Carl Allen Catalog

1993 (age 32)

Carl Allen - The Persuer   Atlantic 82572-2   1994

Marcus Printup, trumpet; Vincent Herring, alto, soprano sax; Teodross Avery, tenor sax; Ed Simon, piano; Ben Wolfe, bass; Carl Allen, drums; with Steve Turre, trombone, shells #8,9; George Coleman, tenor sax #2.

The Power Station, NYC, September 26 and 27, 1993

1.The Persuer
2.Hidden Agenda
4.Alternative Thoughts
5.My Brotha
6.A Difference Of Opinion
7.Each One, Teach One
8.Preference Of Conviction
9.Amazing Grace


Carl Allen - Testimonial   Atlantic 82755-2   1995

Nicholas Payton, trumpet; Vincent Herring, sax; Cyrus Chestnut, piano, organ; Mark Whitfield, guitar; Christian McBride, bass; Carl Allen, drums; with Anthony Monsey, piano; Reuben Rogers, bass; Daniel Sadownick, percussion; Kevin Mahogany, vocal.

Sound On Sound, NYC, December 6 and 7, 1994

Come Sunday
Holy Land
The Message
Foot Pattin'
The Sacrifice
The Presence Of Dr. B
Storefront Revival
Tuesday Night Prayer Meeting
Dark And Lovely
A City Called Heaven

2007 (age 46)

Carl Allen & Rodney Whitaker - Get Ready   Mack Avenue MAC1034   2007

Rodney Whitaker, bass; Carl Allen, drums; with Steve Wilson, sax; Cyrus Chestnut, piano; Dorsey "Rob" Robinson, organ; Rodney Jones, guitar.

Avatar Studios, NYC, released May 8, 2007

La Shea's Walk
Get Ready
Inner City Blues
Desperate Desire
Alternative Thoughts
Summer (The Sweet Goodbye)
Preference Of Conviction
A Heart Enflamed, A Soul Enchanted
We Fall Down
Now Silence


Carl Allen & Rodney Whitaker - Work To Do   Mack Avenue MAC1045   2009

Rodney Whitaker, bass; Carl Allen, drums; with Brandon Lee, trumpet; Vincent Chandler, trombone; Vincent Herring, alto, soprano sax; Kirk Whalum, tenor, soprano sax; George Colligan, piano; Dorsey "Rob" Robinson, B-3 organ; Rodney Jones, acoustic, electric guitar.

Legacy Studios, NYC, released May 5, 2009

Work To Do
Speak To My Heart
For Garrison (Both)
Giving Thanks
What's Going On
Eleanor Rigby
With You I'm Born Again
A Time For Love