwood Blues-
He's A Real Gone Guy-
Black Coffee-
Little Niles-
Stay On It-

same session.

Harlem BluesContemporary (J) GP-3015
Sweet And Lovely-
Little Girl Blue-
Ray's Idea-
Stella By Starlight-
Cookin' At The Continental-

* Contemporary S7622   Phineas Newborn Jr. - Please Send Me Someone To Love   1969
= Original Jazz Classics OJCCD-947-2   -   1997
* Contemporary (J) GP-3015   Phineas Newborn Jr. - Harlem Blues   1975
= Contemporary S7634   -   1979
= Original Jazz Classics OJCCD-662-2   -   1991

Barney Kessel Quartet

Bobby Hutcherson, vibes; Barney Kessel, guitar; Chuck Domanico, bass; Elvin Jones, drums.

Contemporary's studio, Los Angeles, CA, March 12, 1969

Moving UpContemporary S7618, FCD-60-021
Blue GrassContemporary S7618
This Guy's In Love With YouContemporary S7618, CCD-6022-2
Blues Up, Down & All AroundContemporary S7618
The Sounds Of Silence-
Two Note Samba-

* Contemporary S7618   Barney Kessel - Feeling Free   1969
= Original Jazz Classics OJC-179   -   1984
= Original Jazz Classics OJCCD-1043-2   -   2000
* Contemporary FCD-60-021   The Artistry Of Barney Kessel
* Contemporary CCD-6022-2   Barney Kessel Plays For Lovers

Sonny Simmons

Barbara Donald, trumpet; Sonny Simmons, alto sax; Mike Cohen, piano; Jerry Sealund, left channel bass; Bill Pickens, right channel bass; Billy Higgins, drums.

Contemporary's studio, Los Angeles, CA, July 31, and August 1, 1969

RumasumaContemporary S7623
Back To The Apple-
For Posterity-

* Contemporary S7623   Sonny Simmons - Rumasuma   1970

Firehouse Five Plus Two

Danny Alguire, right channel cornet; Don Kinch, left channel trumpet; Ward Kimball, trombone, leader; George Probert, soprano sax; K.O. Eckland, piano; Bill Newman, banjo; George Bruns, tuba; Eddie Forrest, drums.

Contemporary's studio, Los Angeles, CA, October 6, 7 and 8, 1969

Walk Right InGood Time Jazz S10054
Yellow Dog BluesGood Time Jazz S10054, FCD-60-008
Petite FleurGood Time Jazz S10054
High Society-
Hello, Dolly!-
Midnight In Moscow-
Stranger On The Shore-
Barney Google-

* Good Time Jazz S10054   Firehouse Five Plus Two - Twenty Years Later   1970
= Good Time Jazz GTJCD-10054-2   -   1995
* Good Time Jazz FCD-60-008   Firehouse Five Plus Two - Dixieland Favorites   1986

Shelly Manne Quintet

Gary Barone, trumpet, flugelhorn; John Gross, tenor sax, flute; Pete Robinson, piano, electric piano; Juney Booth, bass; Shelly Manne, drums.

Contemporary's studio, Los Angeles, CA, December 11 and 12, 1969

River RunningContemporary S7624
Silent Voices-
High-Flying Phyllis-
For Bean-
Don't Know-

* Contemporary S7624   Shelly Manne - Outside   1970


Shelly Manne Sextet

Gary Barone, trumpet, flugelhorn; John Gross, tenor sax; Mike Wofford, electric piano; John Morell, guitar; Roland Haynes, bass; Shelly Manne, drums.

Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club, London, England, July 30 and 31, 1970

Three On A MatchContemporary S7629
Once Again-
Big Oak Basin-
Don't Know-

* Contemporary S7629   Shelly Manne - Alive In London   1971
= Original Jazz Classics OJCCD-773-2   -   1993

Huey Simmons

Barbara Donald, trumpet #1,3,4,6; Huey Simmons, tenor, alto sax, English horn; Michael White, violin #1,3-6; Lonnie Liston Smith, piano #2,5; Richard Davis, left channel bass; Cecil McBee, right channel bass #1,3-6; Clifford Jarvis, drums.

Contemporary Records, Los Angeles, CA, November 24, 1970

1.Burning Spirits No. 1Contemporary S7625/6
2.New Newk-
3.Healing Rays-
4.Burning Spirits No. 2-
5.Things And Beings-

* Contemporary S7625/6   Huey Simmons - Burning Spirits   1971
= Contemporary CCD-7625/26-2   -   2003

Woody Shaw

Woody Shaw, trumpet; Gary Bartz, left channel alto, soprano sax; Bennie Maupin, right channel tenor sax, bass clarinet, flute; George Cables, piano, electric piano; Ron Carter, left channel bass #2-6; Clint Houston, right channel bass #1,2,4-6; Lenny White, drums.

A&R Studios, NYC, December 8 and 9, 1970

1.Blackstone LegacyContemporary S7627/8
2.Think On Me-
3.Lost And Found-
4.New World-
5.Boo-Ann's Grand-
6.A Deed For Dolphy-

* Contemporary S7627/8   Woody Shaw - Blackstone Legacy   1971
= Contemporary CCD-7627/28-2   -   1999