Verve Records Discography: 1970


Garnett Mimms

Garnett Mimms, vocals; unidentified orchestra.
NYC, January 8, 1970
106658You Got Loveunissued
106659Sad Song (With A Happy Soul)Verve VK 10650
106660Since I Let The Good Times Rollunissued
* Verve VK 10650   Garnett Mimms - Get It While You Can / Sad Song (With A Happy Soul)

Lalo Schifrin And His Orchestra

unidentified orchestra, Lalo Schifrin, arranger.
Los Angeles, CA, June 12, 1970
L1391Quick Draw KellyMGM 1SE-23ST
L1392Clairmont Waltz-
L1393All For The Love Of SunshineVerve VK 10659; MGM 1SE-23ST
L1394unknown title
L1395I've Been Working On The RailroadMGM 1SE-23ST
L1396Battle Hymn Of The Republic-
* MGM 1SE-23ST   Lalo Schifrin - Kelly's Heroes (Soundtrack)
* Verve VK 10659   Lalo Schifrin - All For The Love Of Sunshine / Theme From "Medical Center"

Chet Baker With Jerry Styner Orchestra

Tony Terran, Ray Triscari, trumpet; Chet Baker, trumpet, vocals; Miles Anderson, Dick Hyde, Ollie Mitchell, trombone; George Roberts, bass trombone; Plas Johnson, tenor sax; Buddy Collette, reeds; Larry Knechtel, keyboards; Al Casey, Mike Deasy, Joe Pass, Tommy Tedesco, guitar; Joe Osborne, Ray Pohlman, electric bass; Hal Blaine, drums; Gary Coleman, percussion; The Sid Sharp Strings, Jerry Styner, arranger, conductor.
Sunwest Recording Studios, Hollywood, CA, July 6, 1970
70L1454Easy Come, Easy GoVerve V6 8798
70L1455Sugar, Sugar-
70L1457Spinning Wheel-
70L1459The Letter-
70L1460And When I Die-
70L1461Come Saturday Morning-
70L1462Evil Ways-
70L1463You've Made Me So Very Happy-
* Verve V6 8798   Chet Baker - Blood, Chet And Tears

Bruce Palmer

Bruce Palmer.
Los Angeles, CA, 1970
70L1669Alpha-Omega-ApocalypseVerve-Forecast FTS 3086
70L1672Calm Before The Storm-
* Verve-Forecast FTS 3086   Bruce Palmer - Cycle Is Complete

Lalo Schifrin's Group

Lalo Schifrin, piano, arranger; and others.
Los Angeles, CA, 1970
70L1711Theme From "Medical Center"Verve VK 10659
* Verve VK 10659   Lalo Schifrin - All For The Love Of Sunshine / Theme From "Medical Center"

Curt Newbury

Curt Newbury.
Los Angeles, CA, 1970
70L1729Maybe Summer BellsVerve-Forecast FTS 3087
70L1730High Chair Blue-
70L1731Half A Mouth Of May Days-
70L1732Christ, How Easy It Could Be-
70L1733Colonel Haygood-
70L1734S And C See Me-
70L1735A Girl Is Just Too Much-
70L1736Let's Hang Some Pictures Tonight-
70L1737To Marcia-
70L1895Private Jackson Regrets-
* Verve-Forecast FTS 3087   Curt Newbury - Half A Month Of May


Los Angeles, CA, 1970
70L1744My Lady Of HarlemVerve MV 5085
* Verve MV 5085   Tobias - Dream #2

Michael Parks

Michael Parks.
Los Angeles, CA, 1970
70L1916It's YouVerve V6 5079
* Verve V6 5079   Michael Parks - Lost And Found


Jim Pembroke, piano, vocals; Pekka Rechardt, guitar; Mans Groundstroem, bass; Ronnie Osterberg, drums.
Los Angeles, CA, 1970
70L1917Call Me On Your TelephoneVerve-Forecast KF 5114, FTS 3089-2
70L1918For AmericaVerve-Forecast FTS 3089-2
70L1919Dance Of Anthropoids Medley-
70L1920Wishful ThinkerVerve-Forecast KF 5114, FTS 3089-2
70L1921AutographVerve-Forecast FTS 3089-2
70L1922unknown title
70L1923In GratitudeVerve-Forecast FTS 3089-2
70L1924Let The World Ramble On-
70L1925Tombstone Valentine-
70L1926Captain Supernatural-
70L19271936 Lost In The Snow-
70L1928Happy Waste-
70L1929630 Jesu Faglar-
70L1930Bird Of Paradise-
70L1931Wolf At The Door-
70L1932The Gang Called The Vegetable Man-
70L1933Anna Sukko Vain-
70L1934Mountain Range-
70L1936Only Dreaming-
70L1937Cherry Cupcake-
70L1938Semi-Circle Solitude-
70L1939End Of The Party-
* Verve-Forecast FTS 3089-2   Wigwam - Tombstone Valentine
* Verve-Forecast KF 5114   Wigwam - Call Me On Your Telephone / Wishful Thinker

Peter Bardens

Peter Bardens, organ, piano; and others.
Los Angeles, CA?, 1970
70L1952The AnswerVerve-Forecast FTS 3088
70L1953Don't Goof With A Spook-
70L1954I Can't Remember-
70L1955I Don't Want To Go Home-
70L1956Let's Get It On-
70L1957Homage To The God Of Light-
* Verve-Forecast FTS 3088   Peter Bardens - Answer

Larry Murray

Larry Murray.
Los Angeles, CA?, 1970
70L1969Country ComfortVerve-Forecast FTS 3090
70L1985Big BayouVerve-Forecast KF 5115, FTS 3090
70L1986DakotaVerve-Forecast FTS 3090
70L2041Out To Sea-
70L2042Back To The Good EarthVerve-Forecast KF 5115, FTS 3090
70L2066Headed For The CountryVerve-Forecast FTS 3090
70L2067Sweet Country SuiteVerve-Forecast KF 5117, FTS 3090
70L2069When I See JamieVerve-Forecast FTS 3090
70L2070Nora's Boy-
70L2071All I Need Is A Friend-
* Verve-Forecast FTS 3090   Larry Murray
* Verve-Forecast KF 5115   Larry Murray - Big Bayou / Back To The Good Earth
* Verve-Forecast KF 5117   Larry Murray - Sweet Country Suite / Bugler

Dakota Staton

Dakota Staton, vocals; and others.
Los Angeles, CA, 1970
70L2004Woman Without The Love Of A ManVerve V6 8799
70L2005I've Been There Before-
70L2006Save This Love Affair-
70L2007One Less Bell To Answer-
70L2008Blues For Dakota-
70L2009What's Gonna Happen To Me-
70L2010I Can't Quit My Baby-
70L2011Buy Myself A Man-
70L2012More Today Than Yesterday-
70L2013Young Generation-
* Verve V6 8799   Dakota Staton - I've Been There

Michael Parks

Michael Parks.
Nashville, TN, 1970
70N51187Sweet MiseryVerve V6 5079
70N51188unknown title
70N51189I Let You Take AdvantageVerve V6 5079
70N51190unknown title
70N51191I Was Born In KentuckyVerve VK 10653, V6 5079
70N51192unknown title
70N51193Farther AlongVerve V6 5079
70N51194I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry-
70N51195unknown title
70N51196When I've LearnedVerve V6 5079
70N51197unknown title
70N51199Statue Of FoolVerve V6 5079
70N51200unknown title
70N51201Look Down That Lonesome RoadVerve V6 5079
70N51202Turn Around Little MamaVerve VK 10653, V6 5079
70N51203unknown title
70N51204Lost And FoundVerve V6 5079
* Verve V6 5079   Michael Parks - Lost And Found
* Verve VK 10653   Michael Parks - I Was Born In Kentucky / Turn Around Little Mama


circa 1970???
70L1998Blame It On The Pony ExpressVerve VK 10654
* Verve VK 10654   Rockit - Blame It On The Pony Express / Amblin