Super Funky Sax Discography


Super Funky Sax

David Sanborn, alto sax; Mike Brecker, tenor sax; Ronnie Cuber, baritone sax; Don Grolnick, electric piano; Clifford Carter, synthesizer; David Spinozza, electric guitar; Neil Jayson, electric bass; Andy Newmark, drums; Sammy Figueroa, percussion; David Matthews, composer, arranger, producer.

Electric Lady Studios, NYC, May, 1980

Super GrooveElectric Bird (J) K28P-6044
Noches Calientes-
Black River Rhapsody-
The Return Of Zorro-

* Electric Bird (J) K28P-6044   Super Funky Sax   1980
= GNP Crescendo GNPS 2169   David Matthews - Super Funky Sax   1984
= Roving Spirits (J) RKCJ-6004   Super Funky Sax   2002
= Electric Bird (J) KICJ 2379   -   2014


Super Funky Sax

Kenny Garrett, Chris Hunter, alto sax; George Young, tenor sax; Roger Rosenberg, baritone sax; Gil Goldstein, keyboards; Ira Siegel, David Spinozza, Ross Traut, guitar; Anthony Jackson, bass; Steve Gadd, drums; David Matthews, arranger.

released December 16, 1994

AirSwEeCa (J) PCCY-00660
Blue Funk-
Super Groove 2-
Snake In The Grass-
People Get Ready-
Sweet As Honey-

* SwEeCa (J) PCCY-00660   Super Funky Sax - Mo' Better Funk   1994


Super Funky Sax

Gerald Albright, Kenny Garrett, Chris Hunter, Tom Scott, alto sax; Andy Snitzer, George Young, tenor sax; Roger Rosenberg, baritone sax; Gil Goldstein, Jon Werking, keyboards; Ira Siegel, Ross Traut, guitar; Mark Egan, bass; Michael White, drums; David Matthews, arranger.

August, 1996

Line DriveSwEeCa (J) PCCY-01072
El Cumbanchero-
After Sunset-
The Cat-
Sing A Song-
Groove Alley-

* SwEeCa (J) PCCY-01072   Super Funky Sax - Wazzup?   1996
= SwEeCa (J) PCCY-50052   -   2008