Alvin Queen Discography

1980 (age 30)

Alvin Queen Quintet

Fred Smith, trumpet, flugelhorn; Maurice Magnoni, tenor sax; Francois Lindemann, piano; Jean-Yves Petiot, bass; Alvin Queen, drums.

Radio Suisse Romande, Lausanne, Switzerland, February 8, 1980

64 FilletteNilva Records (Swi) NQ 3401
New Rag-
Short Theme-
Up Number 2-

* Nilva Records (Swi) NQ 3401   Alvin Queen - In Europe   1980


Alvin Queen Sextet

Dusko Goykovich, trumpet, flugelhorn; James Spaulding, alto sax, flute; Billy Saxton, tenor sax; John Hicks, piano; Ray Drummond, bass; Alvin Queen, drums, percussion.

Minot Sound, White Plains, NY, August 18, 1981

One For BookerNilva Records (Swi) NQ 3402
From Way Back-
Song Of Courage-
Queen's Final Touch-
Naima's Love Song-

* Nilva Records (Swi) NQ 3402   Alvin Queen - Ashanti.   1981
= Divox (Swi) CDX 48703   Alvin Queen, Bill Saxton - Ashanti   1987
= ANF Corporation (J) ANF-6001   -   1988


Alvin Queen Trio

Junior Mance, piano; Martin Rivera, bass; Alvin Queen, drums.

Minot Sound, White Plains, NY, July 29, 1982

Gridin' And Stridin'Nilva Records (Swi) NQ 3403
Here And There-
Funky Carnival-
Snap Crackle And Pop-
Watch What Happens-

* Nilva Records (Swi) NQ 3403   Alvin Queen - Glidin' And Stridin'   1982


Alvin Queen - Dusko Goykovich Quintet

Dusko Goykovich, trumpet, flugelhorn; Sal Nistico, tenor sax; Cees Slinger, piano; Fred Pronk, bass; Alvin Queen, drums.

Studio 44, Monster, Holland, March 23, 1983

Mister QueenNilva Records (Swi) NQ 3407
In The Sign Of Libra-
Professor Sam-
Soul ConnectionSound Hills (J) SSCD-8057
Downtown TalkNilva Records (Swi) NQ 3407
Growing Up-
On The Case-

* Nilva Records (Swi) NQ 3407   Alvin Queen & Dusko Goykovich - A Day In Holland   1983
= Sound Hills (J) SSCD-8057   -   1994


Alvin Queen Quartet With RTB Big Band

Steve Gut, trumpet, flugelhorn; Mike Krstic, piano; Michael Blam, bass; Alvin Queen, drums; introducing: RTB Big Band, #1,5.

Radio-Television Belgarde Studio 6, Yugoslavia, April 12 and 13, 1985

1.On The RoadPlainisphare (Swi) PL 1267-23
2.Angel Eyes-
3.Minor Mood-
4.It Could Happen To You-
5.Blues For Mr. Tee-Dee-Boom-
6.What Is This Thing Called Love-
7.Another Wierd Blues-
8.Stella By Star Light-

* Plainisphare (Swi) PL 1267-23   Alvin Queen   1986

Alvin Queen / Lonnie Smith Featuring Melvin Sparks

Lonnie Smith, organ; Melvin Sparks, guitar; Alvin Queen, drums.

Sysmo Studio, Paris, France, May 28, 1985

L.S. BluesBlack And Blue (F) 33.178
Slightly Monkish-
Minor Chant-
There Is No Greater Love-
Billie's Bounce-
Who Can I Turn To?-

same session.

L.S. Blues
Slightly Monkish
Who Can I Turn To?
Billie's Bounce
There Is No Greater Love
Minor Chant
ChopsticksBlack And Blue (F) BB 928.2

* Black And Blue (F) 33.178   Alvin Queen/Lonnie Smith Feat. Melvin Sparks - Lenox And Seventh   1985
= Black And Blue (F) BB 928.2   Alvin Queen/Lonnie Smith - Lenox And Seventh - The Definitive Black & Blue Sessions   2000

Alvin Queen Sextet

Terence Blanchard, trumpet; Robin Eubanks, trombone; Manny Boyd, tenor, alto, soprano sax; John Hicks, piano; Ray Drummond, bass; Alvin Queen, drums.

Minot Sound, White Plains, NY, August 24 and 25, 1985

Mind WineNilva Records (Swi) NQ 3413
Resolution Of Love-
Jammin' Uptown-
After Liberation-

same session.

Jammin' Uptown
After Liberation
Mind Wine
Hear Me Drummin'Just A Memory (Canadian) JAM 9164-2
Resolution Of Love

* Nilva Records (Swi) NQ 3413   Alvin Queen - Jammin' Uptown   1985
= Just A Memory (Canadian) JAM 9164-2   -   2008

1992 (age 42)

Alvin Queen Quintet

Fabio Morgera, trumpet, flugelhorn; Amadou Diallo, tenor sax; James Weidman, piano; Fred Hunter, bass; Alvin Queen, drums.

Easy Sound Studio, Copenhagen, Denmark, June 24, 1992

The QueenNilva Records (Swi) CD NQ-3421
My Romance-
Sketch (drum solo)-
Much Elvin And Max-
Needed Space-
Evolution Of The Drum-
Remo's Swift Heads-
Kurt & John-

* Nilva Records (Swi) CD NQ-3421   Alvin Queen Quintet - I'm Back   1992


Alvin Queen And Stepko Gut With Big Band And String Ensemble

Stepko Gut, trumpet, flugelhorn; Peter Mihelich, piano; Reggie Johnson, bass; Alvin Queen, drums; Willie Kotoun, percussion; RTS Big Band.

RTS Radio And Television Studio Beograd, Yugoslavia, February 27-March 4, 1998

NishvilleMoju Music (Swi) MOJU 003
The Nearness Of You-
Spitt [sic] It Out-
Nesi Go Prodavaj-
Born To Be Blue-
Little Jazz-
One For Les-
Balcano Blues-

* Moju Music (Swi) MOJU 003   Alvin Queen And Stepko Gut - Nishville   1998?

2005 (age 55)

Alvin Queen Quintet

Terell Stafford, trumpet, flugelhorn; Jesse Davis, alto sax; Mike LeDonne, Hammond B-3 organ; Peter Bernstein, guitar; Alvin Queen, drums.

Rosazul Studios, Barcelona, Spain, June 9, 2005

There's Blues EverywhereEnja (G) ENJ-9501 2
Seven Steps To Heaven-
Queen's Beat-
I Ain't Looking At You-
Shirley's Song-
Old Folks-
Mellow Soul-

* Enja (G) ENJ-9501 2   Alvin Queen - I Ain't Looking At You   2006
= Justin Time (Canadian) JENJ 3329-2   -   2007


Alvin Queen Sextet

Terell Stafford, trumpet, flugelhorn; Jesse Davis, alto sax; Mike LeDonne, Hammond B-3 organ; Peter Bernstein, guitar; Alvin Queen, drums; Neil Clark, conga drums, percussion; Elias Bailey, bass #4,8.

Muzic Complex, Dobbs Ferry, NY, March 25 and 26, 2008

1.Mighty Long WayEnja (G) ENJ-9522 2
3.Cape Verdean Blues-
4.Blues On Q-
5.I Got A Woman-
6.Backyard Blues-
7.UnitedJustin Time (Canadian) JTR 8549-2
8.AlbaEnja (G) ENJ-9522 2
9.Let Us Go Into The House-
10.The Drum Thing-

* Enja (G) ENJ-9522 2; Justin Time (Canadian) JTR 8549-2   Alvin Queen - Mighty Long Way   2009