Ted Curson Catalog

1961 (age 26)

Ted Curson - Plenty Of Horn  (Old Town LP 2003)

Ted Curson (trumpet) Eric Dolphy (flute -3,7) Bill Barron (tenor sax -1,2,4/6,8,9) Kenny Drew (piano) Jimmy Garrison (bass) Pete La Roca (drums -1,2,4,8,9) Dannie Richmond (drums -3,7) Roy Haynes (drums -5,6)
Bell Sound Studios, NYC, April 11, 1961
1. 18652Caravan
2. 18653Nosruc
3. 18654The Things We Did Last Summer
4. 18655Dera's Blues
5. 18656Ahma
6. 18657Flatted Fifth
7. 18658Bali H'ai
8. 18659Antibes
9. 18660Mr. Teddy


Ted Curson Plays Fire Down Below  (Prestige PRLP 7263)

Ted Curson (trumpet) Gildo Mahones (piano) George Tucker (bass) Roy Haynes (drums) Montego Joe (congas)
Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, December 10, 1962
3677Fire Down Below
3678The Very Young
3679Baby Has Gone Bye Bye
3680Show Me
3681Falling In Love With Love
3682Only Forever
** also issued on Original Jazz Classics OJC-1744, OJCCD-1744-2.


Bill Barron, Ted Curson And Orchestra - Now, Hear This!  (Audio Fidelity AFLP 2123)

Ted Curson (trumpet) Bill Barron (tenor sax) Kenny Barron (piano) Ronnie Boykins (bass) Dick Berk (drums)
RCA Studios, NYC, December 5, 1963
Around The World
Big Bill
The Leopard
Hurdy Gurdy
Dwackdi Mun Fundalick
Jes Swingin'
In A Monastery Garden
You Are Too Beautiful
** also issued on Audio Fidelity AFSD 6123.


Ted Curson Quartet - Tears For Dolphy  (Fontana (Du) 688 310 ZL)

Ted Curson (trumpet, pocket trumpet) Bill Barron (tenor sax, clarinet) Herb Bushler (bass) Dick Berk (drums)
Studio Acousti, Paris, France, August 1, 1964
East 6th Street
7/4 Funny Time
Tears For Dolphy
Reava's Waltz
** also issued on Fontana (Du) 888 310 ZY. Freedom (E) FLP 41021; Arista Freedom AL 1021 entitled "Tears For Dolphy".

Ted Curson - Flip Top  (Freedom (E) FLP 41030)

Ted Curson (trumpet) Bill Barron (tenor sax) Herb Bushler (bass) Dick Berk (drums)
Studio Acousti, Paris, France, August 1, 1964
Searchin' For The Blues
Light Blue
Ted Curson (trumpet) The Zagreb Radio Orchestra, Miljenko Trohaska (conductor)
"The Seventh Yugoslavia Jazz Festival", Ljubljana, Yugoslavia, summer 1966
Straight Ice
Flip Top
** also issued on Arista Freedom AL 1030.

1965 (age 30)

Ted Curson - The New Thing And The Blue Thing  (Atlantic LP 1441)

Ted Curson (trumpet) Bill Barron (tenor sax) Georges Arvanitas (piano) Herb Bushler (bass) Dick Berk (drums)
NYC, March 25, 1965
8790Ted's Tempo
8791Straight Ice
Ted Curson (trumpet) Bill Barron (tenor sax -1,3) Georges Arvanitas (piano -1,2) Herb Bushler (bass) Dick Berk (drums)
NYC, March 29, 1965
1. 8798Elephant Walk
2. 8799Star Eyes
3. 8800Reava's Waltz
** also issued on Atlantic SD 1441.


Ted Curson Quartet - Urge  (Fontana (Du) 883 910 JCY)

Ted Curson (trumpet, pocket trumpet) Booker Ervin (tenor sax) Jimmy Woode (bass) Edgar Bateman (drums)
Baarn, Netherlands, May 13, 1966
Roy's Boys
You Don't Know What Love Is
Cinq Quartre
Musis Sacrum
The Leopard


Ted Curson & Co. - Ode To Booker Ervin  (EMI Columbia (Fi) 5E 062-34201)

Ted Curson (trumpet, piccolo trumpet) Eero Koivistoinen (alto, tenor, soprano sax) Pentti Hietanen (piano, Fender jazz piano) Pekka Sarmanto (bass) Reino Laine (drums)
Finnvox Studios, Helsinki, Finland, September 3, 1970
Ode To Booker Ervin
LSD Takes Holiday
Airi's Tune
Festival Blue
Typical Ted
The Leopard


Ted Curson - Pop Wine  (Futura (F) GER 26)

Ted Curson (trumpet, piccolo trumpet) Georges Arvanitas (piano) Jacky Samson (bass) Charles Saudrais (drums)
Europasonor Studios, Paris, France, June 18, 1971
Pop Wine
L.S.D. Takes A Holiday
Song Of The Lonely One
Quartier Latin
Flip Top


Ted Curson - Cattin' Curson  (Marge (F) MARGE 01)

Ted Curson (trumpet, bugle, piccolo trumpet) Chris Woods (alto sax, flute) Georges Arvanitas (piano) Jacky Samson (bass) Charles Saudrais (drums)
Bilboquet, Paris, France, October 26, 1973
Flatted 5th
Airi Tune
Searchin' For The Blues
Typical Ted (Cattin' Curson)
** also issued on Trident TRS-503 entitled "(Typical Ted)".


Ted Curson - Quicksand  (Atlantic (J) P-7532A)

Ted Curson (trumpet, piccolo trumpet) Robin Kenyatta (alto, soprano sax) Nick Brignola (baritone, tenor sax, saxello) Kenny Barron (piano, electric piano) Herb Bushler (bass, electric bass) Albert Heath (drums) Butch Curson (drums, percussion) Lawrence Killian (congas, bell tree) Chicky Johnson (bongos, timbales)
NYC, May 13-16, 1974
28926Greasy As A Porkchop
28928Sugar 'N Spice
28929Typical Ted
Ted Curson (trumpet, piccolo trumpet) Robin Kenyatta (alto sax) Kenny Barron (piano) Richard Davis (bass) Albert Heath (drums)
28931Tears For Dolphy

1976 (age 41)

Ted Curson - Blue Piccolo  (WhyNot (J) PA-7153)

Ted Curson (flugelhorn, trumpet, pocket trumpet) Jim McNeely (piano) Cecil McBee (bass) Steve McCall (drums)
NYC, July 1, 1976
All The Things You Are
Blue Piccolo
Playhouse March
Song Of The Lonely
Dwackdi Mun Fudalik (Open The Door)
** also issued on India Navigation IN 1054 entitled "Ted Curson & Co.".

Ted Curson & Company - Jubilant Power  (Inner City IC 1017)

Ted Curson (trumpet, flugelhorn, piccolo trumpet, cowbell) Chris Woods (flute, alto sax) Nick Brignola (baritone sax) Andy LaVerne (piano) David Friesen (bass) Steve McCall (drums) Sam Jacobs (congas)
live in Philadelphia, PA, October 16, 1976
Reava's Waltz
Ted's Tempo
Ted Curson (trumpet, flugelhorn, piccolo trumpet, cowbell) Chris Woods (flute, alto sax) Nick Brignola (baritone sax) Jim McNeely (piano) David Friesen (bass) Bob Merigliano (drums) Sam Jacobs (congas)
Downtown Sound Studio, NYC, October 17, 1976
Song Of The Lonely
Airi's Tune
Searchin' For The Blues


Ted Curson - The Trio  (Interplay IP-7722)

Ted Curson (trumpet, flugelhorn, piccolo trumpet, percussion) Ray Drummond (bass) Roy Haynes (drums)
RPM Sound Studios, NYC, January 3, 1979
Snake Johnson
Pent Up House
Straight Ice
'Round About Midnight
** also issued on Trio (J) PAP-9166.


Ted Curson - I Heard Mingus  (Interplay IP-7729)

Ted Curson (trumpet, flugelhorn, percussion, piccolo trumpet) Bill Saxton (tenor sax -2,4) Mike Morgenstern (baritone sax -2,4) Jim McNeely (piano -2/4) Ryo Kawasaki (guitar) Mike Richmond (bass, electric bass) Adam Nussbaum (drums) Montego Joe (percussion -2,4)
NYC, January 5, 1980
1.I Heard Mingus
2.Please, Please, Please Don't Put The Pigsfoot In The Kreplach Soup
3.Lost Her
4.Lin's Garden
** also issued on Trio (J) PAP-9217.

Ted Curson - Snake Johnson  (Chiaroscuro CR 2028)

Ted Curson (trumpet, piccolo trumpet, flugelhorn) Charlie Williams (alto sax) Bill Barron (tenor sax) Nick Brignola (baritone, soprano sax) Jim McNeeley (piano) David Friesen (bass) Steve McCall (drums) Lawrence Killian (percussion)
circa late 1980
Snake Johnson
Searching For The Blues
Blue Piccolo
Dwackdo Mun Fudalik
LSD, Take A Holiday

1996 (age 61)

Ted Curson - Traveling On  (Paddle Wheel (J) KICJ-289)

Ted Curson (piccolo trumpet, trumpet, flugelhorn, vocals) Mark Gross (flute, soprano, alto sax) Misako Kano (piano) Ray Drummond (bass) Sylvia Cuenca (drums) Everald Brown, Guilherme Franco, Ricky "Bongo" James, David Williams (percussion)
Sound On Sound, NYC, June 23, 1996
Lin's Garden
Flatted Fifth (BBFGM)
Tears For Dolphy
Reava's Waltz (More Mingus)
Watermelon Man
When The Saints Go Marching In
Flip Flop And Fly
Song Of The Lonely One (Ode To Booker Ervin)
** also issued on Evidence ECD 22182.


Ted Curson - Sugar 'N Spice  (Level Green 22008)

Ted Curson (trumpet) Michael Cochrane (piano) Lenny Argese (guitar) Calvin Hill (bass) Bruce Cox (drums)
Bioya Recording Studios, Paterson, NJ, April 11, 1999
Playhouse March
Sugar 'N Spice
All The Things You Are
Tin Tin Deo

2006 (age 71)

Ted Curson - In Paris - Live At The Sunside  (Blue Marge (F) 1009)

Ted Curson (trumpet, piccolo trumpet, flugelhorn, voice) Guillaume Naturel (flute) Pierrick Pedron (alto sax) Alain Jean-Marie (piano) Gilles Naturel (bass) Philippe Soirat (drums) Julie Saury (percussion) Sylvia Howard, Ferhat Oz, Evrim Ozsuca, Daiva Starinskaite, Jaanika Ventsel (voice)
"Sunside", Paris, France, August 30 & 31, 2006
Tears For Dolphy
'Round About Midnight
Woody'n You
Georgia On My Mind
Cantaloupe Island
Piima Boogie
same session
Reava's Waltz
Blueberry Hill
Tin Tin Deo
Lover Man
Blues Medley


Ted Curson - Live In Paris - Plays The Music Of Charles Mingus  (Elabeth ELA 621063)

Ted Curson (trumpet, flugelhorn, piccolo trumpet) Sarah Morrow (trombone) Ricky Ford (tenor sax) Tom McClung (piano) Peter Giron (bass) Doug Sides (drums)
live in Paris, France, October 27, 2008
Playhouse March
Tears For Dolphy
Fables Of Faubus
Nostalgia In Times Square
Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
Better Get Hit In Your Soul
Hidden Track