Ted Shumate Discography

1984 (age 31)

Ted Shumate - Dann Reno Jazz Quintet

Chuck Schlaich, vibes; Ron Reinhardt, piano; Ted Shumate, guitar; Dann Reno, bass; David Hardman, drums; + Mike Scaglione, alto sax #1; Jeff Berlin, electric bass #1; Ramon Lopez, Latin percussion #1.

Morrisound Studios, Tampa, FL, November 1 and 8, 1984

1.Third World Impressions (Para Mis Amigos En Caracas)Gulfstream Productions 501014
2.Christmas Time Is Here-
4.On Green Dolphin Street-
6.All Blues-

* Gulfstream Productions 501014   Ted Shumate, Dann Reno Jazz Quintet - Hurricane   1985


Ted Shumate With Ira Sullivan

Ira Sullivan, flugelhorn, flute, tenor, alto, soprano sax, afuche; Chuck Schlaich, vibes; Ron Reinhardt, electric piano; Ted Shumate, electric guitar; Dann Reno, acoustic bass; David Hardman, drums; Joey Baron, drums #7.

Morrisound Studios, Tampa, FL, February 28, 1985

1.GulfstreamPausa PR 7188
2.Wasn't It A Grand Affair-
3.Bossa For Bella-
5.'Round Midnite-
6.Talla Sunshine Naime Rainbow, Dance For Their Father-

* Pausa PR 7188   Ted Shumate With Ira Sullivan - Gulfstream   1986