Verve Records Discography: 1970


Garnett Mimms

Garnett Mimms, vocals; unidentified orchestra.
NYC, January 8, 1970
106658You Got Loveunissued
106659Sad Song (With A Happy Soul)Verve VK-10650
106660Since I Let The Good Times Rollunissued
* Verve VK-10650   Garnett Mimms - Get It While You Can / Sad Song (With A Happy Soul)

Lalo Schifrin And His Orchestra

unidentified orchestra, Lalo Schifrin, arranger.
Los Angeles, CA, June 12, 1970
L1391Quick Draw KellyMGM 1SE-23ST
L1392Clairmont Waltz-
L1393All For The Love Of SunshineVerve VK-10659; MGM 1SE-23ST
L1394unknown title
L1395I've Been Working On The RailroadMGM 1SE-23ST
L1396Battle Hymn Of The Republic-
* MGM 1SE-23ST   Lalo Schifrin - Kelly's Heroes (Soundtrack)
* Verve VK-10659   Lalo Schifrin - All For The Love Of Sunshine / Theme From "Medical Center"

Chet Baker With Jerry Styner Orchestra

Tony Terran, Ray Triscari, trumpet; Chet Baker, trumpet, vocals; Miles Anderson, Dick Hyde, Ollie Mitchell, trombone; George Roberts, bass trombone; Plas Johnson, tenor sax; Buddy Collette, reeds; Larry Knechtel, keyboards; Al Casey, Mike Deasy, Joe Pass, Tommy Tedesco, guitar; Joe Osborne, Ray Pohlman, electric bass; Hal Blaine, drums; Gary Coleman, percussion; The Sid Sharp Strings, Jerry Styner, arranger, conductor.
Sunwest Recording Studios, Hollywood, CA, July 6, 1970
70L1454Easy Come, Easy GoVerve V6-8798
70L1455Sugar, Sugar-
70L1457Spinning Wheel-
70L1459The Letter-
70L1460And When I Die-
70L1461Come Saturday Morning-
70L1462Evil Ways-
70L1463You've Made Me So Very Happy-
* Verve V6-8798   Chet Baker - Blood, Chet And Tears

Bruce Palmer

Bruce Palmer.
Los Angeles, CA, 1970
70L1669Alpha-Omega-ApocalypseVerve-Forecast FTS-3086
70L1672Calm Before The Storm-
* Verve-Forecast FTS-3086   Bruce Palmer - Cycle Is Complete

Lalo Schifrin's Group

Lalo Schifrin, piano, arranger; and others.
Los Angeles, CA, 1970
70L1711Theme From "Medical Center"Verve VK-10659
* Verve VK-10659   Lalo Schifrin - All For The Love Of Sunshine / Theme From "Medical Center"

Curt Newbury

Curt Newbury.
Los Angeles, CA, 1970
70L1729Maybe Summer BellsVerve-Forecast FTS-3087
70L1730High Chair Blue-
70L1731Half A Mouth Of May Days-
70L1732Christ, How Easy It Could Be-
70L1733Colonel Haygood-
70L1734S And C See Me-
70L1735A Girl Is Just Too Much-
70L1736Let's Hang Some Pictures Tonight-
70L1737To Marcia-
70L1895Private Jackson Regrets-
* Verve-Forecast FTS-3087   Curt Newbury - Half A Month Of May


Los Angeles, CA, 1970
70L1744My Lady Of HarlemVerve MV-5085
* Verve MV-5085   Tobias - Dream #2

Michael Parks

Michael Parks.
Los Angeles, CA, 1970
70L1916It's YouVerve V6-5079
* Verve V6-5079   Michael Parks - Lost And Found


Jim Pembroke, piano, vocals; Pekka Rechardt, guitar; Mans Groundstroem, bass; Ronnie Osterberg, drums.
Los Angeles, CA, 1970
70L1917Call Me On Your TelephoneVerve-Forecast KF-5114, FTS-3089-2
70L1918For AmericaVerve-Forecast FTS-3089-2
70L1919Dance Of Anthropoids Medley-
70L1920Wishful ThinkerVerve-Forecast KF-5114, FTS-3089-2
70L1921AutographVerve-Forecast FTS-3089-2
70L1922unknown title
70L1923In GratitudeVerve-Forecast FTS-3089-2
70L1924Let The World Ramble On-
70L1925Tombstone Valentine-
70L1926Captain Supernatural-
70L19271936 Lost In The Snow-
70L1928Happy Waste-
70L1929630 Jesu Faglar-
70L1930Bird Of Paradise-
70L1931Wolf At The Door-
70L1932The Gang Called The Vegetable Man-
70L1933Anna Sukko Vain-
70L1934Mountain Range-
70L1936Only Dreaming-
70L1937Cherry Cupcake-
70L1938Semi-Circle Solitude-
70L1939End Of The Party-
* Verve-Forecast FTS-3089-2   Wigwam - Tombstone Valentine
* Verve-Forecast KF-5114   Wigwam - Call Me On Your Telephone / Wishful Thinker

Peter Bardens

Peter Bardens, organ, piano; and others.
Los Angeles, CA?, 1970
70L1952The AnswerVerve-Forecast FTS-3088
70L1953Don't Goof With A Spook-
70L1954I Can't Remember-
70L1955I Don't Want To Go Home-
70L1956Let's Get It On-
70L1957Homage To The God Of Light-
* Verve-Forecast FTS-3088   Peter Bardens - Answer

Larry Murray

Larry Murray.
Los Angeles, CA?, 1970
70L1969Country ComfortVerve-Forecast FTS-3090
70L1985Big BayouVerve-Forecast KF-5115, FTS-3090
70L1986DakotaVerve-Forecast FTS-3090
70L2041Out To Sea-
70L2042Back To The Good EarthVerve-Forecast KF-5115, FTS-3090
70L2066Headed For The CountryVerve-Forecast FTS-3090
70L2067Sweet Country SuiteVerve-Forecast KF-5117, FTS-3090
70L2069When I See JamieVerve-Forecast FTS-3090
70L2070Nora's Boy-
70L2071All I Need Is A Friend-
* Verve-Forecast FTS-3090   Larry Murray
* Verve-Forecast KF-5115   Larry Murray - Big Bayou / Back To The Good Earth
* Verve-Forecast KF-5117   Larry Murray - Sweet Country Suite / Bugler

Dakota Staton

Dakota Staton, vocals; and others.
Los Angeles, CA, 1970
70L2004Woman Without The Love Of A ManVerve V6-8799
70L2005I've Been There Before-
70L2006Save This Love Affair-
70L2007One Less Bell To Answer-
70L2008Blues For Dakota-
70L2009What's Gonna Happen To Me-
70L2010I Can't Quit My Baby-
70L2011Buy Myself A Man-
70L2012More Today Than Yesterday-
70L2013Young Generation-
* Verve V6-8799   Dakota Staton - I've Been There

Michael Parks

Michael Parks.
Nashville, TN, 1970
70N51187Sweet MiseryVerve V6-5079
70N51188unknown title
70N51189I Let You Take AdvantageVerve V6-5079
70N51190unknown title
70N51191I Was Born In KentuckyVerve VK-10653, V6-5079
70N51192unknown title
70N51193Farther AlongVerve V6-5079
70N51194I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry-
70N51195unknown title
70N51196When I've LearnedVerve V6-5079
70N51197unknown title
70N51199Statue Of FoolVerve V6-5079
70N51200unknown title
70N51201Look Down That Lonesome RoadVerve V6-5079
70N51202Turn Around Little MamaVerve VK-10653, V6-5079
70N51203unknown title
70N51204Lost And FoundVerve V6-5079
* Verve V6-5079   Michael Parks - Lost And Found
* Verve VK-10653   Michael Parks - I Was Born In Kentucky / Turn Around Little Mama


circa 1970???
70L1998Blame It On The Pony ExpressVerve VK-10654
* Verve VK-10654   Rockit - Blame It On The Pony Express / Amblin